Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#Uganda's @IGPUganda @PoliceUg are lying that #Kaweesi killers have been apprehended and exposed

Just a few days after the assassination of Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Kaweesi, a boastful Ugandan Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura went public with a surprise announcement that the killers of AIGP Kaweesi had been apprehended,

General Kale Kayihura is on record praising the efficiency with which Uganda Police Service has moved to arrest those believed to have assassinated his deputy.  He revealed that one of the killers was caught at the Uganda-DRC Congo border while attempting to flee the country.

The truth of the matter is that General Kale Kayihura’s naked pronouncements are mere lies, which must be exposed.

There is little doubt that Kale Kayihura is playing a diversionary game meant to divert attention and deflect Ugandans from getting to know the real killers of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi.

It is worth noting that General Kayihura’s unguarded comments on supposed arrests of fleeing killers at the DRC Congo border and elsewhere were made in the wake of an evidently revealing report about people who were seen collecting blood from the murder spot in polythene bags, among whom was an aide to General Kale Kayihura himself.

One question to ask is why has General Kale Kayihura kept exceedingly quiet about this highly important and, without doubt, extremely significant development. Isn’t General Kayihura’s responsibility, as Inspector General of Police, to clarify to Ugandans about the gory goings-on at the murder scene, which seems to involve members of his own police service?  Ugandans will want to know more about these people who were collecting blood and blood-stained soil in polythene bags at the murder spot? This by the way happened after the official investigators had left the scene.

Secondly, some reports are emerging that a witness who filmed the murder event, when it was in progress, has disappeared. Who has made this witness disappear, and for what reason?

Another interesting fact, about which General Kayihura has bluntly decided not to comment, is the disturbing revelation that the late AIGP Kaweesi was, in the days leading up to his death, telling and informing all who could listen that his life was in grave danger.

Most notable is the announcement made by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Archbishop of Kampala, when he was addressing mourners, that the late AIGP Andrew Kaweesi had gone to him (Archbishop Lwanga) and asked him to pray for him because he knew that his life was in danger. 

In addition to the revelation by Archbishop Lwanga, several other Ugandans have talked of how the late Kaweesi had expressed to them his anxieties about his insecurity and fear of what he thought might befall him.

So, surely, are we made to believe that the only person who was not informed by the late AIGP Kaweesi about his fear of impending murder is his own boss the Inspector General of Police, General Kayihura?

That Kale Kayihura should boast publicly and pride himself in such a grandiose manner, even during the various events of prayer and mourning for the deceased AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, about how he had already defeated the thugs who have been murdering prominent Ugandans, is very telling of the secrets he, Kayihura, is hiding from Ugandans about these deaths.

What does Kayihura know about the killers, which the rest of Ugandans, including senior security officials, like the late AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, did not know?  On one hand, Kaweesi and the rest of Ugandans did not believe that the murderers had been defeated. Or else Kaweesi wouldn’t have been intimating to his close ones that he was fearing for his life.  As for the rest of Ugandans what they continue to see and experience is a rise, not a decrease in the boda-boda style shootings, culminating in the murder of the second most important police officer in the country.

The question here is – if it is indeed true, as it sure is, that the assassins have not been defeated, which means that General Kayihura is bluntly and shamelessly lying to the country.  How can anyone with any common sense in him or her believe in anything else that is uttered by the much-hated Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura?

Going back to Kayihura’s assurances that he has already arrested the killers of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, why should anyone take his word as truth when on many occasions in the past, Ugandans were murdered in broad daylight, and he, Kayihura, said similar things – that he had arrested the killers, when in fact no one was ever found guilty in a court of law for the murders?  Intriguingly, many of those arrested in the swoops seem to have disappeared out of site, for, no one talks about them anymore.

Kayihura must surely do better than merely shouting around that he has arrested the killers of AIGP Kaweesi and other high profile persons.  He needs to do better than peddling naked lies about defeating and eliminating those who killed these Ugandans.  Failure to do any of the above can make and is indeed making Ugandans aware that the notorious army general who now commands the Uganda police force has utterly failed in his duties and, accordingly resorted to simply lying to Ugandans and the world in order to divert attention from his failures and those of his ultimate boss, Mr. Yoweri Museveni.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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