Saturday, March 25, 2017

Third force clarifies on Kaweesi murder arrests - #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg

UPFF Statement on Police Allegations of Arresting Suspects of Mission 920

The Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighters (UPFF) reaffirms its earlier statement of successfully accomplishing mission 920. It’s hereby warning the public against the Kaihura police claims of arresting Kaweesi’s killers. Kaihura is desperate to prove to the public that everything is under control when in actual sense the police force went to dogs long time ago.

Kaihura isn’t new to staging witnesses and fabricating stories. It should be recalled that Kaihura faked witnesses to falsely accuse Dr. Besigye of leading PRA but the boys embarrassed Kaihura and denied any link with Besigye. We managed to free some of the boys and they are with us in exile while others are rotting in Luzira.

Kaihura told Ugandans that Sheikh Kamoga is behind the killing of muslims and Kamoga was arrested but killings continued. He shifted the blame to Jamil Mukulu/ADF, Mukulu was arrested but killings continued. He proved to the world that he arrested the right killers of Maj.

Kiggundu but told mourners in Lwengo on Tuesday that Kiggundu killers assassinated Kaweesi! Kaihura what do you take Ugandans for? Did the killers of Kiggundu assassinate Kaweesi from prison??

Moments after Kawesi’s death Kaihura produced composite pictures of the alleged suspects to fool Ugandans when in actual sense the pictures are fake and can only be attributed to ghosts or dolls.

He claimed to have arrested suspects along Uganda-Congo border and others but none of them is among the released composite pictures! Kaihura why do you arrest innocent people to serve as scapegoats?

After the murder of the late Kiggundu you arrested wrong people including two Boda Boda men who have no history of violence and now you arrested thieves who were freed long time ago as professional hit men!

Kaihura went on to claim that the hit men used Boda Bodas, this is very wrong and should be treated with a high degree of contempt. W e did not use cheap Boda Boda motor cycles, our motor bikes are very few in Uganda and can only be compared to sport bikes.  To claim that we used Boda Bodas is to suggest we’re not capable of executing such a high level mission.

Kaihura tewekubya mizimu that you’re the next target as you ordered New Vision to tell Ugandans. Yes you’re a target but not the next because you still have to watch what you have been doing to others.

Kaihura hasn’t arrested any suspect who was involved in last Friday’s mission, neither does he know who master minded, why and who financed.

For God and our Country

Ssonko Joseph
UPFF Publicist

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