Friday, December 30, 2016

#Parenting - For all the men who raise children, thank you

Strong men raise strong kids.

One time when I was very young, mzee drove for 8hrs from Nairobi to Bududa.

The mother had left that morning and we had not eaten because even the maid had run away.

After he packed his Peugout, he headed straight to the kitchen ans lit a fire.

The whole village knew that Nangalama had arrrived so when they arrived to greet him, he was making ugali to feed his kids. To this day our entire talks about it.  How could a grown man be cooling for his kids instead of just getting them another mother.

He told them all that he was not gonna to chase a woman so she could cook for his kids while they served.  He went ahead and made that posho and sukuma and fed us. Also made milk tea while others were wondering why the village chief was cooking.

Mother returned later and he insistituted a policy that we must all learn to cook. Boys and girls..

My brothers cook very well.  All chores were always shared.

Then he was not yet done. "Daughters, do not marry a man who cannot cook".

Much later I had to fly to Los Angeles for company work.  The dance recitals for the girls were going on while I was away.

Thierry dressed his 2 little daughters in tootoos and took them.

By this time he had gotten used to being the dad in charge. I was flying away a lot.

Then that decision had to be made. Thierry quit his job to raise his kids as I loved my job a lot.

Being a French trained Gold seal chef, he cooked and taught them to cook and bake from an early age.

People from France are also versatile. He taught his kids how to change oil on the cars, tires, paint and carpentry. They do not only drive cars but drive tractors.

He is Maths inclined and sports so he has been driving them to all sports and music competitions..

Me being a Ugandan where girls are conaigned for early marriages and nothing technical exceot making babies, he has done a better job as a parent.

People who think that only women can raise kids make a mistake. My version of raising kids is hopeless.

In the attached picture, him and his girls are eating cheese fondue.

Think about it. If we want men to let us into the boardrooms, then it is only fair to also give them a chance to raise their kids. They will surprise you.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada.
We have 4 daughters in total and they build things and none of them is a princess. Practical kids.
Women cannot talk about emancipation unless they do the hard work like the men.  And men are not ATM machines.

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