Monday, March 20, 2017

Sincere condolences to #Kafweesi family @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @KagutaMuseveni

Dear HE. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda,

I offer you my deepest condolences and this time I mean every word.

Papa mulembe naabi.  I wish you read some of my letters to you because I only speak truth for a lamp cannot be hidden under a bed.

Papa do you remember that I used to write to you in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  I stopped writing to you because you seem to hate reading.

The death of Kaweesi, his body guard and his driver has left a cold chill in all of us because we do not know who is next.  It is never proper for a wife to lose her husband or for children to lose their parent.  It is awful for a community to lose someone they love who always helped them like Lwengo for AIGP Kaweesi.  Do you know that Mayombo, Kazini, Kayiira, Maumbe, Mutende, Nalwanga, Okello, Lubega, Wasswa, etc.. also had families who loved their people and they too cried? Do you not think that the family of Wapakhabulo still cries?

What about the family of Wamala, Kagezi, the clerics and #BabyRyan? Does Agaba not remember the people his body guard shot dead Luzira? What about Akena? Do Acholi cry for their son?  But do we cry for Kasese / Kaweesi / Elweru? Dare we cry?  Do we ever cry for Acholi and those miserable Karamojongs dying of hunger?  Did you know that Luweero, Isingiro, Nakaseke; these places have humans dying with their cows.  Who would have the audacity to tax rice donated for our hunger?  AND then you tell us to have CCTV cameras instead of traffic police and you tell us that we should raise pigs and goats instead of asking for salary increase when your people grabbed our land?

I want to remind you of some things I told you in the past:
1) Education. Our education is diluted.  Reason why we sell our graduates into slavery.
2) Land grabbing.  This will be your downfall.
3) Sidelining your friends who helped you to become the dictator you have become.
4) Abusing donors.  Is there any wonder that you turned to Asia and Russia.  How is that working out anyway?  How far are we along with the refinery and pipelene?
5) Nepotism.  You filled all key positions with your family and friends and how is that working out given how many multinational companies keep exiting Uganda?
6) Crime with impunity.  Do you remember all the people we mourn in Acholi, Karamoja, Teso, Bugisu and recently Rwenzori?
7) You have allowed Mafia to tell you that it is okay to beat up people, teargas them, shoot to kill and beat up journalists on live cameras because they are untouchable.  Okay if they are untouchable why are we burying so many people weekly and most of them your key supporters?
8) You ignored health care because you fly your friends abroad.  Do you remember Daniel Nangalama and how he put a curse on UPTL and now UTL is apparently abandoned by Libya?
9) Mzee, you called opposition pigs and swines and wolves.  We of course no longer call them Anyanya but did you know how much Ugandans love porc and wolves do not live in tropical countries?
10) Your security forces arrest any voice of dissident but I thank you for not sending them after me because you know I am toothless.  I only talk but it is well intentioned.  Mwe mafia, mbasaba mundeke kubanga njasama busama naye silinako kabi kona!

Mzee, this recent death cannot be dealt with mere words.  There are enemies and they are coming after all of us.  You, yours, me and mine.  Who are these people anyway and since your security and Intel is infilitrated with criminals, must we go and buy Holly Rice, Holly Water or Holly Tea or must we take up a day of mourning for Kasese, Rwenzururu, Lake Victoria bodies or the youth who got killed during the Kayunga massacres or the ones who vanished prior to the February 2016 elections?

I am telling you Mzee, things are not good.  You go many months without paying police, soldiers, Intel, teachers, doctors, nurses and pensions.  I think that the people are angry at you.  In fact it is obvious because the spate of killings are not ordinary.  These are professionals and we know opposition are wimps, they never trained professional killers.  You might have a problem in your circle.

Stop the idiocy of hunting for dissidents.  The ones who talk are your friends because they tell you the issues which you should address.  I am more afraid of the people who do not talk. Silent people are very dangerous.  But how will you get them to talk when you have told everyone to shoot at boda bodas and use mob justice?

You might want to know that blocking Stella Nyanzi at the airport from the conference in Amsterdam went global promptly.  I did not start it, I was sleeping but do you ever think of what the donors read about the things being done in Uganda?

Good news is there is running water in Bududa Hospital now.  I had promised to leave you alone once there was water but now I hear the medics are charging patients for a public hospital. Slimebugs, or maybe they are paid so little and so infrequently they need to feed their families!

Sincerely and Always
Martha Leah Nangalama

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