Friday, March 31, 2017

3:16 - #Museveni so loved #Karamoja that he gave his wife #Uganda

This is a story which has taken over Social Media in replacement for #StellaNyanzi who is missing and #BettyNambooze who is in the coolers.

Ugandans have had enough with impunity and people are now totally mocking the regime which is crumbling and eating its own Revolution. One time I watched 2 teenage girls record a message on their phones and re-record it over and over.

It finally got to me. I asked them why they kept recording in different intonations BUT DO YOU USE IT? Finally they asked me, you have a brain, but do you use it?  I was mortified.

"for Museveni so loved karamoja that he gave them his only wife,,,,but look at them,those ungrateful good for nothings"
#Karamoja, the president loves you so much that he even gave you his own wife as a minister - Rosemary Sseninde (junior min primary educ)

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