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Farewell thy Andrew Felix Kaweesi but more are following you - #Uganda

By Augustine Ojobile

Since I never promise what I can’t offer, I wish to draw your attention to what we have been assessing for the last 10days.  It is very unfortunate that I started a topic of Political killings in the cold war and Andrew Felix Kaweesi was Assassinated 2 days after my insight into the Political Killings in the cold war. Remembering that late Kaweesi who was among the few regime professional police officers.  That cold war which indigenously lasted for years, and continues today though many elites think it no longer exists…


The cold war lasted more than forty years, from the late 1940s to the collapse of east-central European communism in 1989-91.

It did not stop there, follow this to the last bit.

Remember how Garang John the leader of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and first president of South Sudan was killed by the Helicopter which was on its way back to South Sudan after a meeting with President Museveni from Uganda.

How about Yasser Arafat who died in a Paris Hospital in 2014 for reasons unknown, though it’s believed he was poisoned by Israelites.

Do you still remember the story of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in November 1963?  Till now, the assailants are not known though theories say the executor also terminated himself for reasons unknown.

The Sarajoevo shooting where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was killed in 1914 one among reasons that caused World War I.

Assassination of Liberal Colombian politician Jorge Gaitan in 1948 after meeting Fidel Castro still remains unanswered in the minds of the Columbians.

Our neighbors in Burundi still have grief for the 6th April 1994 shooting down of the plane carrying Burundian President Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntarymira as they came back from Uganda where they had come to attend a peace building meeting.

Patrice Lumumba of Congo in 1961, they claim it was CIA who connived with soldiers in Katanga but the reality has never come out though CIA did not come out to deny their act as well.

The historical Haile Selassie who is considered as the best Ethiopian leader ever, a veteran Ethiopian Emperor who was last seen bundled into a Volks Wagen in 1974.  Rumors say his successor Mengistu Haile Marian killed him.  It is believed that Selassie’s death still lies in the cold.

The above are just a few examples of the killings in the world, they give us the new error in which Eliminations happen either to politicians, business people, Religious leaders, or public servants.  The uniqueness in this is the attachment those assassinated have either with the community or regimes in power.  For instance taking a situation of Uganda, these are people both working with Communities their strength under mining government or working with government and receiving admiration from communities which culminates into a threat to particular leadership.  The reasons for their killings are never clear though theories shall always arise.

However, let me produce a few of the Ugandan killings in 1979 after President Amin’s exit from Power. It was believed that Amin was a killer, his government killed so many innocent citizens.  But also after his exit, rampant homicides took followed.  You must ask what and who killed Ugandans on almost a daily basis.


On July 15th 1979 three Mulago employees, the assistant security officer, Samuel Katumwa and two ward maids were walking back home from duty that Thursday night when they were shot dead by unknown gun men.

This was after a statement read over Radio Uganda that in his (President Binaisa’s) absence, Mr. Museveni will be responsible for all government affairs. So, “was it Binaisa loyalist killing in his absence or it was Museveni who illegally took over through a Radio Uganda statement?

Mulago doctors went on strike on 16th July 1979 because of the 15th July attack and on Wednesday night July 18th,1979 armed men went to the home of Dr.Jack Barlow, along Akii Bua road in Nakasero residential district of kampala, shot him dead.  Dr. Jack Barlow was the brother to the then IGP David Barlow.

On July 20th 1979, Betty Mugerwa, Namugayi Muganwa and two young children Eddie Ddiba and Mary Clare Mugerwa were shot dead by unknown gun men.

On July 23rd 1979, the home of the chief registrar of the high court Mathias Sendegeya was attacked.  He was killed along with Kalebu a resident in the house, who was stabbed to death by attackers. These killers refused money and demanded for their lives which they took.

On 26th July 1979 Dr. Abuden Obace of Mulago Hospital was shot dead in Kololo along with a relative Olut Fleu a student at the Veterinary Training Institute in Entebbe.

On 26th July 1979 Wilson Magale Wobudubire was shot dead at his home along William Street.

If you observe, the above is just in a period of between 15th July 1979 and 26th July 1979 (12days). This was a period Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was state minister for defense, Binaisa as President but in Cuba for a 14 days conference, preparations for an Election in 1980 where Dr. Milton Obote was an interested individual who badly needed to regain his presidency after loosing it to Amin Dada in the 1971 coup.

Who then is to blame for these massive killings around 1979 after Amin’s over throw and before 1980 elections?  We shall look into the mysterious killings after 1980 elections.

The death of Felix Andrew Kaweesi is a signal to the power hungry and those who seek strength from the gun, all they do is under spot light for public consumption.  His death must be an eye opener to those who think they are ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING. The world is not our home, and at a point in time, we shall all have to leave.

A team called Uganda Underground Liberation Movement and The Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighters (UPFF) has come out to boast for executing their work professionally.  But who leads this group?  Have we gone deep in understanding why the driver had to stop when the shooting started especially when the theory states that shooting started from behind? Have we thought through why major Assassinations in Uganda are either happening when officials are coming home or leaving home?  There is a brain behind this way of operation.

I wish to say that we lack social security and it is what must be improved if we are to have the desired peace, unity and sustainable development.  Unfortunately, i don’t see this come to pass in the existence of NRM under Museveni as the leader.

Augustine Ojobile

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