Friday, December 30, 2016

#Ugandans lack Critical Thinking, Enotional Intelligence hence #MuseveniPakalast

In 2014 Andrew Mwenda wrote a piece in his rug called UGANDA UNIVERSITIES NEED TO OFFFER COURSES IN CRITICAL THINKING. As usual Ugandans jumped all over him. He had actually written that piece after the arrogant illiterate Makerere university students had chased Frank Gasumba and his daughter out of the Ivory Tower because the Gashumbas did not have a degree from MUK. He called them a bunch of wild dogs on campus. Three weeks later they proved him right and stoned their own, David Ojok to death. Then bragged about it on Facebook with the pictures.

But these future thugs and thieves of the regime blasted Mwenda that Ofxord, Havard, Cambridge, MIT do not teach critical thinking so why should Ugandans have to learn it?


How can someone set up a political discussion group and you, a full university graduate post in it PICK A NUMBER FOR LOVE or the other day a full FDC secretary general for one of the districts posted in another current affairs group JUMPING DANCING SINGING BOOBS?

Many of our graduates and leaders lack Critical Thinking. They lack Emotional Intelligence (EQ) The ability to put yourself in others' shoes and empathise with their feelings.

Lack of EQ is why:

Kids stone their fellow students and brag about it without realising all the parents are in shock about the barbarism displayed and we all mourn when a child dies.

It is why the Kanyamunyus laughed and gave high five when the murder charges were read out.

It is why Winnie Byanyima rushed to issue a statement on Akena's death and threw all of us in shock. Also the reason why Kagina made a very big mistake and defended Kanyamunyu.

The same is why Museveni massacred people in Kasese right after A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE had been airing showing how he slaughted millions in Acholi.

It is the reason why a LoP is seen smiling admiringly at the man who had just killed her people. It is also the reason why some of you defend that massacre.

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman.  Read that book and you will understand why 16 clerics get gunned down and no one cares.  Because you lack empathy. You are next!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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