Tuesday, March 28, 2017

@FrankGashumba lawyers serve @NBSTV notice to sue - #Uganda #Media #Censorship

The following is the post on Mr. Frank Gashumba's Facebook page following the accusations by NBSTV that have been making the rounds on Social Media.
His lawyers have also served notice to NBSTV for a possible lawsuit.
NBS TV yes you have the visual and Frank Gashumba has a brand!! This letter which has been circulating on the social media shows you the level of institutions and organizations we have in this country. When I tell you that this country is dead, I don't mean political and government institutions alone!!

Every fiber in this country is dead that's why we urgently need God's intervention!! How can a Chief Marketing Officer write such a defamatory letter!! In protocol, such a letter can't be written by a marketing officer!! It's the HR department that handles such matters.

I resigned on the 17th March and I told them pointblank that there is no way UCC determines and decides how NBS runs its shows and programming. So when someone says that I changed my mind, that person needs help. Some of us have values and principles that have kept us alive!! Who is Simon Muyanga to moderate a show that I hatched????

No way! Eagles don't fly with other birds. Where has it been written in any Bible or Quran that every show in Uganda must be moderated!!! VILLAGERS!! Now back to my point, when did a TV Station become a Police Station! How can a TV station rely on falsehoods, when did a TV station become a compliant, an investigator, a prosecutor, judge and a Supreme Court.

Even murder suspects have a right to be heard! Gashumba has his physical place of work. A few meters from my office, there is a police station. I don't drive a tinted car! So how do you complain when you can choose to come to my office or lodge a complaint at Police! How can a mature person of sound choose to report to a TV station!!

To me they don't exist!! I have instructed my lawyers to take on NBS!! U know sometimes when we keep quiet they think we are all fools! In my entire life, I don't fight small wars, I go in for serious battles!! The rest I am living it to my lawyers.

MUSHABE MUNUNGU & CO ADVOCATES  Comrnistoners for Oaths, Advocates, Anoneys, Company Secretaries, Real Estate, E-commerce, Trade Marl. and Patents, 0118 Gas, Mineral ,Labour, International Business, Mortgages and Tax Consulmnts PARTNERS David Gureme Mushabe DIP.ED, MSPA, JD, DIPLP TcI 0752 407000

 Ref: MM/FR/27/03/17/MS-1 The Executive Director, NBS Tv (u) LTD Media Plaza, Plot 78 Kira Road, P.0 Box 37663, Kampala. Uganda.

 ATT'N., Kin Kalish


 27th March, 2017

TAKE NOTICE that M/s Mushabe, Munungu & Co Advocates jointly with M/s Denis Nyombi & Co Advocates have instructions front Mr. Frank Gashumba (our client) to institute a law suit against your company together with Ms. Pamela Adongo (your Chief Marketing Officer) for Defamation arising out of the false letter, which you published.

In the letter you maliciously stated that our client's services were terminated allegedly because there are 'individuals who have approached NBS and reported that they had been conned by our client" whereas not. You further stated that To NBS, image is critical; and to this end we are also reviewing the image of Mr. Frank Gashumba in relation to our brand over the flying allegation.,"

This same letter has been uploaded onto the official SOS Television facebook wall for the whole world to react. It is well within your knowledge that our client is an international traveler who is a father, an entrepreneur who delivers motivational talks locally and internationally, but you have recklessly and maliciously injured his reputation and his business as a motivational speaker. Clearly, the words like "conned; "image of Frank Gashumba", and "Investigating" are all unequivocally defamatory.

 TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that if you don't desist from your defamatory statements and/or broadcasts, publish a retraction through the same facebook wall and formerly apologize to our client on NI3S Television during prime time within Twenty Four (24) hours heretofore, we have instructions to file a law suit against NOS TV and the person who signed the letter to your embarrassment and ridicule, costs notwithstanding.

You shall have no further warning! M/S MUSIIABE, MUNUNGU & CO ADVOCATES

cc. Client

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