Thursday, March 23, 2017

#Uganda president #Museveni says country is run by #Mafia #AprilRevolution

So the 'Big man" is now worried about the "THE MAFIA" in the police. Who then has been the god-father of these MAFIA GANGS?

From Marverik Blustak Facebook page.                

The reason Mr.Museveni hounded IGP.Cossy Odomel and John Kisembo out and brought in UPDF Generals initially with Gen.Katumba Wamala was to politically align the Uganda Police from its residual UPC/UNLA inclination to the NRM brand of patronage politics rather than build a non-partisan, efficient, effective and publicly accountable police force. The Justice Julia Sebutinde Commission recommended structural and policy reforms including dismissal of errant police men implicated in grand corruption who remain active and senior today having been promoted instead over time.

Justice Julia Sebutinde did not recommend the militarization of the Uganda Police. In fact the appointment of Gen.Katumba Wamala was to test acceptance of the donor community with his militarization experiment in the Uganda Police and eventually appointing active army officers in the internal affairs docket of govt.

The moment he felt donors were not resistant to UPDF Generals running the Uganda Police or internal affairs ministry he brought in his cadre Gen.Kale Kaihura and all the others to do police work.

He had never thrown money at the Uganda Police or KCC the way he has thrown money to his cadres in KCCA and Uganda Police under the embattled his Lordship Erias Lukwago and Gen.Kale Kaihura respectively.

At what point did "THE MAFIA" extend from where they were politically incubated from to infiltrate the Uganda Police therefore? Where did "THE MAFIA" come from? When former Vice President said govt had been infiltrated by "THE MAFIA", he was called to retract his statement in the Monitor Publication in 2008 on camera, he was remanded in jail, subsequently sacked from the VP job and also summarily sent into forced retirement in KAKIRI. Was VP Bukenya's allegations of "THE MAFIA" ever investigated? Just like GEN.SEJUSA'S internal memo on the "MUHOOZI PROJECT", the author, rather than investigate the veracity of his actionable intel, was hounded out of Parliament, remanded in Luzira, denied a salary, rejected his application for retirement and hounded out of Kampala. And the assassinations the man talked about are happening fantastically.

Now that there is growing consensus that there are MAFIA GANGS in govt and the State, is it possible to conclude Uganda is a "MAFIA STATE" as Prof.Gilbert Bukenya warned all of us in 2008 and we did not heed?

Tomorrow, don't miss as I break down why different MAFIA GANGS with in the State/govt(fused) have mutually acquired destruction, their role/influence on the succession question and the potential of a 3rd force emerging and operating under STEALTH with devastating impact. All these have ripple effects on the balance of power as the opportunity for a national dialogue slips away with Mr.Museveni's inevitable departure in the coming years increasingly becoming a reality with in NRM and across the country.

Kabulasoke General heading to the garden........

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