Friday, December 30, 2016

Some #Canadians felt offended when @Kevinearytv said he could run for leadership for the CP party

Yes Kevin is arrogant. And as arrogant as they come.

But how fast you forget.

Paul Martin was a business man.

Kim Cambell blew it when her team blew our TV screens up mocking Jean Chretien because of his face. A stroke leaves signs.

We all rallied behind Chretien and he became one of our best Prime ministers and appointed Campbell as our ambassador to US. Do you remember he told Clinton that there was no way he would send our people to Iraq.

But you also forget that our current PM is a drama teacher.

So Kevin could lead this country.

But in case you missed the memo the upcoming preaident of US is a business man.

So we need to chillax. Kevin can run this country too.

People get mad at what he says on Dragon Den and Shark Tank but never judge a book by the cover. Self made billionaires will not rip off tax payers like cattle keepers.

So I endorse Kevin O'Leary for next Prime Minister of Canada.  Remember I do not need a job.  We need our people working.

Did you know that he did something with education and span it off. Our education will be super.


Martha Leah Nangalama
Not all businessmen are blood suckers. Ask Gates or Jobbs.

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