Monday, December 26, 2016

#Uganda Kampala vendors default on payments to @KCCAUG

There was drama in the weekly Kampala open market this morning when Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA officers showed up to collect dues from vendors.

The Sunday market operates along Luwum Street, which is closed to traffic on Sunday to allow the vendors to sell their merchandise. 

This morning, KCCA officers turned to collect Shillings 11,000 from each vendor as market dues in vain. The vendors protest the move, saying they hadn't sold anything the market is empty because of Christmas festivities.

Muhammad Lutwama, a shoe vendor told the officers that he arrived in the market at 6:00am but he had even raised the money to pay the dues.

//Cue in: "Kakati nakedde wano…

Cue out:…lisa abantu ewakka"//

Michael Mawanda, another vendor says the Authority should spare them on a day like Christmas where the sales are very low. 

//Cue in: "Business yandi baddewo…

Cue out:…tu tudde yadde"//

Emmason Tebusweke, another vendor told URN that he had only sold  Shillings 20,500 since he arrived in the market in the morning. A KCCA official who declined to identify himself, said since the vendors were complaining of poor sales, they will return later to collect the dues. 

He says whereas the vendors expect pity from them, their job is to collect the dues on behalf of the Authority.  

Jane Katali, a vegetable vendor in Kamwokya says she only wanted to sell until midday and go back to prepare meals for her family but this happen. 

Katali URN that she had failed to attract buyers of her vegetables, which made her stay a little longer in the market since she needs the cash. The problem of low sales was not limited to the vendors. 

Haji Ismail Mulesa, a butcher in Bokoto market told URN that this year's sales are not as expected. According to Mulesa, they expected to double their sales because of the festive season but this wasn't the case.

//Cue in: "Tetambudde bulungi kubanga…

Cue ou: …olunaku telugenze bulungi"//

 Nathan Sabiti, a milk vendor also told URN that he wasn't sure he will meet his targeted sales as he had only sold 200 liters by midday on Christmas. According to Sabiti, on normal days he sells between 400 to700 liters of milk.

//Cue in:  "Siwe kyandi bade…

Cue out: bakugamba Omusana mungi"//


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