Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PICTURES: #Uganda opposition leader #Besigye slips past police AGAIN

Dr. Kizza Warren Besigye managed to beat police and show up for a meeting in Kayunga to discuss with the residents about their land.

While there was heavy deployment and the road closed off with many uniformed police officers, it was only discovered much later that Besigye had slipped through and was already in Kayunga.

It seems that Besigye's supporters kept the police busy all day as their leader managed to get away.  
While police stopped Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Harold Kaija, Hon. Kasibante, Hon. Allan Ssewanyana, Ingrid Turinamwe,etc. other leaders like Hon. Munyagwa, Hon. Mwijukye, Hon. Amuriat  had already arrived at the venue with Besigye.

The meeting was held in Kayunga - Bbaale community with a big crowd in attendance for Besigye's address to the people about the land grabbing.

The police did not let all go off without a hitch. On his way back from the rally, crowds were hit with teargas at the Kayonza trading centre!


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