Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Toli mwaavu; mutwe gwo - #Uganda Business Ideas Part 2

What is stopping you Series? Part 2
Mbu Tusaba Government Etuyambe!
Last year I met Bwogi at Busi Island who used to be my Uncle's shamba boy back in the day.
He had rented a half an acre piece of land at 100k year because he doesn't have money to buy his own land. In this half an acre he put up a grass tent to provide him accommodation started planting passion fruits.
He didn't have enough money to buy artificial fertilisers so he opted for organic manure from cow dung and invested his 400k into his passion fruits venture.
He dedicated his 6month into this business so when I visited him it was harvest time, a basin full of fresh passion fruits below would sell its at 40k but a sack he would sell it at 350k just at his farm.
In a week, he would harvest 2 sacks at 350k x2= 700k per week in a month Bwogi would earn 2.8m tax free money, he has done this since last year in August until recently last month when I visited his farm when the harvest had gone down to about two 3 basins a week at 40k each that means it's his off season but can take home 120k per week.
Why is Bwogi's story should touch he has no formal education, he has no access to social media to market his passion fruits like what most elites has done of late, he had no house.
My recent visit he showed me 5 iron sheets and he told he had bought 4 acres of land where he wants to build himself a house.
This all he has been able to do in one year and half.
If I may ask you when the 2017 starting most of us sat down on 29 to 31st December mbu write New years’ resolutions, as I post this it's almost 6 months gone, what have you done or achieved?
Bwogi invested 500k he is now proud of his hard work.
I have many friends who will tell me, Henry has just surprised me with money for my birthday party ......ok I have just bought this hand bag at 200k, shoe at 150k, dress for my birthday since its a themed white at 150k and my hair treatment for 100k, cake 200k and eats 1m coz I want to make a statement at this function Harunah don't tell me about those things of mbu goats now, life is too short man.
So, for a birth day celebration this lady had spent 2 million for additional years of celebrating nothing but take pictures for Instagram and Facebook status updates.
Many of us go to villages either for burial, upcountry field trips bit never get time to talk to residents to get ideas. We ignorantly believe that once we attend Pakasa, POESA, Farm Clinic or those Agriculture shows by self claimed agricultural Prophets like Patrick Iga, we believe it's an American dream but if you carefully listen to them, the conclude by telling you that we shall provide you seedlings each for passion fruits at 2k mbu in an acre you need about 400 seedlings that means, you will pay this Agriculture Prophet 800k just for passion fruits seedlings, the same guy will tell you about manure mbu an ELF will go 400k to be delivered to your farm.
This is the dilemma most elites/working class people who have ventured into farming along Zirobwe, Wobulenzi, Busiika and Mukono are going through paying these agricultural self made consultants their little savings and cursing farming.
Agriculture investment about how much you have but what you have invested in. Right now, matooke is at 30k or 40k question is what have you brought to the market place?
It doesn't matter how much you earn but your mind set is key to transform your like.
Government will give you seedlings under operation wealth creation but in a wrong season but if on the weekend go Container Village for window shopping you will be amazed by what opportunities this country has rather posting about relationship gone wrong which attracts public attention let us start to build a generation that identifies opportunities.
Finally, agriculture has one rule, anything you plant has a market in this country if you think am joking go to Cooper Complex and see who our Congolese brothers and sisters are having sacks full of cassava leaves for vegetables.
Start now rather than getting salary loan to buy a car just use the little you can to venture into farming.


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