Monday, May 29, 2017

People who walk on water cannot swim - #Business #NB411

Humans are a bit funny.  When you do something worth anything, they will say "you walk on water because you do not know how to swim".

We all know people who walk on water but cannot swim.  Welcome to life.

So this one time, I was teaching our first born to swim so that when she was older and could talk no one could accuse Becky on walking on water because she could not swim.

The father had a rudimentary idea of teaching kids how to swim.

So we go to the recreation centre in Scarborough Ontario to teach bambina how to swim.

The man tosses the baby into thr deep end of the pool.  This is when I first learned that people from France are ruthless.  I had only passed swimming lessons and was scared of the deep end.

Thierry tosses his first born on the deep end and then dives in to get her above water.  Holds her saying "mais papa est ici.  Faut pas avoir peur".

He looks at me saying his parents tossed him into the ocean so he could swim or sink.

So it turns out that life is swim or sink.  But with a gentle teacher, you learn to swim.

Tasha was not tossed into a swimming pool.  She was tossed into the ocean in Shediac.  Thierry was watching and diving in in case she could not swim.

Both girls are great swimmers because they were tossed into pools and oceans.

It was terrifying to watch a man toss his kids into deep waters and then dive in to rescue them in case they could not swim with the tides.

There is something about Shediac.  We have a wharf at Pointe Du Chene.  As soon as the ocean warms up, most kids get driven to the Wharf to jump into the ocean.

Pointe Du Chene has ambulances, fire brigade and rescuers who sit by the bay to watch each kid dive into the ocean.  They will dive in and fish kids whose limbs are half frozen if they do not bop out of the water.

No kid drowns.  You have people watching kid diving into cold water.  When the kids climb up back on the dock, people will wrap them in blankets and give them hot chocolate.  Community raises kids.

With such caring, kids learn about community and caring.  They grow into young adults who care.

Shediac has great beaches at Pointe Du Chene and Parlee Beach and all adults watch out for all the kids.

Come visit us in Moncton / Shediac and you will discover Canada through the eyes of our community.  You will love it here.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Proud parent and community person.

Canada is accepting immigrants.

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