Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bongani brings Sandy home - Chapter 16


The surprise wedding  has been a secret between Notemba and her friend. Notemba  has been buying stuff for the wedding these past two weeks. She chose a red wedding dress with diamond decorations. Her shoes and necklace were made of gold. Afika's suit was red and his tie was gold and his shoes were white.

The best man and the maid of honour wore cream with red shoes. The eight bride maids wore cream with red shoes. The cake was red and gold. The roses were white and red. There had to be lots of meat and chicken at the reception. Rice and potatoes and salads were part of dinner. Notemba wanted only soft drinks and wine for drinks.

In order to convince the relatives to come, Notemba invited them  to celebrate her engagement. Her Pastor back in Cape Town and the church were invited.

Everybody looked nice. Not until the wedding songs started playing did the groom figure out he was getting married! Bongani got suspicious because Notemba had described what she wanted for her wedding.

Bongani whispered into Sandy's ear, "We are next!" Sandy smiled and whispered, " I prefer blue and purple. Don't forget it's white gold and diamonds for the rings." The ushers  came to stop them from talking because the camera was running.

The wedding was beautiful. The  Pastor was very happy and promised to look after the couple. Having a Pastor guide a marriage into success prevents divorces. Marriage is like a course with so much to learn.

Aunt Maggie was beginning to eat but uncle Tabang reminded her of her health. She left early with her boyfriend. They danced the night away.

In the morning Afika booked some holiday place in Zanzibar for one week honey moon. Bongani gave him some money so that he could  act like a responsible husband and also surprise his wife. He also bought the rings as his brother Bongani suggested. Notemba was impressed.

Some grannies came with young girls that were looking for husbands. Notemba's brother was also looking. His friend suggested that he had to put a two hundred rand note wrapped round from inside the glass of drink he was sipping to attract the single girls. This was to be sure of which girls were looking. The girls then one by one came to introduce themselves. He chose one girl that he liked.

Every family has those relatives that lack manners! The uncles could not allow them to come to the party. I always saw how the elders convinced these bad mannered relatives  to stay away when important visitors like inlaws were invited.

Sandy was quite relieved that finally Notemba was married. Bongani too could not say aloud how he felt but his eyes told a good bye story. Xoliswa has heard about her dad's new house and she is already pestering    him to take her just as he promised. Bongani told her to ask her step mother, Sandy. Sandy suggested that she has to wait for Notemba to get back and then they can all go through the rules before she moves in.

The Pastor and church members went back on Sunday to Cape Town  and the relatives that came from Umtata also went back home. Sandy and Angela are both exhausted but at least they won't have to cook for one week. So much left overs from the wedding is packed in the refrigerator. Uncle Tabang and Bongani have been complaining about eating left overs. Aunt Angela has asked the helper to cook for the husbands.

Bongani and Sandy are looking at furniture for their house. They are also planning to build a small house in the village. Pilile wants to go back to the village. Pilile will live in their house there. He will run the 'spaza' which is a small shop. His memory has improved a lot and he wants to look for a village girl who  will give him many children. He says educated girls have too many rules. They can't cook on firewood and grind dry hard maize on a grinding stone. Pilile's grandmother has been telling him about two girls with good manners. They are both waiting to get married. Pilile would love to have two of them but 'lobola' or dowry is too expensive because they are both virgins. He will have to choose one.

Aunt Angela's son has arrived from Malawi. He will sleep in the store room until  Bongani and his family live. He came with a lot of gifts from her mother and the aunties. Uncle Tabang is again worried about the fish smell but aunt Angela has already asked Ronah her sister to keep it in her place.

Uncle Tabang has taken his step son to shop. They bought clothes, shoes and stationary. He then asked him to wait at a shop while he went to toilet. When he came back, the boy was not there. The security in the mall helped look for the boy but couldn't find details him. He then decided to go home and tell Angela his wife. Angela started crying with regrets that he shouldn't have brought him! The boy also  needed the toilet and couldn't find his way back.

Some good person had found him wondering and took him to a Police station because he didn't have the contact telephone number for uncle Tabang or his mother! Uncle Tabang went to report the missing boy only to be told he was right there. Uncle was so excited to find him. He had all his stuff he had bought him. Angela was relieved that he was safely  back home. Uncle gave him an old phone to use. He calls his Malawi mother every day. Tabang has been teaching him how to use a catapult that he  got as a gift from his grandfather when came for the wedding. He with have to wait a while to start school.                      

On Human Rights day most shops were closed. Schools and offices around the  country closed. Uncle Tabang and Bongani went to visit prisons. They took toiletries, good food and chocolates. The prisoners at the mental facilities are the most depressing to see! They  seem to have multi personalities. They are so isolated because they are dangerous!  Giving them medication is quite a challenge. They are so angry and violent.

Sometimes three strong guards have to deal with them. Some of them are usually abandoned by their relatives and friends. Some improve with medication and are released back into society. Although they could be returning to the facility in the next month! I feel their relatives need to be equipped with ways to support them.

Mental facilities need more volunteers to visit and just talk to these patients as most of them are abandoned by  their relatives. Those who improve are allowed to go outside to play games like basket ball, soccer, net ball and more. The aggressive ones are isolated behind bars.

Aunt Angela and  Sandy  spent the Human rights day at an Old Age home. Some of these old people have been abandoned. They are rarely visited by their people. As you grow older, you need to be surrounded with love. The worst are those that have lost their memory.

Aunt Angela took some old music, home cooked food and toiletries. Sandy came with make up and perfume just to make them feel they still got it. The day was well spent with dignity and the elderly begged them to keep coming.   Sandy and aunt Angela agreed to visit twice a month.

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