Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Today we had a village meeting to discuss Wanda's son who has refused to participate in Isonja. Isonja is a preparation dance which usually takes place in the evening from 5pm into the night to 11pm. It is the preparatory dance for intending circumcision candidates. It is the time when boys acquaint their thighs with the bells and get their muscles used to "bitungu" (stumping). This type of dance usually takes place in the open ground in the circumcisional year.

In the meeting of yesterday something strange was revealed. Even Wanda himself cowed out on circumcision and he connived with a doctor who injected him to kill the pain. It is why when he was going to the lusha he passed through his father's house. But that was way back in 70s. That kind of circumcision is called "imbalu iye khulubawo".  Like father like son.
It was however resolved that we should give him one more chance. In case he fails by December 25th, we shall force him into it. Let us wait.

Today the District Commissioner came to open new classroom blocks. The whole village was there to witness. We didn't know that these government people are just like us. Teachers' children were selected to sing and recite speeches for him. He was given gifts by some teachers and the headmaster offered him a pot (inyungu) as a gift from the community. He was served specially but he surprised us when he also joined the elders to the beer (malwa) party.

Today we successfully got Wanda's son to join the Isonja but it was not easy. Having got this chance, we disciplined him seriously. He was told to stand on one leg and stare without blinking while I counted to 10. He was slapped and when he showed signs of remorse, someone kicked him saying, "Kamani mwibili".

Today he didn't return but was lucky because those who engaged in it ended up setting Mwalye's malwa point (shilabo) on fire. They were only lucky that no one was injured in the fire.

Do you know that when a barren woman finds you eating alone, you also grow to become barren. We were surprised by a man who was telling us that barreness can be treated. We concluded that he is not correct in the head when he said even a man can be barren. If white people bewitch, this young man must be suffering from a spell. Or his father has cursed him. He should go to his father to spit some saliva on his head.

There were the routine activities today. We went to church and the visiting priest "faza"  condemned people who offer him eggs. "last time an egg burst in my robe and stained it". I wish he knew how much we would love to keep those eggs for ourselves.

Till next week we shall keep you posted....

By Denis Wabuyi
The writer is an educator, researcher and writer from East Uganda, Mbale.  He writes the X-Files every Thursday.  You can find his previous work by doing a search on this blog for "X-FILES"

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