Monday, February 27, 2017

#Music #Parenting - #Uganda #Watoto Children's Choir coming to Moncton and Shediac #NB411

Hot off the press, the Watoto kids will be in Moncton in New Brunswick.  What is even more awesome is they will be in Shediac too (a town outside of Moncton).

These kids tour all over the world.  We used to catch their performances when our family lived in Toronto which gets all the international performances.

When we were transferred to New Brunswick, we missed Toronto a lot for the arts.  However, we ended up seeing these kids in Moncton.  The fact that they will be in our local small town Shediac is nothing short of Thank you.

They will be performing at the Shediac Bay Community Church.  This church is close to our home church, The Anglican Parish of Shediac (St. Martin in the Woods).

There is something about the Shediac Bay Community Church that is different from all our churches.  They run Youth programs every Wednesday and get so many kids from Shediac Cape School (elementary English school) and the French school.  Our little one loves it and we no longer have to drive to the Wesleyan Church in Moncton for the Youth programs.  This church is right up all the alley for kids who want to learn about Jesus in a fun environment.  The pastors are to die for.

This is going to be phenomenal right in our backyard.  The kids will love to be there.  Wednesdays are usually for homework but the Shediac Bay Community Church does something with kids that your kids demand that you drive them to the youth program.

This song Wii Polo is close to my heart.  It is in Acholi (one of the languages in Uganda, Northern Uganda where millions died in a genocide via dicatator Museveni).  Oh yes, we will be dancing and singing in the house of the Lord. Our community has some immigrants but they will now see Uganda.

Wherever you are, Watoto Choir likely tours there.  Watoto was started by a Canadian and he set up schools and churches in Uganda and he is an amazing white man (muzungu) from Victoria British Columbia Canada.  What Canada touches turns into Gold.  Google about Watoto Uganda and you will see the power of God and the love of Canada for serving wherever they go.

It happens in Shediac this Saturday March 4, 2017.  Hallelujah!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada (more like Shediac since Scoudouc pays taxes to Shediac).

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