Friday, March 31, 2017

Ruth Nankabirwa, Someo Nsubuga are warned - #Uganda



We the majority of the citizens of this nation, send a strong message to specifically those mentioned above to desist from promoting the removal of age limit from the constitution to extend the people's sufferings by extending dictatorship in our country. The warning also goes to any MPigs who will support such action that be warned of the consequences.

Ugandans have had it and we are ready to use all means to target those supporting this regime individually as the war to remove M7, has intensified to supporters of this regime. The warnings also extend to lower rankings to the RDCs. Kayihura's police reshuffle will not deter us and will not help him as we are determined to go after those that are supporting and maintaining the chronic suffering of our people.

This is no longer a conventional war of liberation but a war of survival. Among those that are on the list of harassment is Dr. Kigunddu for his promotion of dictatorship rule in the country. I call on all those that are opposed to this regime to direct their anger and frustrations to the MPigs because M7 uses them as a vehicle to extend his rule.

These MPigs are not people's representatives but they represent the interests of M7 and his political beliefs and therefore we must go after them, harass them and make them feel the sufferings people go through. Fellow citizens we have a lot of work to do to fight for our freedom. MPigs if you stand in our way, we will come after you.

STOP THE MADNESS! #AprilRevolution

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