Friday, December 30, 2016

FDC: A Party Held Hostage by Fanatics - #Uganda

By Wesley Spartan

It hurts most to see a party you hold dear, look up to, believe in and working for, to deliver a meaningful change get broken down by 'enemism.' Once a vibrant party whose slogan "One Uganda One People" gave hope to the Ugandan people in it's early stages of foundation. The togetherness we enjoyed in the party as indeed One People fighting for a One Uganda is now a delusion because the party has been held hostage by "social media lords."

It's now evident that once you question the way forward or try to give an opinion about what should and can be done by the party and its members to achieve our dream of ousting the NRM regime, you automatically become a traitor, a spy, a hired goon, and an enemy of the party. I got a surprise yesterday in my inbox when one person asked me whether "K" in my name stands for Kaguta, to make it as "Wesley Kaguta Spartan" just because I questioned the role of Besigye in the future of this country.

We've to know that in every group of three (3) people, there is one traitor or one who is likely to betray that group if an opportunity comes, of course, with 30 Silver pieces. But that does not require us to immediately start hating and pointing fingers at one another. It takes time for people to show their colours and most especially with their deeds. An enemy who speaks or writes in no enemy. Be afraid of that enemy who acts.

It's not a surprise that people who are coming out to write about the failures of FDC and it's strong man, Dr. Kizza Besigye,  immediately get quick beatings and insults, these, of course coming from the fanatics who can't tolerate other people's opinions except that which they believe in. Even when you put few points of help and importantance to the readers, still you get attacked.

What is funny here is how Tom Voltaire Okwalinga and his cult followers attack Mugisha Muntu and fabricate all they can about him as a mole in FDC but will roast Abdul Katuntu or Andrew Mwenda or even me when we talk about the lows of Besigye. Lately, they are bashing about the meeting between Museveni and the Kasese Political Leaders led by Winnie Kiiza. You people, what exactly do you want? If you can't agree to have a dialogue with your enemy what justifies your need to fight him or her?

In a complicated and serious matter like the Kasese killings, we need dialogues aimed at peace. Of course you will say, when one burns your house you don't sit to talk about how it was burnt. But what if it helps to protect your farm which would be the next target? If Winnie's meeting with Museveni can save the rest of us, what's wrong with that?

The divisionism among us as Besigye diehards and Muntu diehards is killing the party. The hate we exhibit towards those alleged to be moles is uncalled for. The attacks with insults on persons holding different opinions with you is childish. We need everyone whether moles or diehards to achieve what we want. Let those who believe in Besigye as an individual do so but keeping in mind that he is under the party. And those who believe in Muntu should know he too belongs to the party not making cults.

Tolerance of opinions and strategies from different people is the way to go. It's no surprise that the regime has used the division at Najjanankumbi to dismantle the party and continue ruling. We all hold different opinions but if jointly analysised they point to a common goal.

Let us realise that goal!

Wesley is one of our reporters from Kasese

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