Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Ugandans are dying of hunger. Where is your compassion?

You all praise Uganda for taking in rif raf refugees you forced into my country but never stop to think that funding the war monger caused all those wars which have brought in refugees.

Why do you not ask yourselves why hungry people going to line up for food were being shot at?  Was it because they were not refugees?

Ugandans have been reduced to eating termites and leaves because you prefer to give us guns, tear gas and bullets.  Exactly when is the last time you fed your kids bullets?

Ugandans are committing suicide for not being able to feed their kids for days.  And you are all okay with this?  Les Dieux sont tombes du ciel.


In the end we shall not remember our enemies.  We will remember all you friends who said nothing as our people were being killed by the money and ammunition you give to our killer.

We shall remember global media for white washing the Acholi genocide, Kasese massacre and now imprisonment of University professors.  History will judge you very harshly.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

#Uganda need for immediate gratification will cost high

Uganda is taming a good lot of irresponsible citizens that if the future is left to them they will easily sell it off or destroy it.

A lot can be said to defend the cause for the rot but much can be attached to self annihilation that is traced to their rush for self gratification, the tendency to celebrate presumed victories and achievements.

I write this to rub off and do away with a great measure of experiences to forget, all result of working with youth and mostly Ugandan.

The story begins way back in 2008 when I won a scholarship. Since then I can count tens of enterprising young people whose focus has been harvesting, harvesting and harvesting then sow later. As I speak I have watched 8 of my acquaintances committed to court over integrity issues and 2 commit suicide over the same. Am even afraid I have to live with such people for the time I shall be resident.

I even wonder what religious guys have done. The number of prayer houses are overtaking schools but you don't see any change.

After writing this, I feel a little bit better but I need to buy a rope and maybe install a guillotine in my house. 


Nikki minaj

Children are terribly impressionable - #Uganda #Parent

One time when I returned from my full time job at the Moncton City Hospital, I was terribly burned out.  I just wanted to hug my girls to remind me of why I live.

Tasha takes off like a flash as soon as I walk in.  But I noticed something wrong with her butt.

I asked Becky what was wrong with her baby sister's butt.

"She is Nikki Minaj".

Apparently Mini had put her stuffed animals in her pants and gotten a big but and had been rapping all day while shaking what her mama gave her.

It took me a few days to realise it.  The kid had gone from singing Opera and Celine Dion and now grown a butt and since she is on the skinny side she had improvised.  But the rap music was a shock.  Rebecca sings bass and Tasha sings soprano and all of a sudden the house was alto and rap.

I had never listened to Nikki Minaj or Rap Music.

Then the moment of trying to understand.  Kids are impressed by what they see.  Nikki Minaj sings. Raps. Dances.  Has a huge behind. Kids emulate her.

Finally we had that talk. "Mom she is really smart. She sings.  She is beautiful. She is talented.  She needs no one but her talent.  She is my heroe".

Kale you be like that.  Adolescents love Nikki Minaj because she speaks to them.  She does so mostl especially for young black kids in North America.

Check Nikki Minaj out and you will see why young kids adore her. Kids need good role models.  I think Nikki is a good one.

Martha Leah Nangalama

#FreeStellaNyanzi country's darling forever #Uganda

My dearest sister,

We miss you terribly and you know you are very much loved. I am writing to you this letter with a pain I cannot describe without big words. You know which big words I mean. The kind that can get me banned from the Internet.

So the dumb idiot ruled that you must go through the mental test test. Do people know that your lawyer was right that this mental test to designate a person as mental was invented to silence voices of dissent?

You know very well that all the global media has run stories about you. We thank them very much. Ugandans have kept your light burning on Social Media. WhatsApp will be arrested. In fact Al Jazeera nailed Jarukanga in Qatar about you. You should have seem him squirming.

Surely you miss your babies. What a punishment for a mother. Who even does this? Only a dumbecile and a blood sucker like Chemical Ali and his God Father Hitler aka Jarukanga.

One time I was hospitalized when I had a 6yr and 9yr old. It half killed me but I was afforded the opportunity of their father bringing them every Friday and stay for the weekend. I frankly cannot even begin to think of your pain or your children missing their mother. Your children are so young it makes no sense that anyone could keep a mother from their child.

This past week was terribly awful and I wrote about it. Many bad things happened but I will spare you those stories.

Please understand that no matter how many diversions are thrown at us, we are not letting you fade off our bichupuli, bibiriti, smart phones, Nokia and computers. The problem with Uganda is forgetting. We forget rather too quickly and this is the play ground for him who shall not be named. We forget about hundreds, thousands and millions of slaughtered people.

One thing we need to understand about Uganda is the desperation. People are hungry. I watched a video which I would never have watched till a friend insisted that I do saying "these are your people". Our people were eating termites. Who even does that? Upon inquiring I was told "people in Uganda are dying of hunger and these termites will not last long". My people are eating ants while I choose not to eat. Some people in Eastern and Northern Uganda are digging up roots, fetching wild fruits and eating leaves like in The Gods Are Crazy. Our people have never been bush people and would not know which tubers or leaves are safe to congest.

When you reduce a population to nothing, you condemn them to death and subservience as well as beggars and slaves and voiceless. Shaaa! President Yoweri Museveni has condemned Ugandans to death and he has no excuse about it because this is intentional impoverishment. Our people should stand up and fight but it is very difficult to fight when you have gone days without a descent meal.

This impoverishment will also explain why there were no riots in Kampala. One would assume that it is because the people were weak. WRONG. They were much too weak from being hungry and being despaired. Their spirits are broken. A broken spirit is very hard to repair and it will take us 3 decades to do this.

As you know the religious leaders were missing as usual when there is injustice. You will remember when prayers were banned and they all lost their voices. You will also remember when hundreds of innocent people were slaughtered in Kasese and these pretentious religious leaders remained mute for weeks. Do you remember in December 2015 when bodies of young youth were dumped on the beaches of Lake Victoria? I know you also remember the Bundibugyo killings which left over 100 thrown in mass graves. AHA... there is an idea. Since they collect so much money from the gullible termite eating Ugandans, how about they buy the pads for the kids? Do they need those gas guzzling SUVs these bayaye? Their day of reckoning is nigh.

Many other things happened. Termites and ants are now the cake for the hungry a la airhead woman. Then Desh and his accomplices got acquitted for having killed a young man. Who will mourn for Badru Kateregga? But sister, get this. Ugandans are all over Facebook praising Desh for his business acumen. Are we all STUPID? Not only that but partying at the club smeared with the blood of Badru (Panamera). Who even does this? If these people will not see something as horrible as giving your money to a murderer as a problem then they deserve to have Banus Jarukanga rule them for life.

We had the business of Andrew Rugasira get closed then re-opened a few days later. Man, we need friends in high places. And I had just slammed the killing of cooperatives too. The business of Kanyanvunza was closed but the dude is in jail anyway. OR is he? We know he is gonna get acquitted.

The #AprilRevolution flopped just in case you are wondering. Well, we do not see any signs of it. Then those kids who lied to us that they are UPFF and SCOF... we can be so gullible you have no idea. Then the killings by Pangaliyas.. Just never assume they are rebels. These are state sponsored murderers to instill fear in Ugandans and make them sing "please please stay..only you can give us that piece you brought for us"... Tumbafu! People are so hungry. Three days without a meal you have no strength to go into the streets and even throw a molotov cocktail. Well, you would not even have money to buy the damn petrol. So we are screwed royally.

I also love you. Keep well baby. It will be over very soon. We are gonna do a jail break. Where is Pastor Ngabo when we need him?

Martha Leah Nangalama

Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Let it be - John Lennon #MotherMary

Mary's song...My Spirit rejoices in God my saviour - #Christian

I was Christened Anglican. Raised Roman Catholic and I am a committed Christian.

I just never understood the difference between Anglican and Roman Catholic.  One allows priests to get married and the other does not allow priests to get married but allows them to rape alter boys.

Every time religion becomes contentious; I just return to Jesus' teachings.
I am not a Christian because I was Christened.  I am a Christian because Christ chose me.  

He really had no choice.  I promised to be true and carry the cross.

Then the bad days when I yell "why have you abandoned me?".  Cry and sob and in the silence, I hear it "I have never abandoned you and just shut up and listen for I am all around you".  

I do not think this guy even knows how life works.  I wanna hear your voice.  I wanna see your face.  I wanna hear you say "I am here".  Why are you always away when I need a good talk?  My people are eating termites and you do not think we need a conversation?

Then back to my childhood Novena to Mother.  I get horrible night terrors and have learned to turn to our mother to chase the monsters away.  It really works.  What a mother.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection,
implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother;
to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.
O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions,but in thy mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.

Don't cry for me #Uganda - I am also a work in progress

I do not take your love and concern for granted. When you choose to fight for something you believe in there is no surrender or turning back.

I thank everyone who daily tells me that we are doing the right thing.

The right thing to do comes back to being able to pay the bills and feed your children.

Today is the day I have first written to the US Secretary of State.  It even scares me to think that I found the courage to write what I did.

As much as you are concerned about my safety or losing a good salary, there is no way in hell Exxonmobil will stop paying me simply because I brought the cause of my people to the former CEO of Exxonmobil.  This company has policies to protect enployees.  I was not talking on behalf of the company (I have never done such).  I was talking about the 11 million starving Ugandans.

It would be pretentious of me not to tell the world about the suffering of my people.

My employers know little about Uganda.  They will not penalize me for telling them that my people are eating termites.

Some Ugandans had the audacity to say I have been away from home for a long time.  I challenge you to use Google and see how much I fight for Uganda.  I never left home.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Please judge me gently.  I am still a work in progress.

Sinead O'Connor "don't cry for me argentina"

Sinead O'Connor "don't cry for me argentina"

Open letter to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson @Potus on #Uganda @JustinTrudeau @KagutaMuseveni

Moncton, Canada
Mobile +15068716371

Hon. Rex Tillerson
US Secretary of State
Washington DC
April 29, 2017

Dear Mr. Rex Tillerson,
Re: Uganda and president Yoweri Museveni, Great Lakes of Africa
I am not contacting you because I am affiliated with Exxonmobil.  You walked away from that company after having been one of the best CEOs on record for the company.
I am writing to you because of my people.  I know Imperial Oil Ltd. and Exxonmobil have this information on file.
I was hired from University of Toronto by Imperial Oil and started with the company on September 1, 1995.  I was seconded to Exxonmobil Business Support Centre Canada in 2003 and became an employee of Exxonmobil in 2004 as if I even had a choice.
In 1997 I went against the norm and had my first born.  I took advantage of the Canada Parental leave of 52 weeks and the company’s 6 weeks plus vacation.
In 1999 Rebecca was talking like a radio.  So I put her in Grace Church Daycare at age 17 months.  She had been in home day care with a wonderful woman and was ready for the factory of kids.
One time rushing through the traffic in Scarborough from Wynford Drive to get to the day care before it closed at 5:30PM and proceeded to charge me $15 per 15 minutes I was late picking up the bambina, I made it in a flash.
Kid gets in the car and says “today we learned about dinosaurs.  TREX is the most dangerous.  Then she drew it up”.   You have no idea what madness parents go through from take kids to day care, drive to work, be present then rush back to pick them up before daycare closes then do homework, feed them, wash them and put them to bed.  The traffic on Don Valley Parkway can be totally nuts.  Then throw in a bit of snow.
From 1995 when I first started working with Imperial Oil, the company now has Flex time.  What a blessing because we were spending so much time stuck on the moving parking lots and by the time one gets to work, one is half burned out.  So I do thank the company for this.
Then of course sick kids.  The company put a policy in place for work from home or use EDOs (Earned Days Off), many days of vacation and then then those days of looking after a family member paid for by the company.  The truth is I cannot praise Imperial Oil or Exxonmobil more than what I just told you.  As I write this, Rebecca is 19 years old and at University of Toronto taking Human Biology in preparation for Medical School.  She is in the Trinity Program.  She is finishing her second year and heading into third year September 2017.  The company pays $5,000 towards her school yearly.  I know the company needs the kids to get grades.  Grades are not a problem for this one.
Natasha who was born at gestation 7 months and my boss did not even know I was pregnant was destined to spend 2 months in Mt. Sinai hospital till she was full term.  I watched parents who had premature kids leave the kids in PICU and return to work because their employers were not accommodating.  I sat right beside mine and instead of 2 months, we got the little alien home in 2 weeks.  This is because I was very confident that the company would support me to stay away from work to care for a premmie.

There is a story behind this.  United States of Africa (USA) has been funding dictator President Yoweri Museveni for 31 years.  He is on record for genocides in Uganda, DRC and South Sudan.  You should also look up his record on the Rwanda Genocide with his buddy President Paul Kagame.
USA has no reason to fund Museveni at all.  He has cost American tax payers a lot of money when Americans need food, shelter, medicare and education.  For the life of me, I do not understand why you keep sending money to Uganda when your own Americans need help?  I have asked PM Justin Trudeau the same thing.  Imagine how many homeless people we have in Canada and USA.
One truth I know is that USA is not in The Great Lakes Region of Africa for minerals or oil.  You can get those elsewhere at half the cost.  But for you to keep funding this regime that costs so much and kills with impunity makes no sense to me.  One day your kids will ask you why you let this happen.  I hope you do the right thing.
There are 2 kids who were kidnapped from California and they are in Uganda.  There is an Interpol alert out for them.  The mother is from Uganda and was arrested and released the same day.  Who even does that in violation of International agreements?  The man who released the kidnapper is the Interpol Director for Uganda.  Did I hear USA protest?  There is something called the Goldman Act which was passed in Congress to cut off all funding to any country which is holding kidnapped American children.  I beg you to look into it.  Congressman Chuck Smith is onto this.
Meanwhile, I am aware that my letter to you will not be well received and I could face repercussions.  I would like to remind you that Exxonmobil trains employees very well such that if I get fired tomorrow, I will still find a way to pay my bills.   Maybe not write away but I will write and take my oil stocks with me.   I have no intentions of shutting up until my people are free.  WAIT a bit.  I actually only hold Canadian citizenship.  Why am I then talking for Uganda?  I was born there.   My people deserve better.  They are hungry, sick and impoverished.  You can make a good decision to help my people.  I will die for my people.  Some causes are worth dying for. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

#Ugandans are dying of hunger - #EU, @Potus #UK and @JustinTrudeau praise Uganda record for feeding refugees @Sputnik@VOA @BBC @Aljazeera @WSJ @KenRoth

While you praise President Yoweri Museveni and the thug regime for taking in rif raf refugees, you forget that my people are now eating termites and leaves.

The wars in the Great Lakes in Africa are started by a war monger.

The Great Lakes has never seen these many ateocities till dictator Museveni cemented himself as a Pan Africanist.

You have been funding a murderer but do you care?

Ugandans need global media to pay attentuon of the suffering of Ugandans.

You fund Museveni in billions for him to invade our neighbours and get refugees.  I dare you to stop funding his wars.  I dare you to ask Ugandans if they get 25% of what you give Museveni for refugees.

War is lucrative and you arm a killer regime.  You were livid when Syria killed 68 people.  I am yet to find your anger about when Museveni slaughtered hundreds in Kasese in November 2016.

Justice must never be selective.  You want us to keep absorbing refugees but my people have no food or medicine.

Perhaps President Vladmir Putin and President Xi Jinping are better for us.  China has donated billions in dollar amounts for Uganda.  You on the other hand give guns and fighter jets.  Is Uganda at war that you feel that my people need bulletsmore than food?

"In the end, we will not remember our enemies.  We will remember the friends who were silent as our people were being slaughtered".  Silence is consent.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

Nice is not good enough - #Ugandan employers must learn how to treat employees

Ugandan employers take advantage of the high unemplpyment and do not respect their employees.

You will find people boasting about how rheir emplpyees.  Then ask questions.

They pay people something like UGX 250,00£.  God forbid if they pay them UGX 500,000 per month.

If they ride on the 92% unemployment and pay so little and think Employers must kneel down for them then they make a grave mistake.

When Mini was 6yrs old and started working for me, she insisted on CAD $100 per month.  She only had to monitor my emails and social media.  I allowed her 20hrs per week.  Minimum wage for a kid was terribly low.  Something like $5 if you work for your parents.  Hence the $100 per month. Mind you working away from home is minimum wage. Something like $10.75 per hour.

At one point I was paying her $15 but few hours.  She evaluated her needs and asked me to double her salary or she would quit and go find a job with more hours.

This kid is an alien.  One time when we packed 1800kgs of live lobster to ship to Hong Kong, she was the one preparing the shipping labels (bills of lading) and she was only 9yrs old at that time.

She then stays up all night to monitor the shipment.  Kept sending emails to the buyer.  Kept checking the cargo and tracking it.

When you hire someone good at the job you must back off.

Wake up next day to check if the buyer in Hong Kong had cleared the shipment.

Imagine my shock.  There had been a big snow storm in Toronto and the shipment had not left.

My assistant had called a trucking company in Toronto to go pick up the boxes and take them to their fridge holding in Burmington.  Then told them she was gonna space on the next flight and would tell them when to truck the boxes to the airport.  She then got space and got the company to take the boxes to the airport to catch the flight.

"Sir, lobster are very fragile.  Our client prepaid.  We cannot afford mortality.  Could you please catch this flight?".

When the boxes were loaded she ahot off an email to the buyer "slight delay. It has been snowing but check this flight".

We ended up with 3% mortality which is good in this business. Of course mortality must be paid back to the customer.

When shipping perishables the customer has paid $25 per kilo for you better know logistics.

It was much later when the buyer in Hong Kong called me and said my assistant had done an amazing job and been professional.

The gentleman was shocked when I told him my assistant was 9yrs old.  Ahe has a commanding voice and sounds like a big person.

This is how we teach kids to take full responaibility.

The girls have learned about business the hard way.  They are good with numbers and commmunication and proficient in Technology.

One time when I was in Saint John Regional hospital, Rebecca had to pay all the bills online and trade in my account.  She was also 9yrs old.

Kid walks in and says she had just spent $475 on the entire Harry Porter serries using my account.  I half died.

I had told her the night before to dunp RIMM.  Poor kid had ran to the computer and bought 250 shareswhich I had told her to sell. She then realises her mistake and sells.  I always taught the girls to read charts.  So this kid had watched RIMm flying up from $125 a share due to panic and watched the chart signalling exit.  She dumped it.

In one hour she booked $3750 in my account then went to buy books.  I was left speechless.

Perhaps trusting employees might not work out like trusting my employees has done but if you do not trust them you make a big mistake.  People learn from mistakes. Experience is the best teacher.

Hire good qualified people and give them breathing space.  They will surprise you.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Both girls are going into medics because apparently they hate the drama of trading. AMEN

English Cameroon is suffering under dictator Paul Biya. Hear them


Opposition in South Africa speaks


#Badminton #Canada - #Moncton goes for GOLD #NB411 #NS411 #PEI411 #NL411

Today our 4 kids from Moncton are in Truro, Nova Scotia competing against some very tough kids from the 4 Maritime provinces.

It will be the same tomorrow.

This weekend is the last tournament and the teenagers have exams coming up.  Only this weekend they did not have to miss school on Friday.  Truro is only about 90 minutes drive from Moncton.  The kids from Newfoundland and Labrador likely had to miss school on Friday to fly in.

Our kids in Moncton have great coaches who are also teachers and parents.  So they ensure the kids do their school work while training for these tournaments.  The other badminton clubs in the 4 clubs also have great teachers and coaches.

All the coaches will tell you their kids do well in school.  Sports teaches discipline and our kids do not have private teachers despite having to comply with school work with each tournament.

The kids' typical day is school from 9am to 5pm.

Lunch hour or gymn hour is hard practice. Then Monday to Thursday, they still have to go to their local club to play and improve.

Fridays have no practice and neither is Saturday nor Sunday.  But on Monday all school work must be done.

Most of these kids work Friday evening after school and work all day Saturday and Sunday.

So we are talking about kids as young as age 12 who work 80hrs a week. Then Ugandan graduates think 40hrs of work a week is hard.  Try to walk in the shoes of a Canadian kid.

So when it comes to competing for work in the Global Village, will you measure up? Even think that these kids are tech savy.

Uganda needs to overhaul its education system and emphasize sports, music and other humanities.  Most geeks play sports and music.

President Yoweri Museveni said Humanities are useless but no one in his family has a degree in STEM.  They just gerrymander and then inflict poverty on the population while emptying the national treasure.

For someone who half passed Political Science to put down humanities one would expect him to be a medical doctor.

Dr. museveni does not hold a degree in Medical Science.  In fact his PhD from Tanzania was for politics.  Then you look at President Magufuli.  If Magufuli walks in a hospital at least he can treat patients.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

NRM politicians reminisce on before they became National Robbers' Movement #Uganda

This is not for the faint hearted like Bugos...


[4/22, 22:29] Conrad Nkutu: New Vision is very resilient paper. When Monitor went daily in 1996, New Vision's marketshare fell from 100% to 52% overnight (assuming a 2-paper market) and the company went into negative cash flow.

I was hired by William Pike to help turn round this loss and four years later we were back up to a 70% share of market.

Three years later, Nation Media Group tasked me to lead the loss-to-profit turnaround of a massively loss making Monitor, whose share was down to 30%.

Three years later we had grown Monitor from 30% to 48% and were well on our way to market leadership.

Today, New Vision is back to 70% and Monitor is down to 30%... again!

[4/22, 23:00] Conrad Nkutu: House rules apply: During the 2006 presidential elections, Monitor put itself in a very difficult position.

My stand was that the independent paper had to be boldly pro-democracy to support the country transition into the then infant multipartyism.

My Executive Editor was Peter Mwesige. We took the view that where the interests of a democratic Uganda and those of the opposition coincided, we would not dilute our pro-democracy activism in order to appear neutral.

The test of our firmness was 3 big events:

The first was our running of the Obote life story series. I got wind that Obote's health was deteriorating as he aged and sent Andrew Mwenda to Lusaka to interview him. It was a fascinating life story and circulation went up 25%+.

The President was furious and called me three times to complain about the attention the former President was getting. He told me to wind up the series and I respectfully declined.

He then got real mad when we published an episode in which Obote blamed Museveni for messing up their joint anti-Amin invasion from Tz in September 1972.

The President called daily for 4 consecutive days demanding a retraction and apology from Monitor. While I was personally more inclined to believe Museveni's version of the 1972 events, I told him that as a newspaper, it was difficult to confirm the truth of 32-year old events and it was his word against Obote's so he could give us his version and we run it off page 1.

Man was furious and said he would sue Monitor plus me personally for damaging his reputation as a freedom fighter if we didn't apologize.

I told him "Sir, with all respect, at the time of the invasion, both you and Obote were rebels committing treason against the legal (by Decree) government of President Idi Amin. So you had no injurable reputation for that period..."

To my total surprise he went quiet then asked: are you sure that is a correct legal position? I said yes Mr President, we are sued daily and I know the defamation law very well. We should refer this matter to your Private Secretary Legal, Hussein Kashillingi, who will confirm to you that I am correct.

A few minutes later, Kashillingi was on the phone laughing at the exchange. The President called back to say he wud not sue me but I should not tell Ugandans Obote's lies about him. I renewed the offer to run his version and he declined.
[4/22, 23:12] Fal Kay: 2006?
Patu come and read this!
How I wish M6 was on this forum. Conrad those two wanted to eat me up for those facts......i was subsequently labelled a kipinga!.....This is the same period there was a diversion in NRM,  a movement away from Nation building to Party/ individual survival
[4/22, 23:35] Conrad Nkutu: House rules apply: in the Obote story, there was no big deal beyond press freedom. Obote died a few months later and we were glad we'd told his story.

Same for the second test: Around Sept-October 2005, the Army Commander, General Aronda was appointed CDF. Mwenda ran a story saying the President had initially appointed Saleh CDF and sent out a radio message to this effect then rescinded it and appointed Aronda, who was set to go abroad for a course, after Saleh declined the appointment in the middle of the night.

Museveni was much embarrassed by the story and sent Information Minister Nsaba Buturo to tell me it was false and we must retract and apologize. For reasons I cannot explain here, I was 100% sure Andrew had his facts right and I respectfully declined.

The President then sent our Board Chairman, Dr Martin Aliker, also a Presidential Advisor, to see me with the same demand. He told me the President had vowed to close the newspaper if we did not give in.

I told him I was sure the story was true and I would stand by my Political Editor and the right of reporters to report factually.

The Directors flew in from Nairobi for an emergency Board meeting as closure was imminent. Some senior editors attended. I told the Board that Andrew had excellent sources and had never filed a single fact-disputed story in his entire career and I was standing by him. Everyone present fully agreed on this.

We discussed for 5 hours how to survive closure. Late in the afternoon I sensed the Board caving in as telephone pressure from Nakasero and Nsaba Buturo was piled on Dr Aliker.

I called Aliker and the Group CEO Wilfred Kiboro, a very loyal boss, out into the corridor and with Andrew's consent told them why there was zero percent chance that the story was false. They went quiet.

We walked back in and Kiboro said: I am convinced the story is true. The decision on closure now belongs to Conrad. It is he who must close his paper or keep it open.

I told the Board : look, we hv just relaunched a growing paper #"Truth Everyday." We cannot betray the public trust. If we do, the readers will "close" us and if we don't, Museveni will close us. But we will re-open some day with our professional integrity and reputations intact. I cannot retract this story today then face reporters tomorrow and urge them to go seek truth and believe management will protect them. So I will not retract.

The room went silent. Then all our phones received an SMS message saying Besigye was being arrested and serious riots were breaking out. I said this will be the story of the  election.

A day or two later, Kyam may recall that everyone was getting word that Monitor was to be closed by CMI.

I packed personal stuff and company cheque books and many staffers went to sit outside the gate to await the army.

We got further word that troops were on trucks at CMI awaiting final orders from Museveni to Mayombo and almost everyone cleared out. I was given last chance by Buturo and declined. I sat at the Reception for two hours but they never came. We went back to work
[4/23, 00:05] Conrad Nkutu: House rules apply: the biggest test ever faced by Monitor was the detention and trial of Besigye.

The country was outraged. Besigye was nominated from prison and you cud not sell a newspaper in this country without the word "Besigye" in the headline. Our editor, Peter Mwesige vowed to use the word Besigye in the headline till he was freed.

Mayombo was appointed Chairman of New Vision to control William Pike's Besigye coverage and Pike complied. Vision sales plummeted and Mayombo calls 6pm demanding an immediate dinner meeting at the Sheraton. I had met Noble many times on presidential instruction and this was my last time to see him.

At the time, the Ukrainian opposition presidential candidate Yushchenko, had recently been poisoned at a dinner with the country's intelligence chief and his face had developed green lesions that almost killed him.

So when the waitress came, Noble ordered. I said double his order and serve us on a single plate. Noble laughed and said the Ukrainian chief was incompetent but he had no plans to poison me. We ate off the same plate.

Noble told me the NRM machinery was agonized over Besigye's detention and lacked moral strength to give its best to the President. Monitor has to get Besigye off page1 and out of the newspaper. Pike has told us he can only blackout Besigye if Monitor and Red Pepper play ball. I know you will not be persuaded so I am authorized to offer XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in form of YYYY or ZZZZ.

I declined the offer and said Besigye should be tried in a civilian court or freed - or we focus our coverage on the injustice of the court martial and the denial of bail.

He said okay, I will return my focus to you after the election. A month after the election, the newly launched NTV, into which our parent company had just sunk $4.5 million, was closed by UCC and the NMG Board and the Aga Khan were told it would only be reopened if I was transferred to Nairobi.

I resisted the transfer and on two occasions I got NTV reopened with the help of Nsibambi, Kategaya and Kajura.

After a 6-month standoff, the Aga Khan gave in and I was eventually compelled to accept a promotion and transfer to Nairobi as Group Strategy Director.

And so Ndugu Makokha, that was the road to my exile and the beginning of Monitor's troubled path back from 48% to 30% marketshare.

Rugyendo and Nick, house rules apply!
[4/23, 00:51] Conrad Nkutu: The President always found me very respectful of him and his office in the dozens of meetings to which he summoned me to Nakasero.

There were many things he asked for to which I said yes without a fuss. These were usually requests to put UPDF-LRA defeat stories on page1. Or regional statements from Arusha, please put the photo of a visiting President on page1 etc.

On many a Sunday morning, 6am, the switchboard wud call and he wud come onto the line demanding I turn up for a 6.30am breakfast to review a pile of complaints. I had to think about what I would say to him for every critical story or editorial and rarely went to bed before reading every adverse story knowing the phone will ring 6pm sharp.

I never went 20 days without a face to face summons to Nakasero. Half the time it was about Andrew Mwenda - print and radio complaints. Watching Andrew do total battle with Museveni with high voice, gesturing arms and endless facts fascinated him and Amelia and I would smile quietly at each other as Museveni predictably lost almost all his battles with Andrew and ended up writing notes.

I am always amazed by the strong view the public has that Museveni buys Andrew because nothing cud be further from the truth.

Amelia must laugh whenever she hears it because she is one of the people who understands that relationship well. Museveni respects research and needs and uses but despises yes-men and I cud see that that was Andrew's strong point with him. We wud go there to be bashed and the meeting usually turned into him consulting Andrew on some economic policy war he was having with donors or Cabinet.

Museveni wud jail Andrew for shredding him on the radio and when I go to see him at CPS, I find Saleh, Muhoozi and the President's Doctor hv just been to see him on the President's orders.  Andrew was a very frequent visitor to my office and many of the President's phone calls found him in my office.

I cannot go into the details but the President has always valued his advice even as he occasionally jailed him when he hit him too hard. Contrary to the public view, Andrew was never the opposition journalists who crossed over. He was always NRM-Critical and he has been very close to the President for almost 20 years now.

Museveni's relationship with me was very different, it was permanent merry go round of wooing, convincing and menacing.
He tried hard to persuade me that he was acting in national interest and Monitor should embrace him.

He showed some respect for my independent assessment of national interest while sometimes losing his cool and asking if I thought I knew national interest better than him. Answer: no Sir, I know it differently!
[4/23, 00:57] ‪+256 782 848908‬: On the other side , this shows the man has some level of tolerance. Had it been his x spy chief down south... You would be "the late Conrad" God forbid
[4/23, 01:25] Enock Twinoburyo: May be M9 never crossed over, he was arrested  etc f9r his criticality(percieved as noise). And if u sch of thought is real, then it was all stage managed. But certainly the change of views and criticality have  changed 4 M9. He was critical of the half full bottle, now he massages the half empty one
[4/23, 01:39] Edgar Tabaro: As you managed Monitor I managed UBC during the same. In my case I put the story openly Facebook. Haters can go hang!!
[4/23, 01:41] Conrad Nkutu: We engaged in a battle of wits and wills when he attempted to sell the Dairy Corporation to a Malaysian "investor" for one US Dollar.

I was sitting at the State House veranda. A group of Ministry of Finance officials were at the next table. They were frustrated that the President was not taking their advice on Dairy Corporation. The Privatisation Unit had over 4 competitive bids ranging from $9-14 million.

But the President had told by the owner of Malee Sampran, a dairy company in Malaysia, that he would import machinery that would process milk in Ankole and fruits in Busoga but he found Uganda risky so we should give him Dairy Corporation for one dollar as an incentive for him to invest another $25 million.

One very senior official who shall remain nameless said Mzee will never listen to us on this issue, he needs external advice... as he stared at me. The rest looked at me, looked away and then offloaded all the problems with the President's decision.

It was on this occasion that i realized that many senior civil servants fight hard to give good advice to the President.

I grabbed my notebook and they turned their backs to me while speaking a little louder for my benefit.

2 days later Monitor ran the story. Dairy Corporation was to be sold for a dollar inspite of a $14 million bid being on the table. Unnamed senior government officials doubted the financial ability of Malee Sampran and the Parliamentary Committee on the Economy and the Ministry of Finance had already advised against it.

I was summoned to Nakasero at 6am. But I went well prepared, knowing he wud be furious.

The President told me I was an economic saboteur and he would close the paper if I ran another story on Dairy Corporation. He was going ahead #$1 and wud not tolerate any further sabotage.

I said Mr President there's something your officials are afraid to tell you. He calmed down. Sir, the investor is broke. You visited his factory and things looked okay but that company has no capacity to invest $25 million in Malaysia, let alone Uganda. I want to return this afternoon with an analysis that is being prepared for me. The due diligence on your part has not been well done.

He agreed. I returned that afternoon with the Management Accountant of Monitor, Peter Mpala. Andrew and I opted not to take the Finance Manager, who was a Kenyan.

We took Mpala's ACCA Certificate and explained to Museveni what the ACCA qualification means in the accounting profession, globally.

Peter then took him thru a 1-page analytical summary we had done on Malee Sampran's accounts plus the accounts themselves, obtained easily online since the company was public.

From the profit ratio (it was in losses) to the negative cash flow to the balance sheet insolvency, we took Museveni through the accounts and he was convinced the company was broke.

Malee Sampran had also registered a Ugandan subsidiary, Pan African Foods Ltd which Ministry of Education was to give a sole contract to supply school milk to UPE schools. All this I learnt at the State House verandah. I also learnt that certain prominent dairy farmers (names withheld) were lined up to supply milk to Pan African Foods.

We also learnt that the Board of Dairy Corporation was in the know of a request to Malee to pay $14 million to the Ugandan shareholders in Pan African Foods in consideration of it getting Dairy Corporation for a dollar. We did a company search at the registry for the Ugandan shareholders and were told the company was wound up and the file vanished while our reporter was waiting to see it. The whole thing was rotten.

I gave him the whole story and said Mr President we are not after embarrassing you. Give us a statement saying you have found the investor has weaknesses and the bidding process should proceed. We will not say we brought you this information and we need not publish most of it. Just stop this deal. Most of this information will leak to MPs from all over and it will come out if you don't cancel the deal.

He accepted but then turned round and asked me to give him 5days to bring the MPs on the National Economy Committee to accept the deal... I was shocked and said Sir, 5 days yes but to cancel not to woo Parliament. If there is no cancellation in 5 days, I will publish.

Over the next 5 days, the President called daily to buy time and cajole for non-publication. On the 5th day, at 5pm, I called Amelia and asked her to tell him we were printing tonight.

He rang back furious and threatening to close us. I respectfully stood my ground. The story appeared the next morning and Parliament sat that afternoon and immediately passed a resolution barring the deal.

A presidential letter was sent to the Aga Khan in Paris, labeling me an economic saboteur and demanding my transfer to Nairobi. The Board in Nairobi was very embarrassed when I briefed them and I survived another year till the closure of NTV...
[4/23, 01:46] Samuel Makhoka: Basing on this, do you think Museveni is a corrupt man?
[4/23, 02:10] Samuel Makhoka: Joseph Tumushabe!  Very interesting person. I have an interesting story with him. But what comes to my mind when he is mentioned is how he left the country. That morning, he was driving his 3 year old son, in his Pajero short chassis, to kindergarten in Gaba. Along the way, he got a call from a former student of his who was working at CMI. Joseph turned the car in the middle of the road. The rest as they say, is history. But he got to see that, then 3 year old, son of his when he was 17 years.
[4/23, 02:13] ‪+256 782 848908‬: He is one hell of a tough guy . He recently narrated his last days in Uganda .... Hollywood stuff!
[4/23, 02:18] Conrad Nkutu: Hehehehe @Simon Kasyate was a very good professional. I still remember the day the President himself leaked to me, a letter he had written to Gen Moses Ali and all Ministers, informing them that: I have seen the Minutes of the last Cabinet meeting in which Cabinet noted that Col Kizza Besigye has a right to return from exile. I agree but Cabinet should be aware that Col Kizza Besigye has criminal cases to answer...

I sent the letter to KB in South Africa and asked for his comment. His reply: I will bring forward my travel date and return to Uganda next week on flight KQ....

So I called @Simon Kasyate to my office and tasked him to fly to Nairobi, track down Besigye and keep his eyes glued to him till what we thought wud be his airside arrest as soon as he got off the plane, where no other reporter wud be present.

Simon duly tracked down KB in the transit lounge at JKIA and filed constant news reports for the 5 or so hours it took them to get to Najjanankumbi where KB registered as a voter. That day, people trekked into town in miles of queues for last minute voter registration. It was massive.

Now here's the interesting foot note on Mwenda. Andrew had confronted the President with evidence of massive presence of ghost voters on the 2001 register. He told the president that given as KB had gone into exile, the opposition was in a much weakened position for 2006.

So no need to rig. Clean the register of these ghosts and win a clean election. So the President directed the introduction of the first photographic Voter's Register which was cleaned of 2.5 million ghosts... knowing KB wud not return, especially knowing he wud be arrested. I was even briefed about the rape and LRA-PRA charges and told him about them before he returned.

And then Simon Kasyate decides to fly back with Besigye, who presents another ambush candidacy. Because the register was cleaned, there was panic... so now you know why he ended up #Luzira...
[4/23, 02:24] Samuel Makhoka: Conrad, did you also follow the David Tinyefuza 'negotiations' with FDC leadership in which he suggested that they are willing to fund another FDC delegates conference?
[4/23, 02:25] Conrad Nkutu: Are you referring to the episode that saw Mushega's name mentioned "here and there?" πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
[4/23, 02:27] Samuel Makhoka: I was then summoned to pick 'new' nomination forms, given money and told to send guys out to look for new signatures.
[4/23, 02:29] Samuel Makhoka: I got a special hire from Nkumba, went to my shack in Bweyogerere with the new forms
[4/23, 02:31] Samuel Makhoka: Upto now, I have been asked to account for that money...πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
[4/23, 02:56] ‪+256 782 848908‬: Samia ,Nkuntu received endless calls over mere headlines just  imagine how muzeyi relates with other organs of state .  Imagine meetings with CJ prior to  presidential petitions, imagine meetings with the speaker prior to  constitutional amendments.  Imagine how many calls and directives  Mutebile receives on a daily !!!
[4/23, 06:19] Kyamutetera Muhereza: The brokenness of Malee Sampran was my story....I broke. I downloaded their results from their website, then went to Conrad...who asked me to speak to Mpala

#Politics explained by a kid

Something from one of the Parliament Whatsapp group


A little boy goes to his Dad and asks, "What is Politics?"

Dad says, "Well son, let me try to explain it this way:
I am the head of the family, so call me The President.

Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her The Government.

We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you The People.

The Nanny, we will consider her The Working Class.

And your Baby Brother, we will call him The Future.

Now think about that and see if it makes sense.

So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said. Later that night, he hears his baby brother
crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper; So the little boy goes to his parent's room and finds his mother sound asleep.
Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room.
Finding the door locked, he peeps in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny.  He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy say's to his father, "Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now,"

The father says, "Great son!  Tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about."

The little boy replies, "The president is screwing The Working Class while The Government is sound asleep.  The People are being ignored and The Future is in deep shit.

SOUTH SUDAN TRAGEDY: Defining moment of #Museveni betrayal of #Africa

By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp. [In 2014, General David Sejusa, the Chairman Free Uganda (FU) and Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) warned the world about Museveni’s catastrophic and dangerous machinations and intervention in South Sudan – Today, Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp, ponders the tragic outcome of Museveni’s intervention, and wonders why no one listened to the early warnings by General Sejusa]. Here below is Rabba Naga reminder about General Sejusa’s warning (29/04/2017): In 2014, Gen Sejjusa posted what has come to pass as a prophesy. In that article, the General warned that Museveni would only help destroy the young country, all in the name of his power games of self-preservation. General Sejjusa warned that Museveni would not arrest Riek Machar as he had postured. He warned that the resistance against Salva Kiir was more complex than what Mr. Museveni viewed as mere power struggle between Riek and Kiir. He further said that the one-sided intervention of Uganda on side of Kiir would ultimately be untenable and Museveni would be principally responsible for betraying the African peoples when South Sudan burns. Those words were just part of what the general wrote. That was 2014. Its 2017. And we are seeing a genocide in South Sudan. Did Museveni not say that he intervened so he could prevent the genocide? Didn’t he support one side against the other just because of his domestic interests? Then Museveni run away from the intricate fire. And Africa watches as millions perish in ethnic cleansing, massacres, starvation, exile and total collapse and destruction of a people. But the genesis lies wholly at the feet of Mr. Museveni. I don’t know if he has learnt anything from this tragedy. Dear Sudan, sad our tears cannot save you. But you must raise to the occasion and save yourselves.

Free Uganda

SOUTH SUDAN TRAGEDY: Defining moment of Museveni betrayal of Africa. By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp.

Journalist writes to #Museveni about threats from IGP Kayihura - #Uganda

Your Excellency, please accept my apology in advance to reach you through this means of communication. As the fountain of honor, I am well aware of competing national demands, its’ not possible to gain private access to you, hence the reference as above.
I’m a writer; reporter aged 45 years, to this end, the CEO at the Investigator Publications (U) Limited running an online newspaper –, my meaningful and gainful living. Over the last two decades, I have practiced journalism without any glitches. Hence my concern about recent episodes on the Late Wilberforce Wamala and AIGP A.F Kaweesi, for unclear and unknown reasons I started encountering serious life threats from police operatives and the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura.
The Genesis
Your Excellency, specifically, from March 20th 2017, I started receiving terrifying telephone calls and subtle messages through parties unknown to me concerned security and police sources. The aggregate were warnings to me to watch my back because of the salient information I share in the court of public opinion had clues on who committed the brutal offence. More ominous is that an action of last resort to stop me may be at best a kidnap, and worse to torture me into a vegetated state. As a loyal citizen, I am simply following Your Excellency’s open outcry of criminal infiltration in police. To this end our editorial team resolved to run supportive investigative stories, pointing out the rot and where possible, name and shame the culprits, which would be helpful to IGP to ‘clean his house.’
Those I have privately shared with the above predicaments advised that I appeal to the court of public opinion. I followed this hunch and made the alarm on social media platforms. I admit here that the investigator runs the series code-named ‘CIP Records’ (Crime Infiltrated Police Records). Along the way, the newspaper published a laundry-list of Gen. Kayihura’s most trusted operatives, namely SSP Nickson Karuhanga Agasirwe and SPC Hajji Abdu Ssemuju aka Minaana’s criminal records. Both of them have murder files written to their names and they were the very people at the center of Kaweesi’s murder investigations.
Further to this was a report that the duo had arrested and presented ‘fake suspects,’ who, suggestively, had no idea of the location of the scene of crime in Kulambiro. The Advisory Columns too pointed at how best police can clean their image.
On the evening of April 8th 2017, I had received a telephone call from one Charles Etukuri, a journalist with New Vision and, ostensibly, Gen. Kale Kayihura’s social media Platforms’ Manager. This caller wanted to meet me. At my prompting he gave me a hint on the meeting agenda as sent by the IGP Gen. Kayihura.
The following day, I requested two personal confidants one from Okello House and another from OPM to join me for the evening mchomo to witness a journalist being used to frustrate fellow journalists’ professional works. Indeed, Etukuri came and told me the IGP wanted to talk to me over the ‘negative’ stories about police. I told Etukuri that the IGP should summon me to his office but through his assistants or PRO’s office, but not through journalists. He further informed me that even the First Son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba was bitter with me. He warned that I stop the series or I will be stopped.
The following day, the same caller, insisting that we travel to Jinja where, the IGP was to see me. I reiterated that I had no intention of meeting the IGP but in case he wanted to see me, there are channels through which he could use to see me, like officially summon me to his office. The threatening retort was I quote ‘If you can’t look for the IGP, he will look for you and you wouldn’t like the idea’. Noticeably, I started seeing trailers on my foot prints including friendly insider telephone calls from police and security operatives as well.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Cameroon. Les Anglophones continuent la lute pour n'est pas etre abuser par les francophonie


#OPEC cut backs will not improve #oil prices

Oil prices got walloped this week on growing concerns that U.S. shale is coming back too quickly, offsetting the progress made by OPEC. Meanwhile, disrupted Libyan production could come back online, taking one of the few reasons to be bullish away. WTI briefly sank below $49 per barrel on Thursday, but regained a bit of ground at the start of trading on Friday.

Lower inventories, higher refining runs…doesn’t matter. U.S. refiners processed a record volume of crude oil last week, according to the EIA. With maintenance season over and refiners ramping up to meet summer demand, they are pulling crude oil out of storage. U.S. inventories dropped by 3.6 million barrels, the largest drawdown in quite a while. But that did very little for oil prices, which dropped sharply this week. One reason the data could be a little misleading: gasoline stocks actually jumped much higher, so all that refining is resulting in gasoline heading into storage.

Goldman: high probability of OPEC extension. Goldman Sachs’ head of commodities, Jeff Currie, said that OPEC is likely to extend its deal for another six months. That could result in WTI trading between $55 and $60 for the rest of this year, which is a "substantial upside, given we are trading at roughly $49.50" Currie
said on Bloomberg TV.

IEA: global oil discoveries hit record low. The IEA 
said on Thursday that the oil industry discovered a record low amount of oil in 2016, logging just 2.4 billion barrels in new discoveries. Also, the volume of oil given final investment decisions in 2016 amounted to 4.7 billion barrels, the lowest level in 70 years. The result could be a supply shortage towards the end of the decade, the IEA warned. In fact, the IEA has repeatedly warned about the pending shortfall, which would lead to higher prices and much more volatility by 2020.

Libyan production restarts. Although there is conflicting news about what is going on in Libya, 
Reuters reports that several key oil fields in Libya are restarting operations, including the Sharara field that has a capacity of 300,000 bpd. That news could have been a big reason for the 1.6 percent sell off of WTI and Brent on Thursday. To be sure, there were separate reports that the Sharara field remained shut and Libyan production was still at a 7-month low at 490,000 bpd. Needless to say, Libyan production will likely seesaw for the foreseeable future, and conflicting reports will be likely.

Bakken oil exported to Asia. The first shipment of oil from the Bakken was
exported to Asia last month, a cargo carrying 600,000 barrels. The exports could climb significantly with the startup of the Dakota Access pipeline, which will tie North Dakota crude into an existing pipeline system that extends to the U.S. Gulf Coast. The pipeline will also allow Bakken crude to fetch a higher price, providing a lift to producers.

1st quarter earnings look better so far. This week, Total (NYSE: TOT) 
reported a 56 percent increase in first quarter earnings from a year earlier. Oil prices were sharply up in 1Q2017 compared to 1Q2016, and production costs were also down. Net income for Total rose to $2.56 billion in the quarter. Cash flow excluding acquisitions and assets sales surged to $1.7 billion, the highest in four years and a level that the company last hit when oil prices were trading at $100 per barrel. The improved performance has led the French oil giant to begin investing in new projects, including one in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta. It will be the first major project sanctions for Total since 2014. “The costs are low, so it’s the right time to invest,” Pouyanne saidThursday. “Our strategy is to take advantage of this market, where you have a lot of weak players.” Pouyanne sees oil prices rising towards the end of the decade, which makes today a smart time to make investments.

Anadarko Petroleum sees shares dive after explosion kills 2 in Colorado.Anadarko Petroleum saw its share price plunge by more than 5 percent on Thursdayafter it said it would shut down 3,000 wells in Colorado following an explosion that killed two people. The cause of the explosion, which occurred on April 17, was unknown, but Anadarko said it would shut down the wells for several weeks to assess the situation. The wells account for 2 percent of Anadarko’s oil and gas production, according to 

Gas shortage in Australia could bring pain to LNG exporters. The Australian government is considering restricting natural gas exports because of a domestic supply shortage. Natural gas prices have surged by 80 percent in the first quarter of this year and the Australian government wants to protect domestic consumers and manufacturers. The Prime Minister met with Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A) andSantos (ASX: STO), and is 
threatening to limit their exports if they do not provide sufficient gas to the Australian market. Santos’ stock price fell by more than 5 percent on the news. Australia has emerged as one of the world’s top LNG exporters in recent years due to a handful of massive projects constructed in the Northeast and Western Australia.

Norway warns about falling safety standards in the North Sea. Norwegian regulators 
warned that the rush to cut costs in the expensive North Sea has led to a lowering of safety standards across the industry. The number of leaks occurring at oil and gas wells in Norway hit a five-year high last year.

Trump to sign executive order on offshore drilling on FridayPresident Trump is scheduled to sign an executive order aimed at opening up new drilling areas in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The order is just the beginning of what will surely be a long drawn-out legal process, so there will be no immediate effect on the oil industry.