Monday, February 27, 2017

#Uganda political prisoners of #Museveni face daily torture

Uganda and the world must not forget Ugandan prisoners who are persecuted by Dictator Museveni to divert attention from his own illegalities.

[By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 28/02/2017]

The East African country of Uganda, thanks to Mr Yoweri Museveni, is now perceived by many to be one of the worst nations on earth when it comes to the preservation and respect of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Today, Ugandan prisons are congested with thousands of innocent citizens, who have been victimised by Museveni for no other reason than pure egotistical political expedience as well as the need to divert attention from Museveni’s own criminalities and illegalities.

One notable case in mind is that of six young Ugandan citizens, who have been innocently incarcerated at Dictator Museveni’s pleasure, having been falsely accused of plotting a coup against the repressive regime.

At the time of their arrest in 2013, four of the young patriots – Frank Ninsiima, James Nayebare, Moses Nuwagaba and Abel Twinamasiko, were aides to General David Sejusa, who was the Coordinator of the country’s Intelligence Services, before going into exile in the United Kingdom after he penned a letter warning Ugandans about what became known as ‘Project Muhoozi’. In the letter General Sejusa exposed a secret plan by Museveni to make his son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba President of Uganda and to assassinate senior army and government officials opposed to the project. The remaining two detainees - Grace Nasasira and Geoffrey Karuhanga, were members of the Special Forces Command, headed by Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba.

General Sejusa is currently the Chairman of the pro-democracy group Free Uganda, and has himself experienced incessant harassment, even illegal detentions in military as well as civilian prison facilities, since he returned to Uganda in December 2014.

Incredibly, the six Ugandan youths named above were grossly tormented and persecuted, as a result of being kept behind bars for over 3 years without access to a fair judicial process, in clear violation of their constitutional rights. In July 2016, they were supposedly found guilty by Museveni’s Kangaroo military tribunal chaired by the late Lt. General Andrew Gutti.

It is against this background that Free Uganda, the Ugandan pro-democracy platform founded by General David Sejusa, is asking Ugandans and the whole world to remember these innocent Ugandan youths, as well as thousands of other Ugandan political prisoners, who continue to be persecuted and dehumanised by Dictator Yoweri Museveni without recourse to proper judicial processes or any protection under established national and international laws.

Free Uganda calls upon the Museveni dictatorship to uphold the rule of law and release these innocent Ugandan citizens immediately and unconditionally. These Ugandan patriots have committed no crimes and do not deserve to suffer such inhumane and atrocious treatment, more so as a result of what can only be characterized as Kangaroo justice exercised, in such arbitrary manner, by what are evidently stage-managed Kangaroo courts which are known to operate and met out unwarranted decisions, including death penalties, at the behest and on the explicit ‘Orders from Above’ a euphemism for ‘Museveni’s Personal Commands’.

Free Uganda also calls upon Ugandans and the international community to fight for the freedom of other Ugandan citizens who are similarly incarcerated on orders of Mr Yoweri Museveni in far-away lands, for example the prolific pro-democracy activist Sam Mugumya who remains in illegal captivity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Sam Mugumya, who continues to languish in a notorious military prison in Kinshasa, is reported to have been kidnapped from Uganda by Museveni agents and taken to the DRC, where he was falsely accused of being a rebel fighter. Sam has suffered from mental and physical torture, besides being denied access to fair trial, proper nutrition and even medical care. No legal representation has been provided to him, and his relatives are not allowed to visit him in his Congolese prison cells.

If there is anyone who is guilty of high criminality and inexcusable anti-people practices, it is dictator Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

It is Museveni who has overseen the collapse of the rule of law and the dismantling of the social cohesion of the Ugandan nation, while applying brute force and treasonous repression against an entire population.

It is Museveni who has committed innumerable genocides in Northern Uganda, Southern Uganda, Western Uganda and all across the Great Lakes region. The recent genocide against the innocent subjects of Rwenzururu Kingdom in Western Uganda is clear testament of Museveni’s crimes against humanity.

And yet, today, a large number of innocent Ugandans remain behind bars, condemned by Museveni to live in captivity for the primary purpose of diverting attention from his own decades-long criminalities and illegalities.

If there is anyone to be held accountable for gross human rights violations and incalculable crimes against humanity, it is Mr Yoweri Museveni, and sooner or later he surely will be.

The Struggle continues.


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