Monday, February 20, 2017

Teacher kills his employee in #Uganda - impunity of the highest order will kick in

Police is holding Wilberforce Ndawula (25), a teacher of El Shadai Primary School in Byokya village, Kibanda Sub County, for allegedly killing his 50-yr-old farm employee.
It is said that Ndawula led a mob that pounced on Luboobi and lynched him, accusing him of allegedly stealing 10kilograms of beans, 2 saucepans and 2 hoes from his house.
Eyewitnesses said the mob punched Luboobi while others kicked him for the alleged crime.
Before the incident, Ndawula returned home and found some of his household items missing. His neighbours said they had seen Luboobi around the house in Ndawula’s absence.
Eyewitnesses said Ndawula stormed a local bar with the mob, dragged Luboobi out and started beating him without explanation.
They added that his plea for innocence fell on deaf ears as they continued flogging him.
Luboobi has been tending to Ndawula’s farm which has poultry and piggery among others for over two years.
In his statement to Police, Ndawula said Luboobi slipped and fell since he was under the influence of alcohol and that is what led to his death.
The Rakai DPC Hashim Kasinga, confirmed Ndawula’s arrest adding that file no. RKI CRB142/17 was opened up against him. He added that he will be produced in court on charges of murder.
According to Kasinga, Police is collaborating with community leaders and residents in a bid to curtail such crimes in the district.
“We need to collaborate with a few residents who tend to know these wrong doers so that this hooliganism is eliminated in the area” Kasinga said.
He added that they are organising massive community policing to educate people about their roles and responsibilities in fighting crime.
Kasinga further attributed the increasing crimes to divisions and among different tribes in the district.
Luboobi becomes the 12th victim in a series of grisly incidents mainly murder, arson and mob justice Rakai has experienced since January.
Affected communities include Kyotera Town Council, Kasaali, Lwanda-Kooki, Kabira, Kakuuto and Kasensero in Kyebe Sub County.
Rakai teacher held over murder

Do you see?  It started with some guy in Western Uganda who killed his farm worker over a sheep which had escaped. Mbu he stole it. He beat the young man then tied him up on his car and dragged him in the mud while everyone looked and the young man died. THAT file vanished.  But guess what, the sheep returned baaa baaa baaa, the next day.  It had just wandered off and the rich man could not stand the fact that the poor young worker was telling the truth.  
AND so what if he could have stolen the sheep, might that not have been blamed on poor pay?  I had some guy tell me he pays his workers sh. 5000 per month.  I was stunned.  Then he told me actually that is really good money because he gives lunch.  You should see the shoes this guy wears. OMG, Ugandans are heartless.
Soon after that, Desh beat his employee to death while everyone looked. THAT file vanished and the young man's dad had to go to lengths to get the case re-opened. Then we had Chameleon beat up and burn Karamagi to death.  That file vanished. 
Then we had Aaron Baguma watch the beating up and killing of Katushabe. That file is in gayena. Well, where is it and where is Aaron?  Outside the country for training or in Luzira or Kigozi?
We have had soldiers and police shoot and kill people and those files vanished.
We had a businessman make his employee drink acid to death last week.  THAT file is gonna vanish. 
Now you have a cannibal in Rakai kill his farm worker (50yrs old, the age of his father), imagine the elder  was really working for his son. The desperation we put our parents through. Likely this man has a wife, kids and school fees. He is dead now. The file will also vanish.  IF UGANDANS DO NOT STAND UP NOW, Wacha, they will come for yours next.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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