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Peanut and jelly sandwich for lunch - #Parenting

Allergies. Allergies. Then more allergies. Why is it that when we were kids, we used to take a pnut jelly sandwich to school for lunch and now all prosucts with nuts are banned from all the schools in Canada?

Over time, we have developed allergies to what used to be normal foods.

I have always liked nuts and put nuts in most everything. But this one time I crawled out of bed to get the girls ready for the school bus. Toast and a splash of pnut butter. The little one ate it with her glass of milk. The older one refused.

OMG! I am half asleep. Made more toast and put nuttela on it. She refused to eat it. So I lost my cool.

"This is not a restaurant. You will eat what I put on the table or go hungry". Kid looks at me, "there is this friend in my class who is severely allergic to nuts. Even if I eat and brush, I could hug her and my nut breakfast could make her sick".

Grabs the phone and calls Thierry "pick me up a MacDonald egg mucmuffin. Mom is sending me to school hungry".

Apparently he takes orders. Chefs know about allergies and when they plan menus, they ask about allergies. I had been feeding those kids egoobe in Odii as soon as they got 2 teeth.

Aha! Does it mean that what my kids eat is not good enough for the other kids? Until...

I used to drive a friend's kid to school. That school did not allow any citrus fruits or pineapples. Some kids were allergic.

Then this other little kid used to come over. She used to act strange and sick each time. OMG, our dog and cat which crawl over everything were making the kid sick. So now she takes an allergy pill before coming over because Theodore jumps all over her.

Then one day, we go for allergy tests. Asthma. I am thinking "I can deal with it but the girls are in sports and is this one of the reasons why Tasha petters out while doing track and field?"

The doctor was cool. Inform the school. Pack the puffers in their bags and put puffers everywhere.

Puffers in school bag. Puffers in bathroom. Puffers in the living room. Puffers beside each bed. We take no chances. I have no idea how much money my employer pays for our medical care or even the government.

The schools in Canada are amazing. The teachers have a kid heading onto the field or court and 30minutes prior, they check all the kids and walk up to the asthma kids and tell them to take their puffers.

Why would you not like to move to Canada where everyone cares?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
We do not use epipens but I have written about this in the past. I wear a medical alert watch as I am also allergic to all blood products.

Kudos to all animal lovers. A man is part of the lion pride


#Uganda's dictator meets Ugandan iron ladies

The Museveni regime has lost shine and is self destructing. The day they decided to not only kidnapp,arrest and tortute and kill the men who were opposing them and turned onto woken was the day their downfall became obvious.

Arresting Dr. #Besigye than any human being on record was apparently not enough. #Museveni and #Kayihura made a catastrophic mistake and turned on women.

If you do not know the power of women. Meet Miriam Matembo. Then in walks Ingrid and Doreen. These 2 should go into the genius book of having been arrested, beat up, tortured and nebilala nebilala.

I took some marketing courses and image is everything. So Museveni and Kayihura got us poster stars. If you even think they will shut up and join the National Robbers Movement, you do not understand why women fight.

A woman is the best sister you can have. As a boy, see your sister walk onto the playground and kick the face of the bully who hit her brother.

She will then marry your best friend and you watch her getting very fat carrying your niece or nephew for 9 months.

After the little monster is born, you go visit your sister who has gone many nights without sleep and the little niece or nephew looks at you and smiles in your face.

On the second birthday, you show up with toys and the alien throws them away, jumps into your lap, embraces you while yelling "uncle John". You are like "she can talk. She even knows how to say my name".

You then ask your sister how she did it. Your sister replies "I even have no idea. I just did it".

Consequently, it is crucial for Uganda thugs to know that arresting, beating up and torturing Ingrid and Doreen is back firing. Even your staunch supporters are turning against you for it.

Good luck. You need a nice PR manager. Sorry I am taken.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama

#Uganda Ingrid just dropped at her gate! Christine, Paga and Kato at Kira Division police, have delivered supper…

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Kudos to all animal lovers. A man is part of the lion pride: via @YouTube

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#Uganda @kizzabesigye1 @mugishamuntu @IngridTurinawe being tortured, beaten, denied food since morning – Nyanjura …

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#Uganda. My editor @insiderug wrote this one. He walks on water. More to come. Poem: A Mutooro girl-beyond beauty -

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#Uganda @kizzabesigye1 @mugishamuntu @IngridTurinawe being tortured, beaten, denied food since morning – Nyanjura -

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#Uganda thug police arrest Ingrid Turinamwe

#Uganda Commander Ingrid Turinawe brutally arrested and assaulted by police goons, they beat, kicked her and even attempted to undress her! She was on her way to State House, the goons took advantage of the media absence. Her where abouts are not yet known but her Car and the driver have been towed to Kasangati police station.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tortured but not broken - Doreen Nyanjura #FDC #Uganda

Okay you thugs, arrest all the women. Beat them. Torture them. Did you ever carry a baby in your belly for 9 months and then push out a football?

Women are very powerful so just stop joking with us. Below is Doreen in her own words. It is now global. Never wonder why fubding gets suspended. Women power.

I was brutally arrested after chasing Kayihura goons from state house Kasangati. I was whisked off to Kasangati police station together with Medard, the People's President farm manager.

At Kasangati police station, Medard was thrown at the reception floor. I was brutally picked from the reception by two men and women who forced me  in a room behind the police station. One huge, tall, giant dark man in a white shirt with two women in police uniforms without name tags started hitting my leg joints with battons as the man in the white shirt rapidly slapped my face.

As they beat me two police officers with name tags, Amulen and Asiimwe were pleading with them to stop in vain.

Fortunately I know the face of the Kifesi who commanded the beating. He is the kiguy Nbs captured fighting for tyre cutters with Brian Atuheire Batenda.

After the beatings, I was taken back to the reception, forced to sit on the floor as one officer registered the items I was arrested with. Minutes after registering my items, I was brutally pulled off the floor and  pushed back under the police pickup seats and whisked off to Kawempe police station under heavy down pour, it rained on us (myself and Medard ) all the way from Kasangati until Tura were it wasn't raining.

At Kawempe police station, I was denied visitors, food and medication. I found two girls in the female cell, Shamim and Sharon, both below 16 years, one was arrested for losing her mother's 100K while the other is a lunatic. At around 8:30PM, I was called out of the cells to record a statement, the officer who was taking my statement refused to include how I was beaten and tortured while at Kasangati police station, I refused to sign on the statement.

At 9:00PM, they brought a police van to take me home, I rejected the police van and opted to walk home with Makerereans who had camped at the police station singing, 'We want Nyanjura, we want our Councillor'. I was released without any charges preferred against me!

I am back home with joint and face pains as a result of the slaps and batons. I am limping abit but I will be fine. I am more hardened by the beatings.

I applaud the Makerere team headed by Commander Wanyera Simon and Katana Brian, I applaud my FDC comrades, friends and all those who made my release possible, I am truly humbled.

It's now 2:10am, despite the pain from the beatings, I am still wide awake mobilising for the eviction of Kifesi police that has taken over the president's home. The struggle Must Continue.

 Yours Nyanjura Doreen-Iron Lady

Kids should have pet animals. Teaches them compassion & responsibility

Aminals love unconditionally and they can teach us a lot about unconditional love.

I really did not care much for pets. After all in #Uganda you are lucky to get one meal a day.

When we were in Nairobi, we adopted a tortoise and a family of porcupines. Dad made us taje care of them daily "if you domesticate a wild animal, you become responsible for its life". I still have no idea why we were grabbing wild animals.

Perhaps because our dog had been poisoned by some idiot neighbour. His name was Mr. Dog. We were creative with names. So we named Mr. Tortoise and Mrs. Pocupine.

I am in the office soon to drive home. Thierry calls me that I must pick up the kids at Kennedy & Eglinton. Not too far from the office. My brain goes into overdrive. Aha, there is an animal shelter at that location. I gently said I was gonna pick up the girls but what was wrong with his truck

"Nangi, just come get the kids and you will see".

I pull into the parking lot and my kids are playing with a dog and laughing like you have any idea. Now I understand. I take the girls home and he takes Sheba. German shepherds are very big animals. The shelter gave us all his toys. We get home and show him around. He settles on Becjy's bed. I am so African. I am freaking out about Sheba.

Thiery calmed me down. Next day, Shena is teaching Natasha to walk. I watched a tiny kid finally stop to hold onto furniture and hold onto a dog and walk. Sheba was smart. He sensed her confidence in walking and one time let go. She walked alone. But after the first walk on her own, the damn dog knocked her down with too many kisses as if to say "I knew you could do it".

I have no idea how much money the company spent on the transfer from Toronto but they moved that dog in style.

Fast forward. I come from work and there is a cat. Apparently it was halloween and the music teacher had a kitten. I am looking in the mirror. "Why is it that I am always the last one to know?"

Sheba passed away. Then this one time (3yrs later), the fax machine is printing silly none work related things. Imagine my shock when I read thr print. "Mommy, we are getting a dog. His name is Theodore. Just sign the papers and alert the vet".

Never ever argue with kids. Faxed papers. Next day go pick up Theodore. The shelter told us to walk him around. We did. Then after somemoney we had to take him. He refused to get into the car. He is a lab/sheperd mix so he is heavy.

Meanwhile I am looking at the dog which does not want a ride in a mercedes. I thought that dog was stupid. The little monster is yelling "I promised Theodore yesterday that we were gonna take him out of the shelter today".

Grabbed that dog and carried him into the car. His weight was 40kg and mine was 45kg. There was no way in hell he was gonna win.

That is how we got Theodore. Natasha wrote about Theodore (published article) but did not mention much about how she got her dog.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
Passionate about human and animal rights.

#Uganda does not respect animal or human rights

Mzee always stopped for animals. There were many on the road through Mabira forest. He would always pull off the road "that baboon likely has babies".  He had allowed us to keep Mr. Tortoise and a family in Nairobi. So he was always teaching us to love animals.

Then one time we are on the road in Busitema. There were many gorillas. Something we had never seen. Pulls off the road so that we can watch nature. Some idiot ran over one mama gorilla. It was traumatic.

We always had to read the paper. First the paper, he would pull out Ekanya and cross puzzles. Then ask us to summarize the news. Then we had to do the crossword puzzle. Then we would get our comic section.

This one time as we were still in Mbale, the paper said baboon were attacking women in Busitema. He said nothing.

On the way back to Kampala, the gorillas were all over the place. He pulled over. Richard even had to pee.

We watch cars speeding and the gorillas are on the road.

I will never forget what he said.

The baboons chase women because women collect firewood from their habitat.

Baboons come onto the road because the sound of saws cutting down trees is too much for them.

When you grow up, protect the animals. If you could drain a swimming pool to hide your Mr. Tortoise, what can you not do for gorillas?

Guess what! We became even more hooked on the news paper daily.

When dad retired from UPTL and returned to the village, I arranged for someone to take the newspaper for him daily from Mbale to Bududa.

Reading is powerful.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

My life with Jesus - #Christian #Religion

There are far too many "Christians" who commit atrocities in the name of Jesus.

One time when Mahtma Ghandi visted the Culcatta slum where Mother Theresa was working, she asked him why he loved Jesus but refused to become a Christian.

Ghandi's response should be a wake up call to all Christians.

"I am not Christian because of Christians. Were they practicing what Jesus taught there would not be any need for any other religion".

Jesus' last commandment was "Love one another as I have loved you".  It had no footnotes, buts, ifs or coconuts.

I now go to churches which preach hate. Hate that person for they are a sinner. Hate them and stay away from them.

Show me where Jesus ever hated, taught it or even said to stay away from Bad Apples.

I have walked with Jesus for a long time so I fail to understand why "Christians" preach hate and fear. Might it be mind control? Then the churches wonder why people do not go to church. OMG, there is enough hate in the world. Why go to church and hear more hate news?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
I am a committed Christian who does not subscribe to preaching hate. God is love. Love is God. He is a lovesick father and loves us unconditionally.

#Children are resilient. Never under estimate a kid in #Parenting

I wondered why the girls did well at school after missing 31.5 days in that academic year while watching me on life support. I was in a medically induced coma and each time I opened my eyes, while pulling out all the tubes, the girls would be talking to me about their home work or returing from the ROM, AGO and the Phantom of the Opera.

Finally when I was airlifted back home, I was given time out of hospital. In the 4 weeks when I was touch and go, the girls learned to play music from the Phantom. They had seen it live on broadway in Toronto.

I finally get home and they are playing and singing Think of Me.Think of me.

I then looked on Amazon for a book which coukd explain why the little monsters were acting like life was well.

Imagine my shock when I landed on Schmidt. I ordered many copies. The book is in French.

There is a teenager who is suicidal and about to do it. His parents even had no idea. There was not even social media for cyber bullying.

The evening when that boy had planned to take his life, his parents had bought tickets for a big concert. He went with them. The concert of MOZART.

The boy got home and wrote a letter to Mozart. Something like "but surely there must be a God for eho can compose such music without a God? Your music saved my life". The kid grew into a man. All for MUSIC.

Eric Emmanuel Schimidt has written many books addressing kids' emotions and lives. I have all his books.

But can you imagine that MUSIC can save lives?

I believe in MUSIC for life. For example the movie August Rush has a kid find his parents. If I ever become the Minister of Education, I will make music mandatory. Wakyili I have Olevel certificate and no Alevel but I do have an IB diploma. For all Ugandans. Shaaa.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
I am passionate about music for kids. All opinions are mine.

#Uganda will default - lend them money at your risk

China signed the anti corruption global deal last year. It is required to do business with Europe and North America. China never gives money for free. It all has to be paid back.

There is also something in International courts. If you cannot prove that the money you gave to a developing country was fully used for developing projects, the country has no obligation to pay it back.

Argentina woke up one day and defaulted on all debt. I was actively trading in 2001 as I had a little bambina and was off work for 60 weeks.

I had moved from stocks and options to forex. I had a kid strapped on my back. I am looking at the 3 screens and all of a sudden the US dollar spikes up.

I did not place a trade. I flipped on the TV to only see on @CNBC that Argentina had just defaulted. This is too good because I tend to make money when things go south.

Their lenders walked away with nearly nothing. Bankruptcy means all debt is forgiven and you pay a very tiny proportion of what you owe. It can be as low as 5% of what you owe.

China is pulling off money from Uganda because they know we will use this none publicized option. Let people lend money to Uganda at their peril.

Read more at:

Lenders to Uganda make a very big mistake to think we shall pay them back after dictator #Museveni falls. Go ahead and fund him.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
My background is IT and business.

Museveni tells Luweero that the place is birth place of #Uganda #NRM

He murdered them, impoverished them. Cannot even explain the skeletons and now goes back to promise wealth after 30yrs of brutalizing them. Oh #Museveni, even Lucifer would not find you worthy.

President Yoweri Museveni has launched a wealth creation drive for Luweero region at Kikunyu Primary School Grounds in Makulubita Sub-county, Katikamu North, Luweero District.

The president will spend the next four days in the region on this particular mission.

"We shall in these four days, together with the population, identify and agree on what keys to use to spur development in the area," he said.

"When you look at a bus, it is a big thing, however it's a small thing called a key that ignites it and it moves."

In Ankole sub-region, since they are predominantly cattle keepers, Museveni says they agreed that the key is cows.

"I used this to teach them modern animal husbandry, encouraged them to abandon the practice of keeping many cows whose milk yield is low and adopt high breed cows with high milk output."

He then said that this practice has uplifted household income in the region.

For Luweero, Museveni suggested the four-acre model.

He promised to personally inspect farms on foot to ensure that he demonstrates how this model of one acre of coffee or tea, one acre of fruits, one acre of food and one acre of pigs/animals, works.

He said Luweero is the home of NRM hence it should be an example to the rest of the country as a model of improved household income through Operation Wealth Creation.

Government has allocated a lot of funds to OWC however supervision and implementation is still lacking.

"I will be visiting homesteads on foot to see for myself the progress so far made."

STORY CREDIT: The Insider.

Is #Uganda government responsible for the rampant impoverishment of its citizens?

It is a fact that the government of Uganda has impoverished Ugandans. This is not because I know everything (which I do since I am a genius. Temuwakana). Let me show you how I know.

When the thugs "liberated" Uganda in 1986, they promised positive and fundamental change. I knew those hooligans were lying so I flew to Canada to complete my secondary school a year later.

Those fools started by selling off all our parastals, banks and anything of value. Hundreds of people lost their jobs and suddenly, they could not send their kids to Buddo, Namasagali, Gayaza or even Namagunga.

They then went back to the village to grow coffee and educate their kids. I hear some people were told to uproot their coffee and grow oranges and mangos. Damn!

The goons then invited Indians back (who Amin had kicked out). Now I hear Indians own most of the businesses in Uganda. Do you now miss His excellency Amin (RIP)?

The hooligans were not done yet. They proceeded to kill medical care. Hey, my father died in their hands because they had no medication to reduce his blood pressure. On his deathbed, he said "mayi Leah, ukhebilila ingo tta".

What is worse is killing education. Your minister of education is a school drop out with no Olevel or Alevel. That is how education died.

UPE and USE were celebrated. Many universities opened up and one has to pay for university. I hear they sell university graduates to Arabs for $2,000 a piece so they can send money home while cleaning, cooking or even doing Sex things. Some even die and their families cannot repatriat their dead bodies.

When you want to inflict poverty so you can rule forever, destroy education. The Uganda government has ensured that people pay for useless degrees and graduate and then write worse than a P3 kid.  How on earth did you get to university when you cannot compose a paragraph? Then you wonder why foreign companies come into Uganda and hire foreigners. Dude, if you cannot write English, go back to the village and grow tomatoes and sell them on the streets of Kampala!

Until your land is taken away via land grabbing and given to Chinese who can grow cassava or cotton. You do not even know how to grow them anyway.

Or even better, KCCA kills you while evicting you out of markets or off the streets for selling those tomatoes or runs over Baby Ryan.

How would like to read, learn and find a way out of poverty? But I forget the good of NRM. They invented the internet and gave you FBzero and WhatsApp so you can attack anyone who talks against the government. Listen buddies, I do not need a job or money. I have not applied for a job in 21yrs. Employers find me.

INFORMATION YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE but could use. Until your opinion pays my bills, remain silent. Silence is consent since you did not raise your voice when 67 dead youth washed up on the beaches of Lake in December 2015. Who even remembers?

Shaaa.... The government has caused poverty but your silence means that you are also guilty.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Proudly Ugandan and Canadian citizen.
Twitter: @mlnangalama
I am the only guilty party for all my opinions.

No autopsy report for #Ugandan diplomat found dead in Asmterdam airport


There are 2 ways to ship things on planes.

1) Cargo flight is strictly cargo with just a few people on the plane. The plane is full of cargo. James Wasikye is a plane maintenance engineer with TWA just so you all know we do not sweep streets. Usually these planes are chartered for roots or operate on a contract to do pickups and drop offs in designated airports. Martha Leah Nangalama was on the Moncton Canada airport team to bring in a cargo flight weekly to take our products to Europe. We chose Liege in Belgium. It is central and the landing fees were $14,000 then $5,000 for every hour on the tamac. In Liege we had trucks immediately take our cargo to distributors. Non, I also do not sweep streets.

2) Belly cargo is via regular passenger flights. Luggage is limited to 2 checked pieces on international flights. Extra luggage costs a lot of money. These planes do not only carry passengers but carry cargo in the belly of the plane. The cargo pays a lot for the plane.

All shipments no matter what require you to submit a bill of landing and any other pertinent documents that go with the shipment. You take your shipment to the airport with an envelop of all documents. Included will be health certificate, invoice from the receiver and you. In the case of a dead body, it will include autopsy documents in the language of the shipping country. Normally documents will be in English and maybe the language of origin. Always English besides other languages. The English language is the International language of commerce and navigation.

The envelop is not sealed for the receiving airline will want to verify what they are loading. That envelop is handed over to the receiver when the plane lands before the cargo can be cleared.

You cannot ship a dead body with health documents. The receiver on the other side gets the envelop before the cargo.

Dude dead body was shipped without an autopsy report. Do we look like idiots?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
I was a half owner of a seafood export company for 5years.

Future of work - Multitask

There is a saying that goes like "there is only one job. Multi-tasking". Then another one that says "Change is constant and if you do not change, change will change you".

Some of you were lucky enough to read what I wrote about not looking for salary as compensation. Check my blog.

I used to be one of the Admins for a Ugandan job seekers group on Facebook. Far too many times, I watched jobs being posted and graduates would comment "I need that job. Here is my number, call me".  You can see why I am no longer Admin of that group.

What? Do you walk on water such that the employer should call you in a country with 85% unemployment of graduates? And the key thing "I really need this job". Wacha, then you do the calling. Stop the silliness.

But what really got me was "how much do you pay?" Seriously? Most companies already have a determined salary scale and asking about pay at the start is a very bad idea. Never ask for salary. Never even answer that question in an interview. It is advisable to answer "we can negotiate that after you offer me the job". This is arrogance but it works.

Research the company which has called you for an interview. Usually you will find out what their average compensation is and avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

The key thing is learning. Does the company encourage ongoing education? Does the company pay for good training? Does the company have enough operation areas such that you can move around within the same company and get a lot of skills?  This will often involve multi-tasking.

Your employer might be solid and then one day you wake up and the job has moved to Malaysia. You get a pink slip. It is good money and you think you can live on it while you look for another job.

You update your CV and hit the pavement. After all with a CV that you were an engineer with Orange, Africell will hire you. Worse, you were a network engineer with Nortel and surely someone is gonna pay you 6 figures to keep your BMW.

Six months job hunting and the pink slip money has run out. What to do? Buddy, you were too confident in your degree and the name of the company you were working for.

Here is how smarties do it. They take every opportunity to learn and multi-task. You think I liked writing user guides, courses, presenting, teaching, nebilala nebilala. Absolutely no way! My tiny computer lab was my sanctuary and my 3 computers were my best friends. That company had just gone from 15,000 employees to 7,500.

People who believe in survival have usually learned a lot. In the 6mths before the money runs out, they have a game plan. They do consulting. In fact consulting pays very well and one of the clients you are consulting for might even hire you.

Read. Learn. Work for free if you have to do so and learn. The company or organisation you are volunteering for might even hire you.

Multi-task like heck. Cross into every area possible for one day, you might not be an Investment analyst and end up being a teacher of finance at a cool university.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Twitter: @mlnangalama

I am passionate about education. All opinions are mine.

#Uganda's dictator #Museveni attends criminal pastor Kakande crusade

President Yoweri Museveni on Friday attended Pastor Samuel Kakande's Crusade  in Nakivubo stadium in Uganda's capital Kampala.

The crusade was filled with thousands of  Christians who turned up to seek God's intervention in their lives.

President Museveni who was invited by the man of God as his followers prefer calling him arrived at crusade amid tight security at around 9pm.

When he was given the chance to speak, president Musevni hailed Pastor Kakande who heads the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Mulago for bringing together Ugandans in such a big number.

 Quoting Jeremiah 25: 14 which says "They themselves will be enslaved by many nations and great kings; I will repay them according to their deeds and the work of their hands". President Museveni also applauded Christians for turning up in such a big number.

Just recently, Museveni summoned parliament committee on natural resources following their shocking findings of serious encroachment of lake Victoria and illegal sand mining in Lwera in Kalungu district. The committee is currently investigating pastor Kakande over allegations of illegal sand mining in Lwera.

According the MPs who attended the meeting at statehouse, Museveni told them to go slow on the people mining sand in Lwera, especially the Chinese investors.

Museveni attends Kakande’s crusade

#Uganda's dictator #Museveni pays back sh.200 billion #Sudhir gave for elections - #CraneBank

For a fact, Uganda has too many thieves, liars, hooligans and murderers. Lightning keeps missing the target. Does Ngabo not have a GPS? Just look at this daylight robbery and I hope all you NRM Poor Youth idiots get a sick parent or child or bad belly ache and fly out of Uganda for medical care. NEERA NEERA PAKALAST.

Government of Uganda has come to the rescue of Crane Bank whose managers were recently suspeneded before it was taken over by Bank of Uganda.

Sources say government has injected about Shs200 billion into the bank whose management had failed to guarantee safety of its clients' safety.

The source added that Crane Bank was on the list of proposed companies seeking for bail out by the government drawn by General Salim Saleh the brother to president Yoweri Museveni.

Early this week, finance minister Matia Kasaijja said suspended board chairman and proprietor of Crane Bank, Sudhir Ruparelia was told to inject more money in the bank to secure the money of Ugandans who have accounts there but he failed, hence the take takeover by Bank of Uganda.

According Kasaijja, the government had information that Crane Bank was not performing well and had many non performing loans.
"I don't know what happened but the bank was doing well untill 2014 when its performance started declining. It had made profits of about Shs47.5 billion. I don't know what happened after 2014," the minister said on Tuesday during the Uganda Bankers' Association breakfast meeting in Kampala.

Witnout giving specific examples, the minister said some people borrow money from banks, construct expensive mansions and in the end run to government for bail out.

Sources say Sudhir was borrowing money from Crane Bank to invest in his real estates projects which loans were not paid back.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ambient advertising - #Market #MoneySense

The picture depicts sky diving in Europe that shows the thrill. Only problem is the ad is on the floor of an elevator.

Which then begs the question. Do you know how many customers take that elevator?

Do you know how many people take the elevator as a last choice?

Do you have any idea how many people are afraid of heights?

You may get the few who find it a thrill to sky sive but in a public elevator.

When I saw the AD via a friend via Linkedin, I commented something not nice.

Go ahead and advertise like such. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is powerful. I am already getting motion sickness from this picture.

Who even thought this was a brilliant idea?

The average person spends 3 seconds on your website. Image is everything. In any case, no average person visits such a building.  Most have nust flown in or driven in and then they watxh the floor fall.  Get serious. This is the worst AD ever. This is the kind of AD w8here people will say "anything BUT".

Martha Leah Nangalama
I have no advertising or marketing training. We might be a minority but we are okay. Kmagins I vs fobia just looking at that AD

On #Love and #Marriage - The Prophet #KhalilGibran

On Love

      Then said Almitra, "Speak to us of Love." 
      And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them. And with a great voice he said: 
      When love beckons to you follow him, 
      Though his ways are hard and steep. 
      And when his wings enfold you yield to him, 
      Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, 
      Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. 
      For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. 
      Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, 
      So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth. Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself. 
      He threshes you to make you naked. 
      He sifts you to free you from your husks. 
      He grinds you to whiteness. 
      He kneads you until you are pliant; 
      And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast. 
      All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life's heart. 
      But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure, 
      Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor, 
      Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears. 
      Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. 
      Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, I am in the heart of God." 
      And think not you can direct the course of love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. 
      Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself.
      But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: 
      To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. 
      To know the pain of too much tenderness. 
      To be wounded by your own understanding of love; 
      And to bleed willingly and joyfully. 
      To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving; 
      To rest at the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy; 
      To return home at eventide with gratitude; 
      And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips. 

On Marriage

      Then Almitra spoke again and said, "And what of Marriage, master?" 
      And he answered saying: 
      You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. 
      You shall be together when white wings of death scatter your days. 
      Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God. 
      But let there be spaces in your togetherness, 
      And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. 
      Love one another but make not a bond of love: 
      Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. 
      Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. 
      Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. 
      Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, 
      Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. 
      Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. 
      For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. 
      And stand together, yet not too near together: 
      For the pillars of the temple stand apart, 
      And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow. 

Three professors who told me they would flank me

After marking the exams in year 4 of my business degree, he called me for a meeting saying he was gonna flank me if I did not rewrite. "But Dr., what is the worst mark you will give me?"

"Martha Leah, you are an A+ student. If you do not rewrite it, the best you will get is a C+". I even had no idea what that grade even meant. I was taking a course overload by 2 courses and working 60hrs a week. So he gave me a C+. I cried and got over it. Canadian universities are 5 courses full time and any course beyond requires permission from tje dean. I was at 7 courses while working.

The Econ prof had already tried to flank mesimply because I had asked him why he gave me 97 and not 100. His reply and infront of the class "so many are lucky to even get 80 and now you ask for the other 3%!". He flanked me on the finals. Except the final only counted for 25%.

Fast forward. I am taking my masters and the prof reads my submission and proceeds to tell me to rewrite. My project was on EDI (electronic data interchange and I had spent time in one of the biggest Auto companies). This man was ruthless. Every A meant 2 B. Every B meant 4 C. I refuses to rewrite the damn paper. He gave me a C+!
 Grades were posted public. I am on a sholarship here and must maintain an A average. He trully hated me.

Then my academic and research supervisor proceeds to tell me I am lazy and no way in hail I was gonna get that degree. OMG. I am now freaking out wondering what went wrong.

He then said something I will never forget.

"Martha Leah, research is only worth money when it influences policy for the good of humanity.Your assignments and reports are like a robot. Make it human".

I completed my Masters degree in 12mths.  My research supervisor had me cut down my research project from 500 pages to 10 pages for presentations in conferences. We were working on Privacy in the computer age and how work gets autamoated.

Dr. Andrew Clement is not only a geek but he is human. One of the best teachers at Univeraity of Toronto. He saw the potential in me. I will never thank him enough. Because of him, I am.

#Teachers are super aliens - #Education

Teachers are a breed we should get rid of for their being aliens. They teach strange things when you wanna go out and play.

They teach silly things like reading and writing. Excuse me, we were not born with a pencil.

Then some of them teach numbers. I am cool with that as long as I can add and subtract. What is even Standard Deviation? Just show me how to count money.

Some even try to teach arts. Who even needs the arts? Maybe we should return to those graphs and calculus!

Some teachers even will say to your face "I see potential in you". What, now you are a mind reader?

Some even have the audacity to tell you "I will fail you if you do not accept that you can make a difference in the world". But exactly who died and made you God and you pass judgement on me for not making a difference in the world?

Next grade report reads FAIL. My life is totally ruined. I need at least a pass. Set up a meeting. Meet the teacher. "Why did you flank me?".

"Martha Leah, you are too lazy and I see potential in you but you do not even try".

But Dr. Jury, I coded, compiled and my App really works.

"One of the tasks was for you to explain how your software could provide a positive impact".

But Dr. Jury, I thought that small print was a joke....It was not.

Three more sleepless days in the lab, I submit my app with an intro "My application is on Artificial Intelligence. I just got out of hospital from a sudden death of my older brother. I drove myself to Civic Hospital and told them I had malaria. The attending doctor asked me questions while reading from a book.

He had gotten the blood tests and knew I had malaria. He then read the book about the medication and asked me if I knew them. I knew them all. He then asked me about the dose and I told him the strongest one. I woke up in another hospital which has a tropical disease specialist who realised I had been on a very high dose of Quinine.

I think if we use AI, it will help our doctors to help us. After all, it is not daily thay a person drives to a hospital in a remote city in Canada and declares they have malaria and misleed the doctors simply because the patient is clueless. Please see what I have built".

Dr. Jury gave me 100% for my app. I had made it human. Jury had also authorised delayed assignment dates for me and delayed exams. He knew my work but somehow, he wanted me to put humanity in the work.

He is one of the reasons I believe teachers walk on Air. I was lazy but he challenged me.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama

I have 3 more professors who threatened to flank me for being lazy. The best teachers focus on potential in their student.

Stop looking for a big salary. Look for benefits - #HR

For a fact, fresh after graduating from university, you want a big salary. You might have things like student loans if you did not study on a full scholarship.

You then become obsessed with employers who offer you a big salary. You are just looking at the dollar signs. Imagine when you have an MBA, you discout jobs which do not pay 6 figures. WRONG.

When I finished my MIS at University of Toronto, Canada was still in a recession but some companies were still hiring. They were very picky though. They were looking for the top 5% graduates. Anyone who was not in the top was kinda on their own.

I watched my colleagues get great jobs in their areas for really good money. I was interviewed by only 3 companies and got job offers from them all. Mind you, I had sent out 100 CVs. Do not laugh but the economy was worse.

I went to Robarts library and pulled up all their financial statements for the 3 preceding years. Then hit the internet to read about their HR policies and benefits. I took the lowest paying job ($10,000 less per year from the other 2). My husband was livid.

I had found out that the first company was gonna face litigation for some of their products.

The second company has average age in the department I was going into as 28yrs. I then wondered what happens to the older people.

The third company had just gone through some major litigation and in fact on my third interview with them, I asked about it and the gentleman who was interviewing me was nice enough to explain what had happened and how the company was dealing with it. Most companies would just walk you out the door for asking about such especially fresh out of school and the country in a recession.

This gentleman thanked me for asking that question and told me I would get a call about yes or non. It was Friday afternoon. The call came on Monday. I had not even sweated it on the weekend. Poof! You are gonna pay me $10,000 less than the other 2 offers? Damn! Thank you. I am glad to join a great company.

Company 3 had the following:
1) Ongoing training allocated budget. They had a policy that all employees must attend a minimum of 5 days of training per year, company paid. I am an IT person and the training can get expensive. I was actually getting about 30 days of training per year.

2) Vacation was 4 weeks per year after 1 year of service.

3) Floating paid days (7) for any emergency or just to chillax.

4) Savings plan. You put in 5% of your gross salary and the company puts in 5%. It goes up every 5yrs but from year 1, you already get to save and the company matches it. I think they stop at 7.5% but I always put in 10%.

5) Thirty one days of paid sick days per year.

6) Tuition paid for kids. I did not even have kids but knew I was gonna have some little monsters later.

7) Company pension in which you pay nothing but you are vested after 1yr of service.

8) Parental leave in Canada is 52 legislated weeks with the government paying you 55% of your salary but the employer must keep the job for you after you have the little aliens. Then the company pays 6 weeks at full pay after the 52 weeks run out.

9) Department moves. I had no desire to remain in the IT department and was gonna likely quit and find a job in Marketing or Sales. No quitting for this option was also available within the same company. Funny that I never left the IT department. It was too much fun.

10) Life, Accident Insurance, Disability. The company pays twice salary but you can pay for coverage up to 5 times your salary ontop.

The above benefits cost companies upwards of 40% of your stated salary and get even higher as you get older and have a family.

THINK! Salary is not everything. Besides, the training alone means you can lose your job anytime and get another one. You also learn skills which are applicable across many fields.

How does a computer programmer end up writing news, edit, be a journalist if she was not given a lot of training broadly? Degrees teach us to learn. We learn real skills via good employers and hands on.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
All the opinions are mine. I have not mentioned the 3 companies and I am no longer with them.

#Uganda #FDC iron ladies drive police thugs away from #Besigye's home

FDC iron ladies successfully drive police from Besigye home

A squad of opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) iron ladies on Saturday October 29, 2016 successfully banned police from Retired Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye's home.

The determined squad was led by Makerere LCV councillor Nyanjura Doreen and her close asspciates Paga Gloria and Kristeen Behimbisa.

The group deployed early in the morning and imposed a restriction on Uganda police.

"State house Kasangati is out of bounds from the police," they declared while carrying placards to that effect.

They also declared Besigye's Kasangati home premises a no fly zone for police following his return from abroad.

The women further barricaded the road that leads to Besigye’s home saying they are in charge of his security and vowed to deal with police.

Clad in black T-shirts with inscriptions “Women in charge”, the women were seen registering all visitors who wanted to access Dr Besigye’s home.
They also carried posters which read, “Out of bounds for police.”

Besigye silently returned on Saturday from a two weeks trip abroad.

He flew out of the country on October 17 after police blocked him from attending court.

Besigye saying he was taking a break from police harassment.

Besigye predicted that #Uganda's economy is in free fall

When President Kizza Besigye left Uganda for an official foriegn trip nearly 12 days ago, he left behind a country gripped with fears of an economic downturn.

Economic managers, analysts and the media were too cautious to openly discuss the subject of an ailing economy. It was seen to be sensitive because of the ripple effect it would cause and mainly fear among the people.

However the largely unregulated social media and unedited, got people talking. The people who engaged in an online debate about the state our economy were brutally honest, because they live the Ugandan life of an underperforming economy and others caused panic.

Rumours of a cash strapped Crane Bank were summarily dismissed by the Central Bank. Bank of Uganda was rightly engaged in damage control on behalf of Crane Bank, rightly or wrongly perceived to be the fourth largest bank in Uganda. BoU executives were postponing a problem until the Central Bank moved against Crane Bank, seized it, appointed a statutory mananger to run the crippling bank's operations and dismissed the Crane Bank Board with immediate effect. What an embarrassment to Crane Bank!!

The management of the  fourth largest financial institution was taken over by the same central bank which had consistently defended it as solvent and financially solid. The reason for the take over was said to be Crane Bank is "significantly undercapitalised..... posing a great risk to the depositors savings and stability of the financial sector. "

More worrying is that the World Bank and Exim Bank of China were closing development funds to finance infrastructural projects or threatening to cut off finance all together.

City traders went up in arms against land lords for over charging on rent while street vendors, trading on downtown streets for survival faced eviction from KCCA authorities.

Simply put, all these events happened when President Besigye, having projected that the economy was in free fall, had gone abroad to meet Ugandans in the diaspora and other international players to find a solution to the inevitable problems.

Ugandans, regardless of their political affiliation, have come to realise that Uganda's economy is irreversibly on the way down. Others already admit that it is down although some NRM apologists are talking of a soft landing.

The return of a generational  bouyant leader Kizza Besigye causes unquantifiable excitement within the business community, with many traders willing to share their financial plight with a man they feel they elected to end 30yrs of Mr. Museveni's lack of planning.

There is a belief within the business community that fake economic policies promoted by Mr. Museveni over the last three decades have been absolutely disastrous. They have been so bad that people's savings have literally been wiped out.

The hope of the business community lies in overhauling the political establishment by instituting a new government that plans for the financial stability of the country. President Kizza Besigye is seen as the candidate of choice, owing to his strong economic proposals contained in the FDC manifesto that was the basis for his election.

Unknown to many Ugandans, the idea of showering Kizza Besigye with gifts, even from distressed people, is a show of support for his ideas and those proposals he has made to revive the nation Uganda.

It is this hope that gives Ugandans confidence that with Besigye's foresight, reviving Uganda's economy is a burning desire Ugandans are willing to die for, and if need be known as martyrs.

Statement by Kizza Besigye's media team (Katonga Express) Via THE INSIDER

Uganda's Amin vs. Museveni


Friday, October 28, 2016

Daylight saving time - primer for #Uganda

I have no idea who started the idea of time even. I shall sleep when I am tired and wake up after I have slept enough.

Never trust humans because they also came up with DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME. Imagine my shock from a country on the Equator where day is 12hrs and night is 12hrs to a country which is not on the equator!  An investigation was in order.

Their day light is longer than 12hrs (upwards of 14hrs or 24hrs) in summer. The nights are longer and upwards of 14hrs or 24.

But what kind of God creates such things? Aha. It finally sunk in why they switch clocks. I still never switch mine 29yrs and counting.

In Spring, the days get longer so we spring forward and move an hour ahead to enjoy more daylight. Poor kids lose an hour. I have missed church sometimes due to this thing. Happens in March.

In Autumn, we fall back. Clocks are set back an hour behind. Because it is getting darker early, it is normal that we gain an hour and go to sleep early.

It gets even more tricky. USA has 5 time zones. Canada has 6 time zones. Our family is currently 6hrs behind Uganda but will be 7hrs behind UG next weekend till March. So when you ask what time it is in Canada, remember we have 6 timezones and Canada is not in USA.

Europe is changing their time this weekend but USA and Canada change next weekend. Do you want to be a software engineer? Little details we deal with.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Atlantic Standard Time (AST sometimes called Halifax Canada time).

How #Samsung fell out of favour - #Tech #Smartphones

I can tell how a tech company is going to do by what my girls tell me. I can also tell by how the products affect lives. Samsung made a very big mistake by being too confident in their brand and not taking the first blow up of the Note 7 seriously. The damn thing could have blown up in a plane and not that jeep.

People who build software know this very well. We test, test and then test some more. We have a developper environment. When we are ready, we move into a testing environment and test some more. When we are sure, we move into an Acceptance environment where we have live users and then test some more. When we are done, we move into a production environment with live users and spend sleepless nights to see how our software is working in real life. Should anything go wrong, we cancel and restart and do it all over again.

People who do Quality Assurance / Analysis are paid a lot of money. QA is crucial. These QA people sometimes run stress tests. I am sitting there rolling my eyes and thinking "I built a damn good system get off my case". Wrong. Then we are in production and live and some idiot hits the wrong key and my system blows up. Then I thank him and become BFF with him for I may have missed something and all the stress tests had missed it.

Then in walks PR if you have hyped up your product.

When Rebecca was 10yrs old, she rejected an the Blackberry flip and demanded for a real BlackBerry that could work like my iPhone.  She kept BB flip and finally got the Torch. She loved it. It was the best thing for her. Remember BB messaging for adolescents was hot. Then it died. We took it to Rogers Wireless. It was still on warranty. It was sent to Waterloo. We got a loaner. The phone was returned with a note "we cannot fix it. Did she open it?". We even had no idea how to open the silly phone.

I asked Blackberry to give my kid a replacement. Nope. They were not concerned because after all they had a brand and did not care about losing one customer. I sent them an email that they were going down. Pulled all the BB phones off my account and replaced with iPhones. You gain one customer at a time and the reverse is true for losing one customer. How is Blackberry doing these days anyway?

The first thing that went through my mind when Note7 blew up was "contact the customer, replace his phone and buy him a car and pull the damn thing off the market".  Did Samsung do it? Instead they left a poorly stress tested product on the market and then...then. Till airplanes started banning off flights. Never joke with Emirate Air.

Then the comedy was when Samsung offered all Canadians who had bought the Note7 $100 towards purchasing another Samsung. Are you kidding me?

Rogers Wireless is big. Bigger than BIG besides Bell Alliant in Canada. If you do not use the browser on your phone for an hour, when you launch the browser, it displays a message. We even only have one Samsung Galaxy on our account but this is "let us be careful". So Samsung's biggest carrier in Canada is demarketing them.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
I have an IT and Business background and my family has 5 mobile phones. Only one Samsung soon to be replaced.

Life of a 15yr old in #Canada

She is 15yrs old and in grade 10 (S4 equivalent in #Uganda). She works hard at school, plays competitive sports and has a part time job.

Monday to Friday mornings. Wake up at 6:30am and get ready for school squeezing in breakfast as she does her hair.

At 7:45am, catch the school bus to get there in time for 9am when classes begin.

Catch the school bus at 4pm and get home at 5pmish. Have a snack and do homework.

Monday to Thursday, after supper, do more homework then be driven back to town for badminton and play 7:45-9:45pm. Then catch a ride by one of the parents to get home 10:15pm. Do more home work. This is daily Mon -Thur.

On Friday, finish school at 4pm and get picked up for the 30min drive to her job. Work till 9:15pm (4:30-9:15pm). Come home and do more homework.

On Saturday, be at work by 9am. Return and do homework.

On Sunday, sleep in a bit and be at work for 11:30AM. Work till 6:15PM. Come home and do homework. Restart the cycle.

Once a month there is a tournament and she has to play in it. Tournaments are usually Fri, Sat, Sun. All the school work missed on the Friday must also be done for Monday. She notifies her employer ahead of time for the weekend she has a tournament.

Maintains 90-100% average in all her classes. Washes her own clothes, irons them and cleans her own room. She also babysits her nephew sometimes and does homework when she puts him to sleep.

Let me hear another Ugandan university complain that their life is hard. You people are joking. How will you compete in this global village when you are against kids like these? She is also never late for anything and always shows up 15-30mins early. Goodluck with your Middle Income class for Uganda.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

#Oil Prices Falter On OPEC Uncertainty

Friday, October 28, 2016

Oil prices faltered in the second half of this week, on deteriorating expectations of an OPEC deal. Prices regained some ground on Thursday following EIA data showing a surprise drawdown in crude oil stocks after the market predicted an increase. Gasoline stocks also fell by more than expected. Adding a bit more buoyancy to the market were comments from OPEC officials suggesting that the cartel would be willing to cut production by 4 percent.

The markets initially took the announcement as positive news, but in what has become a familiar script from the oil cartel, the lack of details or hard commitments ultimately meant the price impact wore off. OPEC is meeting today and tomorrow to discuss the technical details of the Algiers accord, ahead of its official meeting at the end of November. Investors should take every OPEC utterance with a giant grain of salt, and wait to see what happens in a month’s time. WTI hovered slightly below $50 per barrel in early trading on Friday.

Third quarter earnings start coming in. The quarterly earnings reports started this week, with Statoil (NYSE: STO) posting a hugely negative result. The Norwegian firm lost $432 million in the third quarter, worse than the $307 million it lost a year earlier. The figure was also much worse than expectations, and Statoil said that it would cut spending by an additional $1 billion. ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) did not fare much better, reporting a $1 billion loss for the three months ending in September, although those figures beat estimates. The company lowered its full-year spending forecast from $5.5 billion to $5.2 billion. ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) reportedearnings of $2.7 billion, or $0.63 per diluted share, down 35 percent from a year earlier. Eni (NYSE: E) lost 484 million euros in the third quarter, compared to a 317 million euro loss in the third quarter of 2015.

Exxon considers setting up trading division. The FT reports that ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) is looking into setting up an oil trading unit, which would mark a dramatic shift in its strategic focus. Struggling to find and produce large volumes of new oil reserves at a time of low oil prices, the oil major is looking to branch out. The trading division would buy and sell other producers’ crude, as well as its own. Exxon’s peers, including BP (NYSE: BP) and Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A), already have trading units within their companies, but Exxon has had a more conservative approach that focuses on upstream and downstream activity, viewing trading as a riskier form of business.

Iraq angles for data revision, eyes higher output.Iraqi officials are not only demanding that they be exempt from any OPEC production cut, but they are also pushing the cartel and energy watchers to see its side of the story. OPEC uses data from “secondary sources” to calculate each member’s production levels, and Iraq is disputing the accuracy of that data. It is not an academic argument – Iraq does not want its production to be restrained by inaccurate production figures. Iraqi officials rolled out the red carpet for energy reporters this week, Bloomberg reports, in order to convince them that Iraq is not getting fair treatment. The dispute threatens to sink the OPEC deal.

Meanwhile, Iraq is also soliciting bids from international oil companies to develop 12 “small and medium-sized” oil fields, Reuters reports. The details of the tenders consist of incentives to rapidly increase output, a sign that Baghdad has no intention of limiting its oil production.

Protests heat up in Venezuela. After Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro cancelled a public referendum to recall him, the opposition took to the streets. Hundreds of thousands of people protested on Wednesday, and the fracas took a disturbing turn. A policeman was shot dead during the protests, and the atmosphere is one of chaos in the capital. The economy is in a tailspin and although the President is trying to crackdown to maintain control, he has left the opposition no other avenue to protest than through direct confrontation in the streets, surely a worrying sign for the country’s stability. Oil production is down more than 10 percent on the year and will continue to fall.

Nigerian militants hit Chevron pipeline. The Niger Delta Avengers proved that they have not gone dormant, announcing the successful attack against the Escravos pipeline, a 100,000 barrel-per-day oil export pipeline operated by Chevron (NYSE: CVX) in Nigeria. The attack puts an end to a three-month ceasefire, and threatens to derail Nigeria’s efforts to bring back lost oil production. Nigeria’s oil minister said recently that output is up to 1.9 million barrels per day, not far off from the 2.2 mb/d the country produced before the attacks started earlier this year. Separately, ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM)announced a new discovery off the Nigerian coast, which could hold between 500 million and 1 billion barrels of oil. Exxon holds a 27 percent stake in the project, along with Chevron Nigeria Deepwater, Total E&P Nigeria, Nexen Petroleum Deepwater Nigeria, and Nigeria Petroleum Development Company.

Dakota Access pipeline protest turns violent. On Thursday, more than 200 police officers forcedprotestors of the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota away from a barricade along the pipeline’s construction route. Authorities arrested more than 140 people. The controversial pipeline, owned by Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE: ETP), is quickly becoming the sequel to the Keystone XL saga.

GE considers merging oil unit with Baker Hughes.GE (NYSE: GE) has reportedly approached Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) about merging their oil and gas units, a deal that could be worth around $20 billion. The idea would be that the merged company would be spun off from GE’s core business. However, details have not been released and the talks are not guaranteed to lead to a deal. Baker Hughes was the target of a takeover effort from Halliburton (NYSE: HAL), but that acquisition ran into a brick wall of antitrust opposition from the U.S. government earlier this year.


Report shared by

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Twitter: @mlnangalama

DISCLOSURE: I am paid by an oil company and own oil shares.

#Uganda shilling and global #market report - October 28, 2016

What a wild week in Uganda. So many things happened this week I do not even know if I am coming or going.

The shilling closed at 3458 on the US dollar. An improvement from yesterday. However 10 shillings is nothing to write home about. It has serious resistance at 3400 and support at 3500. Anything between the close and those 2 numbers is details. Expect more weakness next week since Europe did not have a chance to factor in today's events (Minister of Finance saying the economy is struggling, Nakumati with empty shelves, nebilala nebilala).

Gold is at $1276 after gaining $8 per ounce. Well, we are seeing slow steady flight of cash into gold and precious metals. This is normal given the big thing goingk on in US and the other thing that fuels your cars and jets.

Brent Crude Oil lost $0.85 and closed at $50.67 per barrel.  A friend in Uganda told me that Exxonmobil profits fell by 38%. Ouch. The oil price does not reflect it.


Shanghai pulled back some more and lost 8 points. Although the SSEC is still bullish, the MACD says it is going to go bearish for a little bit. It has good support though so I would hold all positions.

Australia lost 8 points. This one was a nice short 4 days ago. It bounced off support so it will recover a bit and then continue its journey south. I would short the bounce.

Tokyo gained 110 points. What a nice run for the Nikkei.

Frankfurt lost 21 points. I believe in Germany but it has formed a triple top. I would be very careful with the DAX.

Paris gained 15 points. The CAC is acting bearish but it is not very scary. I would hold all positions.

London gained 10 points. You see there is no fall out from CETA. For now.

Toronto lost 48 points. Not catastrophic given that Exxonmobil owns a majority in Imperial Oil which trades on the TSX and NYSE. The TSX has been setting up a bear pattern before the XOM earnings today. This index would be good to short right about now but we have the Hillrump factor. Perhaps waiting is not a bad idea.

Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 8 points. It is in a tight range but after the elections you will see the INDU fly north. Professionals have already factored in losses in case Things Fall Apart.

Standard and Poor lost 7 points and is being more bearish than the Dow. Should we extrapolate?

Nasdaq lost 26 points and bearish. I had hoped that the Qualcom deal would lift it up. Seems gone are the days when we buy gadgets for Xmas for loved ones.


Same same same. People are still killing others. World news is morbid.

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All opinions are mine.