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#Uganda's #dictator #Museveni cannot arrest an idea whose time has come @rwomchechen

I have always found Janet Kataha an interesting lady for study.
Certainly, there are few wives you would ask to go to exile because you are going to fight and they head to the nearest border.
She did.
She stood by her husband.
She has brought up children. ...she didn’t abort them.
Certainly, she can be a role model for anyone's girl child.
Like anybody else, her dignity ought to be protected.
And certainly, I should fight to secure her dignity.
So why should an assault on her person and dignity excite a huge part of society?
That probably is what Janet Kataha seeks know..
I will try to be brief. ...
The FRONASA and NRA consensus of which she was the liaison contact between Museveni and Wycliffe Kazoora that was epitomised in the NRA High Command collapsed into her family consensus.
Janet and husband ruthlessly ejected the Amama Mbabazi family from the bi NRA family consensus.
Hon Janet remember the NRA had seized the UPC Uganda State and therefore the Janet family fused self and actually became the State.
We now grapple with the vicious State capture by the Museveni Kataha family.
Janet, society sees you in Karamoja as a land grabber for South Africa interests.
The NRA occupation al - Nakba Janet Museveni state has dehumanised the Karamoja people to the extent that they are used as objects to test the efficiency of some military technology on humans. ...Certain things are too difficult to narrate.
Even in Ruhama, you Hon Janet did not move in to rescue the Ruhama people.
Not at all.
Your husband deployed you to dehumanise Augustine Ruzindana precisely because Mr. Ruzindana dissented and joined PAFO (Parliamentary Advocacy Forum). And obviously, you know what your son's Muhoozi. .army the SFC did to brutalise your political opponent.
Who is Augustine Ruzindana. .?
He was one of the founders of FRONASA and was in charge of the guns that attacked Mbarara barracks in the 1972 invasion.
This is the Ruzindana that you have strangled economically that he has to vend bread to survive as you loot Uganda to the bone marrow.
Your extended family having captured the state indulge in all manner of crimes.
Hon Janet, you really want to assert that you have not heard the cries of the survivors of the NRA slaughter in Luwero cry to God because your son Karugire evicted them from their land using SFC soldiers commanded by your son Muhoozi. .?
Your criminal family state capture threatens of what remains of the space for freedom.
I admit that Stella Nyanzi was so vulgar that I could not share her piece.
I really appreciate your pain. ...

But I equally share and understand Stella Nyanzi pain and frustrations when your criminal family state capture stops and impedes her attendance of a conference. ...
Why would you hold that poor woman at Entebbe airport. .?
That is indeed characteristic of your criminal family state. subdue political dissent through economic strangulation. ...
You are doing everything possible to obliterate Amama Mbabazi economically. ..and yet you have a more than four decades shared history.  ..
What do you do to those you don't forgive. .?
Your family NRA occupation al - Nakba threatens our existence.  ..
The doors and windows of opportunity for a conversation, chat and dialogue is firmly shut. ...
Ask yourself why would the actors who killed Kawesi and guards use all those ammunitions. .?
Why all that anger. .?
You think Putin has no wife and children. ..?
Are you seeing them all over Russia. .?
You aver you are a born again unit, what was your daughter doing with Museveni the Nakaima Bacwezi tree in Mubende. ..?
Sincerely, you evict peasants from their land because you have families from Tanzania would want to settle on their land. .?
And draft their children in the army under the Kanyaryeru Doctrine. ...
Most of the Bahima farmers exposed to deadly anti tick poisons now die of silly cancer and this appears deliberate because you want to fence off their land. ..You are barbaric and fascists. ...
Analyse the sectarian military that you constructed fused in your family and how it massacred the Bakonjo people. ....
Who wouldn't want to work and provide for one's children. ..?
Under your Criminal family NRA occupation al - Nakba state there is no equitable access to opportunity. ..
You probably don't know how it feels failing to raise fees. ..who would wish to risk kids on Boda Bodas. ..? We would all crave for Range Rover sport....your family nepotism is a distort.
Those poor people whose business were destroyed to pave way for HAMU and who ever operates under Hamu, won't afford Boda Bodas. ..
The Muslim property taken and you know by who. .....and their sheiks are butchered and you imprison the other sheiks without a fair hearing. ...
The objective situation is you are superior and we the occupied and dominated are inferior.
We are growing in strength to parity and to superiority and you are declining from superiority to parity and finally to inferiority. ..
In our brutal and death war for existence, all weapons against You are justified. ..
We are not bound by rules of morality and you the occupation force won't lecture us on decency. ...
We will set our own rules in a protracted struggle to obliterate you, and rescue our State to our sovereign self.
The only time you should expect us to be humane and you will indeed see us humane is when we take you a prisoner of war.
In this heroic war of self emancipation any brutal assault on you is justified.
Arrest one of us and two more will turn up.  #AprilRevolution


You cannot arrest an idea whose time has come - Peril Of Africa

I have always found Janet Kataha an interesting lady for study. Certainly, there are few wives you would ask to go to exile because you are going to fight and they head to the nearest border. She did. She stood by her husband. She has brought up children. ...she didn't abort them.

#Chinese currency not enticing central banks - #Yuan #Forex

China’s Global Currency Ambitions Falling Flat With Central Banks as the yuan accounted for only 1.1% of foreign-exchange reserves in 2016.
The Chinese yuan accounted for only 1.1% of global foreign-exchange reserves last year, the latest sign that China is meeting resistance in its effort to make the yuan a global currency.
A quarterly report from the International Monetary Fund on Friday showed that central banks held $84.5 billion in yuan reserves in the fourth quarter, the first time the IMF reported central bank holdings of the Chinese currency.
China has been taking steps in recent years to encourage more central banks and other investors to hold the currency, such as providing more details about its currency policies and its own reserve holdings.
An employee counts Chinese five yuan notes at a store in Hong Kong.
An employee counts Chinese five yuan notes at a store in Hong Kong. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG NEWS
The government views broader acceptance of the yuan, also known as the renminbi, as a way to expand China’s global influence. If central bankers boosted their yuan holdings, it could also boost the yuan’s value and ease pressure on China to stabilize the currency using its own reserves. China’s reserve level dipped below $3 trillion in January after the central bank stepped up efforts to defend the currency, though reserves rebounded in February.
The central bank’s limited yuan positions indicate that global policy makers remain cautious toward China. They are worried about Beijing’s tight control over the currency, still-limited transparency in its financial markets and rising debt that many fear is distorting prices. The People’s Bank of China sets the yuan’s value daily and then allows it to trade within a 2% range on either side of the fix.
“China is the second-largest economy and for its currency to only account for 1% of foreign-exchange reserves is very modest,” said Eswar Prasad, a Cornell University professor and the former head of IMF’s China division. “This is certainly not showing a path for the renminbi becoming a world-class reserve currency.”
Investors also worry that Beijing could devalue the currency again, as it did in August 2015, when a surprise 2% devaluation rattled markets around the globe.
“The concern is that you stick a lot of official reserves with a currency that’s overvalued and might be subject to a devaluation at some point,” said Sebastien Galy, a macro strategist at Deutsche Bank .
China achieved an important milestone in October, when the yuan was added to the IMF’s elite basket of reserve currencies that the organization uses to denominate for emergency loans.
Some analysts had expected that decision would lead central banks to boost their holdings in the yuan. The IMF assigned it an 11% weighting in the basket, less than the dollar and euro but ahead of the Japanese yen and British pound.
Based on the size of the Chinese economy, central banks should be holding about 20% of reserves in the yuan, Deutsche Bank said. But the German bank predicted before the release of the IMF numbers that the yuan would make up 1% to 2% of global central-bank reserves.
Allocations to the yuan have been little-changed in recent years. An IMF report estimated that about 1.1% of the official foreign reserves were held in yuan in 2014, though the countries included in that report differed from those in Friday’s data.
The modest central bank holdings are a setback for China after it spent years trying to globalize its markets and economy. As part of those efforts, China has taken steps to open its onshore stock and bond markets to foreign investors and allow its currency to move more in-line with market forces.
Last summer, global index provider MSCI Inc. said it wouldn’t include China’s stocks in its benchmark emerging markets index amid concerns about the market’s openness and transparency.
In recent months, the PBOC has indicated keeping the yuan stable is a priority while the internationalization of the currency remains a medium- to long-term goal.
Another risk is that Chinese assets could be roiled by rising trade tensions. The Trump administration has threatened to name China a currency manipulator and impose tariffs on its goods. President Trump tweeted on Thursday that a meeting scheduled next week with Chinese leader Xi Jinping “will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits.”


#Uganda Govt vowed to defend Ongwen at #ICC @IGPUganda @UPDFSpokesman @DailyMonitor

The following was published by Daily Monitor on January 20, 2015 when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni handed over Dominic Ongwen to the ICC which he one year later called USELESS.
Ugandans need to ask themselves why the United States of America (USA) has called off all the hunting for Kony and LRA!
Parliament. Government is to send a team of defence lawyers for former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander, Maj Gen Dominic Ongwen, when his trial commences at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The Governt referred the LRA case to the ICC in 2003 after Parliament ratified the Rome Statute a year earlier. Ongwen and other top rebel commanders, including their leader Joseph Kony, were indicted in 2005 for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Daily Monitor understands that the Attorney General, Mr Peter Nyombi is working with the acting foreign affairs minister, Mr Okello Oryem to ensure Maj Gen Ongwen, who recently surrendered to American soldiers in Central African Republic gets legal representation. While Mr Nyombi was not readily available for comment, Mr Oryem yesterday confirmed the development at a news conference, where he asserted that the government will assist Ongwen.
“Government will ensure that Ongwen gets the best lawyers available to assist him access fair trial,” Mr Oryem said.
Without offering details, Mr Oryem said 30 lawyers, both local and international, had contacted the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecution and the ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing interest in Ongwen’s case.

Ongwen will have a say in selection
Mr Oryem explained that Ongwen will have lawyers of his choice and that one of the 30 lawyers who have contacted government represented the son of the former Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
When asked to clarify on payment for Ongwen’s lawyers and whether such a decision would not complicate the government petition to ICC, State Minister for Regional Cooperation, Mr Asuman Kiyingi said,“The government is volunteering international lawyers who want to represent him.”

“ICC will decide. Our Attorney General and DPP will be working with the ICC Prosecutor,” Mr Kiyingi said.
However, later Mr Kiyingi sought to absolve government when he said: “The government has nothing to do with international lawyers volunteering [in Ongwen’s case]. It’s pro bono representation.”

Defending government’s decision to help former rebel leader access justice at The Hague, Mr Oryem said Ongwen was abducted while he was still a minor, aged 10, against his will. He explained that Ongwen grew up in the hands of the rebels with no choice but to go by their instructions. However, the minister didn’t explain why the government referred Ongwen to ICC yet he was abducted while he was still a minor.
Talking about the ICC, Mr Oryem said: “It is only fair that ICC recognises that he was recruited as a young boy. 

I am sure ICC is very competent. Ongwen was abducted against his will to engage in these crimes.”
The minister also said that the government would cooperate with the ICC prosecutor if it applies to extend the wishes for cooperation including access and facilitating witnesses from Uganda.
As a victim, as well as a suspected perpetrator of the most serious war crimes against humanity committed in the 21-year-insurgency in northern Uganda, Maj Gen Ongwen, a former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, is currently in the custody of The Hague based ICC.

Victim ready to testify
In a related development, the chairperson of Acholi Parliamentary Group, Mr Reagan Okumu, yesterday paraded at parliament Mr Titus Obali, who he claimed was one of the victims of the war in northern Uganda. Mr Obali, who expressed readiness to travel to The Hague as a witness, alleged Ongwen abducted him and other children at the age of 15. He said he remained in captivity for 10 months, two weeks and two days before he managed to escape. Mr Okumu called for truth-telling and sought to open fresh wounds when he alleged that the ICC investigations into the war crimes in northern Uganda left out the key evidence on the crimes committed by both sides in the conflict. He said he was writing a book containing all the atrocities committed in the north for record purposes.

“The trial of Ongwen is going to open the Pandora box. It’s going to mark the beginning of a truth-telling story detailing how the formerly abducted children in northern Uganda suffered. Ongwen’s trial is a blessing in disguise,” Mr Okumu said.

Mr Okumu, who was speaking for Acholi legislators, said more than 90 per cent of former LRA fighters were innocent children abducted by rebel commander Joseph Kony because the government failed to protect them.
“There should be no controversy, what we want is government to send lawyers to The Hague to defend Ongwen because they failed to protect him. This is why for us we were pushing for dialogue because we never wanted these innocent children to be killed,” Mr Okumu said.

Information Minister Rose Namayanja described Okumu’s claim that the government failed to protect the children as “loose talk.” The minister reminded the MP that Kony did not go to CAR for a picnic, and that he was forced out by the UPDF and that “peace and development has returned to northern Uganda.”
“It’s unfair for Okumu and any other person to say that government failed to protect the children when we lost soldiers in trying to ensure that peace prevails in northern Uganda. We have on many occasions rescued children from DRC, South Sudan and CAR,” Ms Namayanja said.

Describing Ongwen as an innocent person, Okumu said the abducted children who attempted to escape were put on firing squad and others were tortured, and concurred that government should facilitate Ongwen’s defence lawyers.
Ongwen faces seven charges at The Hague and the circumstance of his participation in crimes committed by the LRA could form part of his defence in the coming days. But in the event of his conviction, Amnesty International chief says his abduction at the age of 10 and conscription into the LRA could also be taken into account in sentencing.

Only five Ugandan lawyers fit for ICC

Despite government announcing it will hire lawyers to represent Maj Gen Dominic Ongwen, a former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, Daily Monitor has established that the country has less than five lawyers who have been accredited by the ICC to represent a suspect.

The Ugandan lawyers who have been accredited and are now eligible to practice at the ICC include MacDosman Kabega, Peter Kabatsi, Justice Eva Luswata and John Francis Onyango who is an assistant counsel.

The government yesterday through the junior Foreign Affairs minister Okello Oryem said they had written to the DPP asking for about 30 lawyers to represent Ongwen at the ICC trial that is yet to commence. The minister said some of the lawyers will be hired from outside Uganda including America.

Renowned criminal lawyer Kabega explained that for one to be accredited to be on the list of ICC counsel, one must apply to the court and must have practiced as a lawyer for at least 10 years in his/her country.
He added that the successful applicant must have received an endorsement of good conduct from the Chief Justice, Attorney General or Solicitor General of his/her country.

Mr Kabega further explained that the accredited counsel does not only represent the suspect such as Ongwen but he or she can represent the prosecution and the victims of the atrocities committed by the suspect.
Maj Gen Ongwen is indicted on seven counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity that he committed during the two -decade war in the northern part of the country under Kony’s LRA insurgency.

He was captured on January 3 in the CAR jungles by the largely Muslim Seleka rebels in Kotétroi village, Sam Ouandja province, in the northeastern region of Haute Kotto. The rebels then handed him over to the American troops hunting the LRA in CAR on January 5. He was at the weekend flown to the Hague where he is expected to stand trial.

By Anthony Wesaka


Uganda Govt vowed to defend Ongwen at ICC - Peril Of Africa

The following was published by Daily Monitor on January 20, 2015 when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni handed over Dominic Ongwen to the ICC which he one year later called USELESS. Ugandans need to ask themselves why the United States of America (USA) has called off all the hunting for Kony and LRA!

#Uganda's top university fires outspoken researcher #StellaNyanzi for lack of #Menstruation pads

The following are extracts from Dr. Stella Nyanzi's posts on Facebook.  The most recent was from hrs ago and police have denied arresting and holding her.  Those who follow her on Facebook will likely provide updates via FBzero and WhatsApp.  At the writing of this story 18:50hrs Uganda local time, there is still no word of where Stella is and the police also do not know.


When you hear of my arrest, prepare your most comfortable clothes for you will soon be travelling to my village-home in Kalinga to bury me in the brown earth next to my father. This regime murders its critiques who dare to educate the leopardess about the evil tyranny of her leopard's thirty-one year-old reign of terror. Haven't you heard the scared whispers of wanainchi cautioning me about how the leopardess is the deadlier murderer of the two? If the leopard complained about critics poking his anus, the leopardess must be up in arms because I got burning red hot charcoals and poured them down her anus. When you hear of my arrest, tell the judge assigned to my case that I forgive the injustice with which the trial will be tried. Many judges in Uganda are just and fair. Many others are mercenaries for hire by the leopard, leopardess and leopardists. Even constitutional judges can be intimidated by the leopard's huffing, puffing, stomping and chest pumping. Haven't you witnessed the mis-judgements and de-judgements of even the most serious constitutional court petitions? Tell my lawyers to do their best during my defense against our failed state. But should we lose the case, prepare to bring me brown millet porridge packed in those bourgeios plastic food-flasks that the leopardess instructed poor parents to pack non-existent food for their hungry children. Bring me food to my jail because I will never feed on the poisoned food from the leopards and their leopardists. ================

She with a brain tinier than her narrow vagina dared to forgive me with the big wide twin-producing vagina. I reject her forgiveness. Oyo omulya-mmere yeewanika atya mukulamula omuluuta nsozi? Ye, mma, oyo ow'akamana akazaala omu ku omu, asonyiwa atya Nalongo ow'ennene engazi eyazaala ababiri? Simanya yeeyita mpumumpu? Oba naye yeeyisayo akeeyo mukkookkoowe? Okusonyiwa kwe nkuzize, saagala saggaliko. Did I seek her forgiveness in 2014 when my father, a medical doctor, died from failure to find medicine in a PHC III facility at Kiyumba village? He died that night on the drive to Masaka Hospital in search of one vial of essential medicine. If the Musevenis bought less bullets and tear-gas but more medicines for our public health, my father would be living today. I reject the forgiveness from her tiny vagina and tinier brains. Did I seek her forgiveness in 2015 when my mother, a long time NRM cadre and retrenched social worker, died from failing to get an ambulance to transfer her from our home in Kizungu to Masaka Hospital? She fell down and died as neighbours struggled to find adequate transport to take her to hospital, after learning there was no ambulance for her. If the Musevenis bought less enarmoured Black Mambas and FWD SUVs, less jet fuel and convoy diesel, but more ambulances for our emergency medicine, my mother would be living today. I reject the forgiveness from her tiny vagina and tinier brains. Did I seek her forgiveness in 2016 when my presidential vote for Dr. Kizza Besigye was stolen, our electoral commission was forcibly sodomised, our internet was switched off as if the fools were unaware of VPN technoware, our defiance prayers for the nation were foiled, my president could not breathe, the constitutional court and amicus cureae were aborted, President Besigye's constitutional rights and civil liberties were incessantly abused, and police goons unleashed brutality upon opposition civillians? Did I seek her forgiveness when our streets were militarised by gun-carrying foreign militia and stick-waving crime preventers? I reject the forgiveness from her tiny vagina and tinier brains. Did I seek her forgiveness when gold in Karamoja is mined by armed mercenaries yet Karamajong women and girls sleep on naked streets by night but carry begging bowls in the margins of Kampala city by day? Did I seek her forgiveness when girls sit on piles of dry earth to contain their menstrual flow instead of attending class in manyattas built for UPE and USE? Did I seek her forgiveness when nepotism got her into ministerial posts she is clearly under-qualified to sit in? I reject the forgiveness from her tiny vagina and tinier brains. Did I seek her forgiveness when innocent human beings were murdered and their nude corpses tied in a queu on the ground, and paraded for poring cameras to freeze this ugly part of Uganda's history? Did I seek her forgiveness when numerous Muslim clerics were massacred and murdered in Uganda? Did I seek her forgiveness for the attrocities, murders, bombings, torchings, maiming, displacement and land grabbing in Acholi-land? Did I ask for her forgiveness for the unmarked graves and mass graves of disappeared people tortured in safehouses all over Uganda? Did I ask her forgiveness when Nebanda was found in a septic tank? I reject the forgiveness from her tiny vagina and tinier brains. Go forgive yourself and yours, before you forgive me. I am Nalongo of the big wide loud vagina. You can never forgive me. I reject the forgiveness from your tiny vagina and your tinier brains.

Aw Lawd my Gawd! This woman is totally out of touch with the reality of the masses her family has misgoverned for thirty-one years and still counting. Let's temporarily ignore her foolhardy poopooish heretics of posturing as one with the moral onus to forgive me. But how dare she not understand why I am irked and outraged by the long list of evil rained upon Ugandans by the Musevenis and Musevenists? How dare she project herself as one in touch with the realities of poor masses while simultaneously banging on about her bourgeois food-flasks or her pretentious criticism of using bodabodas to transport school children? How dare she tell misogynist patriarchal lies about the teaching of menstruation hygiene to adolescents? If this woman is genuinely this ignorant, then she is seriously much more foolish than I envisaged. Somebody lend Janet a few brain cells, please, please, please...  SEE VIDEO

 You say that I am vulgar because of my words written and posted on Facebook. What is more vulgar than a president authorising the theft of billions of public money to be paid out to a handful of born-again hypocrites in pious high heels or suffocating neck-ties? What is more vulgar than the UPDF military siphoning gazillions of Uganda shillings under bogus ponzie firms embroiled in scandalous procurement deals? What is more vulgar than churches that take the tithes and offertories of Ugandans whose blood money is made from theft, graft, bribery, embezzlement, corruption, and witchcraft? What is more vulgar than the biting poverty of the masses in the villages juxtaposed with the dripping wealth of the mall-shoppers in the city? You say that I am obscene because of words I deploy in my communication. Who is more obscene than a president who calls himself an arse-hole, a shit-hole, a butt-crack, a rectum, a rectal passage: for indeed that is what an anus is? Who is more obscene than members of parliament whose treacherous votes in parliament are buyable with a few pieces of silver? What is more obscene than the reduction of medical doctors to death singers who diagnose Ugandans with late-stage cancer yet the only cancer-treatment-machine is broken for months and months on end? What is more obscene than UPE and USE? You say that I am insane because of the words that I use publicly. What is as insane as a thirty-one year old government whose potbellied rulers believe that they are running a democracy? What is more insane than the nepotism that places the president, his relatives, in-laws and friends at the helm of every public, political, economic and government unit? What is more insane than the total swindle and associated ruination of all our parastatals, cooperatives, airlines, marketing boards, every collectivising agency? What is more insane than the roguish regime which kills off its critics using undetectable poisons such as Ricin and Arsenic, as well as radioactive ones including Polonium and Uranium?

PART ONE: THE PHONE-CALL "That woman is much more dangerous than her husband, the leopard. She has commissioned your murderers to kill you and leave no trace of your body for your family to mourn over or bury. Be very careful because it is now too late to escape her ruthlessness," the voice at the other end of my telephone said breathily. "But why commission my murder?" I asked. "She does not want to be criticised or challenged. She believes she is holy and untouchable. She kills off anyone who criticises her in public," the voice spoke urgently. "Then she is a coward. Cowards kill off their opponents. We warriors fight to the death in defense of our honour," I said. "Her husband can debate with you, engage you, if you criticise him. But her, she just kills. I am warning you because I believe in what you say," the voice breathed into my earpiece. And then the call was dropped. PART TWO: THE FELLOWSHIP We met to pray for Uganda and read the word of God, as we do every last Wednesday of each month. Twelve middle-class women working in the government, corporate world, and private companies. My prayer-partners cautioned me about being careful not to eat or drink in public in case I get poisoned by Musevenists trying to win favour before the wife. They told me gory details about Nebanda. They laid hands on my head and prayed God's protection over me. PART THREE: THE JOURNALISTS "Be very wise and careful. The minister of state for ethics and integrity in the president's office has just told journalists that he is going to arrest and detain you because you wrote bitterly about Janet Museveni," the Facebook message read. "Did I write anything untrue? I wrote the bitter truth. If she wants me to write sweetly about her, she should be sweet," I messaged back. "Thing is, when minister Lokodo arrests you on behalf of Janet, you will be injected with slow-killing poison. The state bought new poisons that are untraceable when administered in the blood stream. They will poison you," the messenger replied. "Then I should try hard not to get arrested by Lokodo," I messaged back. A few hours later, a friend shared with me a link to an online tabloid reporting that Minister Lokodo has sworn to arrest me. If I get arrested and detained, please remember that credible sources have warned me about my murderers being commissioned by the leopardess. If the murderers kill me, please recite poetry at my vigil instead of praying for me.


She opened her lying mouth and said, "Walk your children to school, I walked four kilometers to and from school when I was a child!" The lazy pig that flew her children in aeroplanes to school looked down her long piggy nose and told us to walk our children to school. Do as I say, not as I do, she says through her lying teeth. She opened her rotten jaws and said, "Do not pile your children on bodaboda motorbikes, but instead buy a car to take them to school!" The big-thighed cow that is driven all over our country in a convoy of motorcades rubbed her thighs and told us to buy cars or else walk. Do as I say, not as I do, she says upon her cellulite-covered thighs. She opened her venomous mandibles and said, "Do not abandon your children to dangerous bodabodamen, but walk them to school!" The poisonous snake is wife to a tyrant who abandoned Uganda's poor citizenry, in preference to thickening the bellies of a few kin. Do as I say, not as my husband does, she hisses venomously. She opened her empty brains and said, "Schools must now open at 08:00AM and close 05:00PM, as well as close over weekends!" The empty-brained leopardess has sat silently for thirty-one years as a whole generation of Ugandans started school at six or seven and ended school at six or seven, sometimes even having night-time preps in boarding schools... she said nadda for thirty-one long years, and now she is nyonyonyoing about school hours! Somebody lend this woman quarter a brain, or some piece of brain. Just, just, just lend her a few brain cells... for she is a certified - approved fool! She opened her long blood-sucking proboscis and dared to tell us that bodabodas are dangerous transport for our children. Huh! We are the bodaboda-generation. Our fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, uncles and nephews grew rich on the Mwaanyi-Zaabala motorbikes that first ferried coffee during the magendo days. Our men reclaimed their manhood through providing for us when they transported contraband goods and criminal merchants on their Bajjaj bodabodas riding through illicit dust-covered routes criss-crossing the country from every inconspicuous border-point. Our boy friends and casual lovers rode bodabodas or hired bodabodas to stealthily come visit us in the wee hours of the night. As women and girls, we have grown up mounting all sorts of bodabodas, spreading out legs wide on top of them, sitting astraddle them, holding tight the waists of bodabodamen and flying up and down the streets, paths and highways of Uganda atop these motorbike. Helmet or not, seat-belt or not, driver's license or not, third party or not, accidents or not, we know, we trust and we love our bodabodas and bodabodamen. Our children can sleep safely while riding on the back of bodabodas. Somebody, please get the first lady a bodabodaman to ride her up and down Rwakitura or Kololo or Entebbe or Nakasero. Somebody tell the Minister of Education that these bodabodamen she disparages are our fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, nephews and uncles - yes even our boy friends, lovers and casual sex partners for a fee! Our children are a lot safer under the care of bodabodamen than they are under the nepotistic family rule entrenched by the Musevenis. How can bodabodamen be more dangerous than a rogue regime whose president appoints his wife as Minister of Education, and wants his son to be future president? Who is more dangerous than the Musevenis today? Somebody teach Janet Kataaha Museveni how to mount a motorbike, spread her thighs wide and sit atop the beastly machine, put her cotton knickers on the bodaboda's seat made of fake leather, hold tight the bodabodaman's sweaty waist and ride all over Uganda as ordinary Ugandans do. We need to educate the Minister of Education. We must renew her brain based on everyday experiences. Aluta continua...


The scavenging vagabonds that work en masse to entrench Museveni's autocracy are vultures eating the rotting carcasses left of Uganda's vitality. Some of these scavengers are the mediocre little boys wearing big pants over their tiny withered balls and carrying arms at the CID Headquarters in Kibuli. D/ASP Bill Ndyamuhaki is one such wanna-be wololo masquerading as an intelligence interrogator specialising in cyber crime investigations. Although he was grilling me alongside his seniors when I was summoned for interrogations about alleged Offensive Communication and Cyber Harrassment, he revealed all the high-charged wrecklessness of unbaked militia. He must be among those bootlickers that later bangled up my cross-border travel to Amsterdam last week by unlawfully putting my names on the 'No Fly List'. So I served them last week with a legal notice to sue if they did not lift my travel ban by Friday of last week - among other things. Oh yes, I did. Afande Billy-boy has been calling my phone number incessantly since last week. Today, he instructed me via phone to go to the CID offices because they "need to talk to me." Imagine the total disregard for professionalism, procedure and protocal. He laughingly called me as though he was asking his regular malaya to take him her vagina for servicing. How dare a police officer paid with public funds casually telephone me about going to the CID offices? Does D/ASP Billy-boy think I am his lover or his relative? I called him out, rebuked him and instructed him to correct his actions by writing proper summons for me to go to a specific office at a particular time and date. Jeez, the total lack of professional ethics!!! Now, the very same police officials, today invited journalists from the state-owned public media houses to Buganda Road Court to witness my handcuffed person being read my charges. Four journalists from Bukedde, and The New Vision newspapers called me several times today to ascertain if I was already at the court. These journalists spent the whole day waiting for a lie told to them by Museveni's vagabond vultures who feed on the carcasses of Uganda's masses killed off by the regime. Shame on you Bill Ndyamuhaki, if indeed this is your name! Shame on the CID for such sloppiness! Shame on you Yoweri Museveni for trying to intimidate me from writing my criticism about your corruption, misrule, nepotism, rape of our constitution, militarising our democrary, neglect of the poor citizenry juxtaposed with fattening you few cahoots: the grand schemes of your autocratic fuckery! Similar to Steve Biko, "I WRITE WHAT I LIKE!" Similar to Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, "MY FREE SPEECH IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!" You will not gag me, billahi! If I have committed a crime, follow due process. Get an arrest warrant, get a charge sheet, get some brains, for crying out loud grow some balls and follow the laid down procedures. If you want me silent, kill me as you killed Nebanda and Kaweesi and all those others. In the mean time, prepare your state attorneys to meet me in court for the unlawful travel ban that you placed on me in my own country! I raise my black fist at you. My war paint sits fresh on my face. Alas, I am reading Steve Biko tonight.

Although I am a mother to millions, there are three children of my womb: Baraka - my daughter, Wasswa - my older twin son, and Kato - my younger twin son. My children keep me grounded because grandiose abstractions neither impress them nor feed their bellies. My children's future keeps me swearing, cursing and shooting bitter words at our evil rulers. Some people ask me how I dare speak the dirty truth to power yet I have children, but I wonder how any sound minded parent can keep silent when the rotten government is eating away the soul of our country - Uganda. These people ask me why I speak sharp bitter vulgar words to describe the Musevenis and Musevenists who rape every orifice of Mother Uganda, but I wonder how any person with a legacy can sugar-coat or soften the harsh reality of this era's corrupt autocratic and nepotistic military regime. I insult the tyrants for I am not barren. Uganda belongs to the children. Museveni will soon be a footnote in history periodicals. His ghost might roam Rwakitura, Nakasero or Entebbe. Musevenists will soon be humus feeding the succulent plants we shall be eating in the liberated Uganda. I will soon be bent with age and irrelevant. But the children... they will live on long after Museveni's name is unknown to an entire generation. My children are tomorrow's world leaders, activists, thinkers, innovators, artists, scribes and critiques. My children will live through the coming liberation and the revolution. And so, I speak the dirty truth to power without fear or favour so that my children will learn to breathe living fire to frozen governments. I take my children to peaceful protests and meetings for civil disobedience so that they learn their civic duty to defy this evil regime. For the children, I refuse your silence, your inertia and your sweet hollow words.


#Trump on #dictators, strength, and freedom - #Uganda

Profesional websites are not dating sites - #Uganda

There is rampant abuse of Social Media globally and not only Uganda as you can see from the scren shot.

The majority of people use the Internet for research, business connections and opportunities.

I have written a lot about how to benefit from Social Media and I still get messages even on LinkedIn like "I want to get to know you".

"I like your picture?  I am single and looking".  Who told you I was looking?

But Facebook and WhatsApp win.

"Hia swiri. Are you married? I like you".  My husband is territorial and my kids read all my messages so I do not like you.

And then when you think you have seen it all, another one strikes. "I want you to give me beautiful kids".

Then some people wonder why Social Media comes with the BLOCK button!

But Uganda even goes further.  My mobile is public.  At 5:00AM the phone buzzes.  I jump out of sleep thinking the alarm went off for me to get up and get Mini ready for school.  Then it is not a call because the old woman is sick or anything like that.  It is a message in my inbox "Good afternoon honie.  Will you meet me at Lido Beach?"

You can see how Things Fall Apart.  First of all, you just woke me up and I was panicking thinking it is a family crisis.  Second, it is frigging morning my time. Third, exactly where is Lido Beach?

My admirer was unhappy that I did not know where Lido Beach. I went into gentle mode and told him that I live in Canada and we do not have Lido Beach anywhere in driving distance.

"You are a mufere.  Just like I thought. You are right here in Uganda.  I wanted to prove that you are a liar.  All your posts and news is about everything in Uganda and you say you live in Canada.  Do you even know where Canada is?"

Your honours, I wrest my case.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Love Google because it will tell you a lot. Since when does one have to be in Uganda to know what is going on in Uganda when we have the Internet?

3:16 - #Museveni so loved #Karamoja that he gave his wife #Uganda

This is a story which has taken over Social Media in replacement for #StellaNyanzi who is missing and #BettyNambooze who is in the coolers.

Ugandans have had enough with impunity and people are now totally mocking the regime which is crumbling and eating its own Revolution. One time I watched 2 teenage girls record a message on their phones and re-record it over and over.

It finally got to me. I asked them why they kept recording in different intonations BUT DO YOU USE IT? Finally they asked me, you have a brain, but do you use it?  I was mortified.

"for Museveni so loved karamoja that he gave them his only wife,,,,but look at them,those ungrateful good for nothings"
#Karamoja, the president loves you so much that he even gave you his own wife as a minister - Rosemary Sseninde (junior min primary educ)

Ruth Nankabirwa, Someo Nsubuga are warned - #Uganda



We the majority of the citizens of this nation, send a strong message to specifically those mentioned above to desist from promoting the removal of age limit from the constitution to extend the people's sufferings by extending dictatorship in our country. The warning also goes to any MPigs who will support such action that be warned of the consequences.

Ugandans have had it and we are ready to use all means to target those supporting this regime individually as the war to remove M7, has intensified to supporters of this regime. The warnings also extend to lower rankings to the RDCs. Kayihura's police reshuffle will not deter us and will not help him as we are determined to go after those that are supporting and maintaining the chronic suffering of our people.

This is no longer a conventional war of liberation but a war of survival. Among those that are on the list of harassment is Dr. Kigunddu for his promotion of dictatorship rule in the country. I call on all those that are opposed to this regime to direct their anger and frustrations to the MPigs because M7 uses them as a vehicle to extend his rule.

These MPigs are not people's representatives but they represent the interests of M7 and his political beliefs and therefore we must go after them, harass them and make them feel the sufferings people go through. Fellow citizens we have a lot of work to do to fight for our freedom. MPigs if you stand in our way, we will come after you.

STOP THE MADNESS! #AprilRevolution

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Open letter to @JanetMuseveni First Lady of #Uganda on #Education

Mayi, mulembe naabi.

This is my first letter to you.  All my letters have always been addressed to Mzee Yoweri Museveni but this time I am writing to you.

Uryena mayi?  Wanyala naabi buli shesi ukhola buli shesi unyala khukhuyeta fesitsana.

It is just after midnight in my time zone.  I just finished helping Natasha with her home work. The topic was Mesopotamia and we had to learn about ancient history (well she had to teach me).  She got to the point of explaining to me about social classes and one thing struck me really hard.  She said something like in the ancient times they had scribes.  Then she proceeded to tell me about the importance of scribes.  Were people unable to write, then we would not know our history.

Were my daughters educated in Uganda, they would attend St. Mary's Namagunga just like I did because that school can teach young ladies to write.  Were they to attend none Kampala schools, they would attend Ntare School and likely be suspended this term like the S3 kids from that school. The girls are not in Uganda and have received all their education in Canada and if that were not to be, they would be attending school in France but they keep asking about their cousins in Uganda.

There is a bit of arrogance for us to say we went to the best schools and our kids are also in the best schools no matter how expensive since us parents will do anything for our kids to get the best education for their future.

What has been bothering me is some of the things you apparently say in media in Uganda.  Do you know that the majority of parents can no longer afford to send their daughters to Namagunga like you did or like my parents did?  Do you even know that not many can send their children to Namugongo primary school like some of our parents did?

Our parents were civil servants.  Their salaries were paid on time.  Their salaries were enough to send us to the best schools in the country and the schools were not terribly expensive.  We got into those schools just based on our grades.  If the salaries were insufficient, our parents sold coffee and managed.  The Uganda we are living in now has little for an average parent.  Cooperatives were killed off and so were the parastatals where most parents worked in order to feed their families and educate their children. I have a list of all the parastatals which were sold or killed.  One example is UPTL which father used to work for and it is no more.  I am a product of Uganda Posts and Telecommunications and naturally I followed in my father's footsteps and went into Technology (ICT).

I never went a day without a meal.  But there was that one time when there was a war to take down Idi Amin.  Our school still managed to feed us 3 meals daily.  Breakfast - chai, no milk or sugar. Lunch - porridge with no milk or sugar.  Supper - one potato. All snacks were the mapere from the nearby woods.  We never went a day without eating. We used to get our water from that pond. No one bothered to tell us that the pond was full of the blood of the Uganda martyrs.  The horror of it!

Now I see you in media telling parents to buy food flasks and pack food for their children.  But how is this possible?  Parents cannot even afford one meal a day for their family.  Do you know that every market or street vendor that is arrested or evicted means families which go hungry?  Then so many many schools in some of the good schools are not in school this term because we put their parents out of work.

The other day you said that parents must walk their kids to school and avoid boda bodas who are dangerous or simply buy cars.  I assure you that I never took a boda boda to school.  I was driven to school and that is what I am doing now with Natasha and her sisters.  But then I look at Uganda, people who have no food, no fees for their kids, no rent and then you make no sense telling them to buy cars and drive their kids to school.  OR walk the kids to school when they are scrambling to go sell something to just have supper for that day!

In our comfort and arrogance, we often forget that people are really suffering.  I would then like to beg for a bit of humility from you.  I promise to also become more humble.  We cannot tell starving families to buy food flasks and buy cars.  We also cannot tell them to walk their kids to school and avoid boda bodas when most boda boda drivers are like family and do care for the kids as if the kids are theirs.  We must also realise that parents do not have much flexibility to walk the kids for 4km to school because they will likely show up late at work and lose their jobs and then the cycle continues.

It is preposterous for us to not think about the majority of Ugandan parents and kids.  I want you to know something.  When I was doing homework with Natasha, she refused to use her iPhone 7 and her laptop to look up Mesopotamia.  Kind of also shocked me.  Till she told me "I am sure you remember this so tell me what you learned and I will draw for you what the scribes said".  I am looking at that kid and thinking she is up to something.  Then "Mom, one thing you need to know is that if there were no writers, you would not have learned about ancient civilization".

Then took off with her phone and hasta la vista!

Mama Janet, the Uganda government makes a very big mistake to silence writers. In fact, it is not a mistake.  It is a very BIG mistake.  Do you want to surround yourself with silent people who tell you that all is okay while they laugh behind your back?  Because that is what is going on right now.  I beg you to take on all challenges full force and be the mother of all of us.  You know you can.  Please, no more castles and high chairs.  Be you as humble as possible.  I will in return stop telling some people that they are IDIOTS but some always have it coming though.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

Open letter toJanet Museveni on Education - Peril Of Africa

Mayi, mulembe naabi. This is my first letter to you. All my letters have always been addressed to Mzee Yoweri Museveni but this time I am writing to you. Uryena mayi? Wanyala naabi buli shesi ukhola buli shesi unyala khukhuyeta fesitsana. It is just after midnight in my time zone.

#Uganda govt makes a big mistake to not realise world pays attention @IGPUganda @PoliceUg

This is a screen print of the page views for today from the blog some of you know about. As you can see, Uganda is in the top ten.  But you should wonder why USA, Russia, UK, France and the other countries are reading the messages on my blog.

You see the problem with our leaders in Uganda is that most do not realise the power of the Internet.  So let them go ahead and gag the media houses.  Let them go ahead and block social media.  Let them go ahead and threaten those who talk.

Welcome to the new reality.  Whatever you say or do is documented and shown to the world.  Now let us work on fixing the broken things in Uganda. I will die for my people. Make no mistake about it.

We will not take any prisoners.  #NeverSurrender because it is #AprilRevolution after you pushed us to the wall.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

#Uganda media is restricted - reason some stories are not told

In November 2016, the world watched as Kasese, the Rwenzururu Kingdom was being bombed to smithereens.  The world watched horrific images and videos.  The world saw pictures. The Uganda government put a ban on all Uganda media on broadcasting what was going on as hundreds of civilians were being killed, burned and thrown into mass graves.  The world will never forget those images.  The images of naked women handcuffed in a line up.
What about the image of all the royal guards who were naked with their hands tied down and dead and lying face down.  Rebels fight.  The people of Rwenzururu and Kasese were not rebels.  The world must not forget the #Kasese #Massacre.  It the world forgets and if Ugandans forget, then we are all accomplices in a genocide.  We ignored the genocide in Northern Uganda.  Likely because many of us had no access to information.  But Kasese happened right in front of our eyes.

Media houses were much too afraid but Ugandans told the world that a slaughter was going on.  None of our opposition leaders or religious leaders spoke for the people of Kasese.  This goes to tell us that we do not need politicians or religious leaders to tell the world about our suffering.  We can do it ourselves.
Below is one article which was published in a govt red rug of some sort.

UCC Moves To Ban Media Houses Over Kasese Massacre Coverage
By Serestino Tusingwire
Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has warned the media against broadcasting issues of Kasese crisis and trial of incarcerated Rwenzururu cultural leader, Charles Wesley Mumbere.
In a press statement released on Tuesday evening, UCC said that media houses must always ensure that the programs are always in line with minimum broadcasting standards enshrined in section 31 on Uganda communications act 2013.
“Any broadcasting of matters in courts of law must be done in such away as not to prejudice the rights of suspects and the victims or otherwise compromise the court process.”
UCC however noted that the way many sections of the media have been reporting these issues directly prejudice the victims and the suspects.
It’s from this point therefore that UCC issued a directive aimed at refraining media from airing any programs regarding the Kasese incident and prosecution of Omusinga Mumbere.
Since November 28, Kasese clashes have been on everyone’s lips blaming security for mercilessly gunning down over 100 people and arresting over 139 including the King who is currently battling murder charges.
RED PEPPER will never be intimidated. It is a news site that just arrived on the Uganda scene. The people shall tell their stories. The world will know.  No turning back.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Editor and Contributor, Peril of Africa

Uganda media is restricted - reason some stories are not told - Peril Of Africa

In November 2016, the world watched as Kasese, the Rwenzururu Kingdom was being bombed to smithereens. The world watched horrific images and videos. The world saw pictures. The Uganda government put a ban on all Uganda media on broadcasting what was going on as hundreds of civilians were being killed, burned and thrown into mass graves.

#Uganda govt made #Kasese massacre relatives beg for bodies of their relatives

#Uganda politics goes AWOL over menstruation! #Stella vs. #Kataha Pads

One time when we were living in Toronto, my beloved sister from Sri Lanka and her family invited us over for cake.  I asked her whose birthday it was. "It is no birthday.  Tabitha is now a big girl and we want to celebrate it".
When we walked over, I looked at this skinny girl Tabitha and wondered why she was suddenly a big girl.
The mother proceeds to tell all of us that Tabitha had become a woman and seen the moon.  OMG.  This could not be possible.  A culture which celebrates a girl going into menstruation.  I then looked at our little girls and knew what would become of them.
You see, if you do not understand why Dr. Stella Nyanzi is fighting for pads for Ugandan kids, you need to know how Ugandan parents raise their kids.
Our family invented sticky notes on the fridge before yellow sticky notes were invented.  We always had to write a list of everything Mzee had to buy on his way home from work.  And he always bought everything on the list.
Then one day it happened.  He calls from work demanding to talk to Leah.  I go to the phone and he is half barking and this is a man who could never raise his voice except when talking to me because I always had it coming.  "Leah Makhame, what is that last item on the list?".  Always be scared when your parents call you by both names.
Father, I need sanitary pads. I think my period has come.  SILENCE.  He then says "Let me call Tabitha at campus (Makerere) to be sure.  I was then thinking "oh this is great because at least my sister will tell him to buy those things because I think she will even tell me how to use them".  So I waited for him to drive to Makerere and take my sister to Wandegeya and buy for me what I absolutely needed.
For about 3 months, I was having a lot of stomach pains.  I told everyone that my belly ached.  No one paid attention.  But one time my sister asked me to explain and show where it hurt and said she did not think it was from me eating green mangoes (which was always the cause of my stomach pains).  I explained that the pain was in my lower abdomen and the back but mostly in between both locations and I promised not to eat any more green mangoes.  AND I had not eaten any.  So this call of why I was suddenly in pain was already noticed by the family doctor.  Epigastric pains are not like the menstruation pains.  I know.  They are like child labour.
Hope against all hope, mzee did not drive to Makerere to get my sister Tabitha.  On his way from work, he stopped in Nakawa and came home with a box of pads.  We were living in Mbuya then and with no mothers but the good thing the pack had instructions and that is how it all ended up well.  For some reason, he even gave me aspirin.
As the gods would have it, this silliness came monthly.  Sometimes mzee lost track and used to write a note "WHEN?".
I now look at Ugandans who make jokes about Stella and her pads for all girls and wonder how they cannot understand this. I only got my period when I was 16yrs old and in secondary school (yeah, late bloomer).  Kids now get periods as young as age 9 and then have to suffer the shame of not having the necessary to deal with it.  And then a full president is aware of the problems of why girls drop out of school, promises them pads and then buys bullet proof things and CCTV cameras instead of the basic things to keep the girls in school.
Do you think that Mama Janet Kataha Museveni would send her daughters to St. Mary's Namagunga without pads?  But what if she was like my mothers in the village who could not afford it?  What if father could not afford them pads?  Then I would also be joining Stella's campaign to supply pads for all the girls in Uganda!
Fast forward.  Our youngest daughter is a little monster in her own way.  She wrote on the fridge note "Dad, please buy pads.  Also, buy a lot of them.  We are all getting our periods".  It was a humbling moment when their dad returned home with 4 packs of pads.  He will live to tell this story.  He was in the line up with all the pads at the cash out. Some guy asked him why he had all those things.  His reply "try to have 4 daughters and a mother and you will know why I am buying them!". 
It is not so much that women tend to marry the men who most remind them of their father and men marry women who most remind them of their mothers.  It is rather because when men do not accept the fact that women suffer 4-7 days a month and the least you can do is buy them chocolate and dot all over them, then God will punish you and give you only daughters.  The men who marry women who remind them of their mothers are also looking for that loving woman like their mother and then they will treat her like the mom who raised them.
All Ugandans need to join Dr. Stella Nyanzi in her drive to put the pads in every classroom.  Maybe some of you are already there but be assured that the reason why the Pad Revolution is overtaking the #AprilRevolution is because the need is much more urgent.
The First Lady will join this campaign because Stella has now revealed the truth which always wins. 
#AprilRevolution #YesWeCan

What is the big deal with menstruation and Stella's pads? - Peril Of Africa

One time when we were living in Toronto, my beloved sister from Sri Lanka and her family invited us over for cake. I asked her whose birthday it was. "It is no birthday. Tabitha is now a big girl and we want to celebrate it".

#Uganda's @IGPUganda #Kayihura sacks all his aides

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura has dropped all his personal assistants. 

This is contained in a message from the director human resources, Moses Balimwoyo, dispatched to all police units this morning. The changes take immediate effect. In the message, Kayihura sends back all his personal assistants to the human resource directorate to be included on the training schedule for the intermediate command course and fresh deployments.
One of those affected by the reshuffle is Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Jonathan Baroza, Kayihura's right hand man. Baroza's promotion from Superintendent of Police to Assistant Commissioner of Police in January 2016 raised eyebrows.

He has also been under the spotlight on numerous occasions for undermining directors and other senior police commanders. Kayihura has lined up Baroza for the intermediate command course and replaced him with Commissioner of Police (CP) Abraham Sagal as his personal assistant. 

Sagal has been working in the Directorate of Interpol and International Relations. Also affected by the reshuffle is Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Immaculate Musimenta, a junior assistant to Kayihura. Musimenta has also been referred to the human resource directorate pending training.

ASPs David Sembera and Ambrose Rwanyonga also move from Kayihura's office to the finance department and training respectively. ASP Emmanuel Ochamringa, the former head of the security of the IGP who was moved in November to supervise construction at police headquarters, has also been kicked out and is awaiting deployment.
The changes have also affected SP Isaiah Igumira, the ADC to the prime minister. He has also been sent back for redeployment. Apart from Baroza's position that has been filled, no appointment has been made for the others.

The reshuffles come almost two weeks after the brutal murder of Andrew Felix Kasweesi, the former police spokesperson, his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver, Godfrey Mambewa.

The trio was gunned down on March 17 by unidentified assailants riding on motorcycles minutes after Kaweesi left his home in Kulambiro, a city suburb. At the vigil, President Yoweri Museveni told mourners that the police had been infiltrated by criminals. He asked Kayihura to “clean up” police.


Police boss Kayihura drops all aides

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura has dropped all his personal assistants. This is contained in a message from the director human resources, Moses Balimwoyo, dispatched to all police units this morning. The changes take immediate effect.