Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A bumpy ride in the Big Apple - #America the land of all our dreams

By Owomugisha Regina
In the morning I sat next to a gentleman that seemed to have a quiet dignity about him.He pushed himself into the far end of the seat when the bumpy bus threw us together. He said sorry but I told him it wasn't his fault. He Seemed friendly and I asked him where he comes from.Aspen Hill.He said mischievously. I laughed and said no I mean where you were born. He said Russia. 
I asked him about his wife and children and I immediately noticed sad tears beginning to form in his eyes.He replied no I'm not married.I have been here for 40 years waiting for her to change her mind and join me in America. He said she didn't want to come for one reason or other and he refused to give up on her.He didn't want to date outside his nationality. Because he would have to teach the new person how to cook and how to behave around him. 
I pondered on the kind of devotion this man has for the love of his youth..How many people keep a candle burning for the teenage love when they go abroad. I thought to myself this man must be a prince among men.Living a lonely sad life waiting for someone. I asked why after he made enough why he didn't go back to join her or bring her

her .He said oh because everyone and everything changed.Well there is your answer I told him.Everything changes in a blink of an eye.Things change over night .over months.You cannot expect to leave a door open and not think another person will pass through.You cannot leave your home thinking it will be the same after even 5 years.Y
ou cannot leave your village home or city home and expect it to be the sam when you go back.Affections get replaced temporarily and then before one knows it the arrangements become permanent. In the diaspora we all live on Hope Street.I hope he /She will still love me when I go back.I hope my land/plot will still be there when I go back.In the meantime we too change.We live with ourselves and develop selfish habits that build walls around us.
Which walls don't allow sunshine to come in to brighten our days.We don't let in laughter and we rush from point A to point B.Yet we expect others not to change.I am thinking this guy left before social media etc changed the world. I feel sorry for him but I wonder .He too might feel sorry for me because we seem to be in the same boat.My friends children asked her the other day.
Mummy are you coming home or are you waiting to be old over there like the people you take care of?And that's true of most of us.You take care I f people but don't realize that you too are getting old.This man got me thinking.Something has to change so I don't end up with memories of love gone forever.


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