Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas in the village - #Uganda

By Denis Wabuyi

Some idler sent me a message disputing that Jesus was not born on 25th December.

My response: Who cares?

The truth is that whether born on 25th or 32nd, Jesus was born. Whether born in December or Monday, it doesn't matter to some of us.

What matters is that he was born by spiritual power, he lived, and he now reigns. Those who celebrate Christmas also have a point just like us who celebrate Museveni's birthday on 15th September. And unlike Justice Kavuma who wants to amend his date of birth, Jesus only cares about humanity loving each other.

Jesus doesn't care about the retirement age because he remains the same today, tomorrow and in 2026 when  we shall be heading to elections to select between these 3 contestants: Museveni, Yoweri and Kaguta.

Personally the events of this year couldn't call for celebration of Christmas. But after watching one MP who was cutting cake as they dropped bombs on her people, I also changed my mind.

It is just unfortunate that when I headed to Mbale Central Market for shopping, I found when all tailors had closed shop.

I hoped onto Collin's Bodaboda and headed back to Busiu where I bought myself a short at 8000 and a Tshirt at 15000 from Lydia's shop.

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