Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Global friends make a difference - #MoneySense

In 2012, Vince flew from Toronto to meet me in Moncton but he had other business meetings.

I was top of the list and we had dinner and ended up at the Keg on an iPad to pull up information for his meetings.

A bit fumny. We ended up talking for a long time about his daughters and my daughters. Business fell aside and it was all about little monsters.

Two years later Vince found me on Linkedin and I had gone totally Uganda. I had made my profile say "poverty eradication and job creation for Uganda".

Vince told me "recruit others". I did not understand at first. It turns out that he meant that I should get friends to join me to fight poverty. Was he ever so right.

I think he is the best salesman ever.  For it is his message that I realised and now have partners in this war on poverty.

Some of you have seen what I write about poverty and how we need to share the little we have. It took an Italian man in Canada to make me see that this is not a one person war. His daughters and my daughters are set for the world.  To teach the world about compassion and they will.

Martha Leah Nangalama


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