Monday, December 26, 2016

#Soccer -POST MATCH ANALYSIS Dec. 26, 2016

De Gea absolutely top notch. Great saves and could have done nothing to stop Borini's shot.

Why do we have a Rw position, Valencia covers the whole right like it's nothing. Jones and Rojo are building up something and it's difficult for Smalling and Bailly to get back in starting XI. Blind lacks the physique to play at the back but his overlapping runs, interceptions and passing is on point.

Carrick Herrera Pogba are definitely the midfield we need. The stability and passing between them is second to none. I can finally say that the problem of creating chances by the midfield that has been there for a couple of seasons has gone.
Lingard has a normal game. Work rate is great, always on the go but lacks the creativity.

Mata had a good one too, distributing the passes to the wide players, creating chances in pockets of space. Mkhitaryan is a gem of a player. Who cares about offside when the goal is that good but it 1 man stole the show today, ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC.

He may not be the quickest but the way he holds the ball and creates chances for others is phenomenal. He has his moments when he takes a bad touch or misses a 1 on 1 but he compensates it in some other way.

The one thing I like about Blind/Shaw ( a left footed player) playing ab Lb is it gives us an option of making overlapping runs and crossing becomes easy and precise which gives us a dynamic style of play.

We might cross the ball from left or make overlapping runs and on the other side we have Valencia who has a completely different style of play. Two different styles of play from 2 sides is difficult to deal for the defenders of the opposition.

We host Middlesbrough next at Home. On we go.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente

In Mourinho I trust.
26th December, 2016

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