Saturday, December 31, 2016

The People vs. Rwabogo - Bluetaski punches for #Uganda

By Marverik Blustarik

Edwin Karugire is an alumni of King's College Budo and a very highly cerebral fellow. He keeps with in his small circle of friends since high school and little is known about him. He can write long winding articles in defense of his in-laws if he chose too. But he just won't. He is royalty. He only goes to win court battles of course against every stolen election his father in-law is supposed to win anyway whether, he Karugire was in court or not. And a lot of money is made now in these court rituals.

I don't know the other fellow called Kamuntu. Like their brother in-law these have chosen to keep quiet because they know they are out numbered and will be out-shouted anyway for all the right reasons.

BUT Rwabwogo appears to stir a lot of public rage trying to do small PR jobs meant for Andrew Mwenda. He is starting to appear a very quarrelsome Prince. Why quarrel with everyone including palace cooks? That's a problem of bringing everyone into royalty from no where. The soldier brothers in-law(many of them by the way)  know a thing or two about keeping quiet. Yes, those politico-military marriages. No one will ever know whether any of them can write or not without guidance by keeping quiet. They just wear their military uniform , gun slung on hip and swag by ordering the ELWELUS of this world to execute peasants just like that. On the face of it; the peasant   ELWELUS are the murderers of defiant peasants to ease pressure from the monarch. But hey, why shout with peasants when you have their fellows peasants in the ELWELUS and all these people for hire do the dirty work?

There are many peasants like ELWELU who will never know they are peasants by the way when slaying fellow peasants on behalf of the monarch.

There is no chance therefore, Rwabwogo can be a successful advocate of the royal family unless he becomes a mukoopi by divorce. These are jobs for people like Andrew Mwenda, Simon Kaheru, Rwakakamba Morrison, Hussein Kashillingi and many other young people dying to find some work for a livelihood in a sea of deprivation and joblessness.

A Prince cannot be involved in village bar fights with the King's unruly and riotous subjects angry over taxation , coffee wilt disease, corruption,syphillis epidemics, assassinations and land grabbing;all those vices of rulers of Chiefdoms.

Like all the other members of the "monarch", you eat quietly, arm yourselves and let others do the spinning and pray your poor angry subjects one day don't wake up on your door step seething through their dirty teeth with anger. This is how thing work. Like the Roman Empire collapsed, all these things come down to one thing. They come to an end.

Rwabwogo cannot be an objective arbiter of those angry with his family.

Kabulasoke elders counsel members of the monarch

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