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#Uganda's #Museveni continues #OperationWealthCreation comedy - appoints Kyabazinga to supervise duma nebidandali

SOMEONE BETTER STOP THOSE BASOGA!  One wants a helicopter. Another complains that NRM leadership ruined NRM. The other still cries for not winning AU Chair and recently one that was dining and whining with Museveni in Rome is begging for M7 to give her a job after actually even winning an election re-run.  WHATEVER, I suppose your king is better at herding goats than serving in State House.  Mwali temuyagala agwe mukintu namwe. Temuwakana! WAIT, where is the other Butabika case mbu tata onelabidde? These geniuses should each give sh. 5m of their own money into the King's fund so that him too can afford a private jet.  Twakoowa dda.

Growing pressure and opposition from Basoga elders and politicians to the appointment of their Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope as ambassador for special duties persuaded President Museveni to change the king’s job to that of president’s special envoy in Busoga sub-region.
In interviews at the weekend, sources said the new job was agreed upon in a meeting between President Museveni and Busoga kingdom elders, two days after celebrations to mark 78 years of the Kyabazingaship.
Gabula’s new role was meant to insulate him from parliament’s vetting process, which was a requirement of his first ambassadorial appointment. Sources said that in the meeting, elders gave Museveni two options, “you [president] either leave Gabula a Kyabazinga or you make him an ambassador and get us another Kyabazinga.”
The president relented and changed the appointment. Sources told us that the catch in Gabula’s new appointment is that certain government programmes in his kingdom, such as Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), will be under his royal supervision. OWC is now the government’s flagship programme to lift people out of poverty through agriculture.
The national programme, set to be allocated Shs 2 trillion next financial year, is headed by Gen Salim Saleh, the president’s younger brother. It is run largely by the UPDF.
It is not so clear how Gabula will go about his duties or how much latitude he will have. But sources said coordinators of OWC in Busoga, who are largely soldiers, will now be expected to give him regular briefs on the progress of the programme.
Under the OWC, Busoga sub region is supposed to receive seedlings of tea, coffee and fruits. According to our sources, to carry out his task, Gabula will also be given “special facilitation” that will include fuel and hefty allowances.
Working out of the kingdom headquarters in Bugembe, he will thus be able to tour Busoga and mobilize his people for development. Yet some Basoga elders are fearful that should the programme be mismanaged or perform poorly in the sub-region, Gabula’s reputation could be sullied.
Don Wanyama, the senior presidential press secretary, told The Observer on Saturday that he was not so familiar with Gabula’s job description. He, however, said that Gabula in his new role, would be at the forefront of “transforming Busoga socially and economically.”
Wanyama said the Kyabazinga shall be given his instruments of appointment by the Public Service Commission. Efforts to talk to top Busoga officials were futile. But Andrew Ntange, the kingdom spokesperson, told Daily Monitor last week that Kyabazinga had been reappointed on new terms.

We reported last week that President Museveni decided to give Gabula a job after it became clear that the kingdom had failed to marshal funds to look after him.
In a meeting with Museveni prior to the appointment of Gabula, kingdom officials pointed out that a fund set up to look after the king ran short on contributions because some prominent people from the sub-region reneged on their promises to contribute monthly towards the Kyabazinga’s upkeep.
We also reported that in one of the meetings, kingdom premier Joseph Muvawala said the Shs 5 million paid to cultural leaders per month by government is insufficient for Gabula. This left the kingdom with little choice but to seek formal employment for their leader from the state.
Sources told us that the president was shocked but not surprised to learn of Gabula’s predicament. According to sources, Museveni promised to find “something for the king” and he did when he appointed Gabula as an ambassador in charge of special duties last month.
This, however, would mean that Gabula had to be vetted by parliament. The vetting, some elders from Busoga, said would lower his status hence the change in nature of appointment.
Writing on his Facebook page last week, Prof Waswa Balunywa, a prominent Busoga elder, said as long as the kingdom remained poor, the Kyabazinga would always be at the mercy of politicians.
“Busoga has a 29-year old Kyabazinga who has a great future ahead of him…the Basoga definitely have no resources to support him. The Basoga then must find a compromise – the kyabazingaship must be transformed. The compromise must be able to uphold the values and traditions of Busoga while having a modern young Kyabazinga,” he wrote.
Kyabazinga to supervise wealth creation in Busoga

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