Thursday, June 30, 2016

#Ugandans resist the #Museveni military regime

Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe
The Ugandan Resistance Landscape is Good. The struggle for freedom is progressing not regressing – RABBA NAGA.
There is good reason for the good people desiring change to lose hope and morale and pull inward or even be tempted to turn to the enemy. Such reaction is absolutely normal. But is it justifiable in the circumstances? The answer is no. 
The struggle for freedom is progressing not regressing. This is clearly manifested in several areas. Firstly, you can see it from the panic of the regime, the arrests of politicians etc., 
Secondly, the disintegration of the Museveni security system as you see the rampant arrests of soldiers and policemen and the purging of the security services as a whole. The confusion in command and control, promotions and deployments in UPDF, UPF and security services. These are causing tensions within the armed forces and can be seen through increased tensions now characterized by the rampant murders in the services etc.
Thirdly, more people are joining the liberation crusade than ever before. There is no longer any doubt now, here or abroad that the NRM and Museveni are a failed project. Even for those who were really supporting the dictatorship, they are becoming alarmed and no longer sure of the sustainability of the corrupt system.  
The dictatorship has no economy to talk about. You can see this through the contraction in growth, production halting to zero, national reserves depleted, public debt soaring to unsustainable levels and the chaos the financial sector leading the defaulting in payments by business people, non-payment of workers including security services and collapse of local businesses and flight of foreign companies and collapse of investor confidence.
Then with more political clamp down, expect more destruction of the economy. Political instability leads to economic collapse. That is the way it works.
Fourthly, the total collapse of the social services sector.
The fifth pointer that the struggle is gaining momentum is in the arrests the government is making of people it alleges are involved in plotting to overthrow it. Never before have we seen rebellions stretching beyond regional bigotry. It has always been north or central or Kasese but never a national resistance situation.
You find Kabazigiruka, forget whether it is true or not, but it is instructive that he is alleged to be working with people from the north. In addition, never before have we seen the struggle emanating from within the armed forces, the main stream itself, not the defeated groups trying a counterattack like was the case with all those northern rebellions. This is vital in understanding the new dynamics.
There is more as i will post in my subsequent postings, but for now leaders of all shades need to assure the people that the struggle is on course. Explain explain explain.
Secondly, we all need to intensify our efforts no matter how small, one by one makes a bundle.
Lastly, even when mistakes are made by leaders in the parties etc., we should try to minimize the fallouts, you may not agree with the approach by some of these leaders, but open warfare against them does not help the struggle. So we need to engage more not less.
But overall, the resistance landscape is good.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to reclaim my #Ugandan citizenship
I always knew that Uganda had some idiots.  I had no idea that all the idiots are in parliament.
These idiots passed a law to allow Ugandans to have dual citizenship.  I was delighted.  Until till till hell opened up gates. 
To get that citizenship, the fee is $400 and you must fly into Uganda to get it.
A family of 8 has to foot a bill for air tickets and then each face $400 each to claim the Uganda citizenship.  Work with $2500 per person round trip and then add the $400 each and include lunch for whoever handles our paperwork.
Incroyable.  My father is from Bududa.  My mother is from Bududa.  My kids have my DNA and you want me to pay how much to get Ugandan citizenship?
I can take you to the graves of all my ancestors.  Can you do the same?
How can you give foreigners citizenship and deny me and my family citizenship?
In any case, can a Ugandan citizenship or passport (our passports expired) get you into countries?  Or can a French passport do worse than a Ugandan passport?
You want us to return home, make it easy.  We are willing and ready but we shall not pay to reclaim our Ugandan origins.  You make a very big mistake to think that Rwandese are better than authentic Ugandans.  
Martha Leah Nangalama
Scoudouc, Canada
Born and raised in Uganda (Bududa) but incubated in Canada. 

#Uganda shilling and global market report - June 29, 2016
What a wild week.  It is even amazing that the percentage of heart attacks and blood pressure related strokes did not shoot up.  What were people thinking?  BREXIT was totally too painful. Damn!  Mama mia caramba, the markets are wild. 
The Uganda shilling closed at 3405 on the US dollar, 4580 on the British pound, 3788 on the Euro, 50.50 on the Rupee, 33.63 on the Kenya shilling, 2631 on the Canadian dollar (time to send mom money), 2539 on the Australian dollar and 1.55 on the Tanzania shilling. 
I am very annoyed about the Uganda shilling.  The minute it closed above 3400 on the US dollar, I lost all hope.  But this shilling is degrading on major currencies.  Support is firm at 3400.  Resistance if it climbs up will be 3375, 3350, 3325.  We need a miracle.  We absolutely need the shilling to trade better and break through the 3400 mark.  It is month end and importers in Uganda of bichupuli have to settle their accounts.  
Coffee Arabica closed at $3.53 per kilo.
Coffee Robusta closed at $1.91 a kilo.
Coffee is looking hot.  At Mzee's funeral, we listened to the will being read out.  All the coffee lands had been left for the boys and some girls.  My uncle looked at me as he was listening "For Leah, I leave nothing."  It had footnotes though.  Our family grows a lot of Arabica.  They just do not market it.   Father was right. 
Gold is trending at $1316 per ounce and only gained $1.92 per ounce.
Oil (Brent Crude) closed at $50.88 per barrel after gaining a cool $1.47 a barrel.  Hahahaa.  This one is awesome.  I bet you that it was the short squeeze.  Keep up.   Wait wait, oil is topping out though.  I think the shorters could use this level to short. 
Shanghai - well, would you just believe it?  Shanghai gained a whole 19 points.  It used be fun to watch Shanghai but lately it has become terribly boring.
Hong Kong gained a whole 6 points.  Oh dear heaven, save me from Hong Kong.
Tokyo did a minor gap up and gained 244 points.  But the Nikkei is suffering.  Let us make this chart the one for today.  Do you see how the gain is engulfed in a big red negative candle?  Goes to tell you that negative interest rate lending does not usually work.  We need their techie things and cars though.  Tokyo will recover.  It may take time. 
Frankfurt gained 165 points but in bear territory fully (more sellers than buyers).
Paris gained 106 points but still looking bearish.
London gained - Jesus Christ.  Did the $FTSE just do that?  It gained 220 points and what a beauty.  Screw BREXT.  This has got to be our chart for today.  Suckers thought that London Bridge Was Falling Down.  Burn!
North America:
Toronto gained 194 points and moved in bull territory.  Remember that the $TSX is oil heavy.
Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 285 points but it is shortable although, you really should stay on the side.
Standard and Poor gained 35 points and it is facing some resistance to climb higher but the $SPX is not good to short now.  But risk takers could make some money.  We are in a bull market.  Like we even forgot what Brexit meant. 
Nasdaq gained 83 points.  It is also iffy.  Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.
Well well, would you just believe this?  The world is still doing what they do best.  Arrests, torture, maim, murder, silencing voices of dissent, arresting journalists.  The usual things.  The Insider covers news from all around the world.  You can check us out at
On the bright side, July 1 is Canada Day and we have a public holiday.  All entrances in parks and museums are free.  You can also move to Canada.
On 911, there were 4 screens streaming feeds.  I also had to get the girls ready for school. I ran to the first screen and tried to see if it had died.  Then the next one, then the third one.  This kid walks up and says "mommy, Nortel is going down, she was 3yrs old but could read charts".  Finally I check in and Toronto is closed and Nortel is dropping like a hot potato.  Luckily, I had put a stop sell on it and it triggered in.  The thing about 911 is the nightmare.  It was awful.  The next time I went to send money home, I was questioned like I was some terrorist.  Oh gosh, how can we destroy the world so much and get away with it?
If a kid can read charts, so can you.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Scoudouc, Canada
I have an IT and business background and have not lived in Uganda for decades. 

Happy #Canada day to #Uganda
In 1986, I had done my O'levels and dictator #Museveni had invaded Uganda.  The western part of Uganda was cut off and we had to go 9 months with no school till the other kids could take their national exams.
I got a job at a clothes factory in Jinja.  I sewed clothes for a living.  Do you know what a kid can do in 9 months out of school?
Finally the results came out and the bosses kicked me out.  I had lied that I was an S2 drop out but when the results were announced for the top 10 kids in Uganda, well, hell broke loose.  But my bosses did not really fire me.  They gave me a stash of money to send me back to school saying that with my mouth, they had suspected. 
So back to school, I was looking for a way to save me out of Uganda and saying novenas daily.
In 1987, since Uganda was now free from dictators, there were 3 scholarships (full) for Uganda.  England, Canada and USA.
So I arrive in Canada Sept 11, 1987 (911).  The first letter I wrote to my father and my sister was "Papa, I do not understand Canada.  There are no soldiers with guns.  There are no shootings at night.  I miss home".
He wrote back "There should never be any guns or shootings mayi Leah".
I wrote to my sister (my allowance was only $7 per week and it was all for stamps) "Yaya, I miss Mbuya.  This place is very quiet.  I wanna come back home".
She replied " Kyaleya iwe wamanyile, kene utsowe ubone uri Mbuya by the barracks was not perfect".
I banked both.  Then the school flew me home for summer holidays.  I refused to get on the plane.  There was no way in hell I was gonna return to Canada. 
Father looked me in the eyes and asked me "do you know what I went through when I had to study in UK when the world did not know much about Uganda?  My best friend was the woman I rented a room from and fed me for my entire degree and washed my clothes.  I had no friends at all because Cambridge did not have many Africans in my time.  Mayi, get on that plane".
When I got back to Canada, I wrote to the director of CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) who were paying for my scholarship for high school.  
The director wrote back. "I cried reading your letter.  I am glad you are here now".
I had written "Thank you for giving me an opportunity.  I come from a poor family, poor village, poor country and poor continent and all I needed was a chance".
When I took my Canadian citizenship in Toronto where you can take pictures with the judge, the gentleman ignored me.  Lifted up Rebecca and she was barely 2yrs of age.  Looked into her eyes and asked her what she wanted to become when she grew up.  Reply "A doctor".
To this day, Canada has fulfilled every promise.  I finished my high school in Canada on money by Canadians.  I finished my bachelor in Canada via money by Canadians.  I finished my masters in Canada paid by a German family.
My love for Canada is insurmountable because Canada gave me life.
I am not a #Ugandan because I was born there.  I am Ugandan because it was born in me.  But Canada incubated me.
Happy Canada Day and I thank heaven for the day you rescued me from Uganda.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Scoudouc Canada
Born in Uganda but grown in Canada.  BITE!
You too can move to Canada.
Canada is only skills based and we need people with every skill.

My life of doubting, believing, doubting and giving up
I woke up in a room and buzzed the nurse.  "Nurse, please unhook me".
My last memory was of being in Toronto East General and nothing. Blank.
When I returned from the loo, there were medics in uniforms and I felt cheated because I had missed the party.
They asked me the names of all the kids (we had 3 girls then).  I told them the names.  Then one asked me what day it was.  That was a rather stupid question because there was a calendar on the wall. 
I had been in a medically induced coma and faced the possibility of spending my entire life in a wheel chair.  I told the doctors, "I am good with numbers.  If I even have a 5% chance to live, I will beat the odds".
The company air lifted me home.  The father of the girls had flown into Toronto and flown back his kids.  He was funny though.  The doctors had called him to ask if I was allergic to anything.  He had told them I was not.  I went into cardiac arrest.
Fast forward.  The catheter McMaster had put in a main artery for the plasma exchange had gotten infected.
I looked in the mirror and something was not right.  I jumped into the car and drove to the Moncton City Hospital (our family doctor practices there).
At 4am, I am driving.  Moncton is only a good 30 minutes from home.  It was the longest drive ever.  The girls had school the next day so I left silently.  About half way, I said a prayer, please God, not now.  Give me a sign.
Three stars fell out of the sky.  But it was insufficient.  I demanded for another sign.
When I hurriedly packed in the emergency section at the hospital, I flew into the hospital saying I am gonna die.  I swear I am gonna die.  It was a Sunday and I was a greeter at our church.
At 4am, no specialist rushed over.  Eventually I felt like I was really gonna die this time.  I rushed up to the nursing station and told them I was gonna die if no doctor could come and see me.  The woman smiled and sent me back to my room.
At 10:30am, this wonderful amazing doctor walks in. I told him I was discharging myself and I was perfectly okay.
He asked me why I was suddenly well.  I told him that I had sent a message to Sharon that I was in the hospital and I was supposed to be in church and I think they prayed for me and now I am perfectly fine so please let me go home.
Madame Martha, I am a committed Christian and believe that prayers work.  God also uses doctors.  You are not going home till I run some tests.  Doctor then comes in with needles and I am freaking out "I hate needles, why are you doing this?".
He asks me "how are the girls?".  I get animated talking about the girls.  He had all the records from Toronto.  Then doctor says, "see, no catheter and no needles.  I am keeping you over night".  Now totally so full of myself, I call Thierry and tell him to bring the girls and come pick me up.
Damn!  That doctor tells the kids "I am gonna keep your mother overnight".  I am half screaming at him that the girls have school.  Reply "we shall discuss in the morning.".  The hospital had no beds and people were in hall ways.  He found a bed for me.  
That evening my blood pressure dropped very low and I was shaking like a leaf.  The attending nurse called Vicky in Saint John Regional and she advised for me to be wrapped up in hot blankets to up my temperature, find a vein on my foot and infuse me with liquids.
Morning comes and the doctor who has been working for 3 days straight walks in.  Bless you sister.  I promised the girls that you would go home today so I have requested Extra Mural to come daily and give you medication via IV.  Do you still think that praying saved you?  "Doctor, God knew that I needed your help".
That doctor cared for me for 4 months and refused to ship me off to Saint John Regional where my specialist is.  And my specialist in Saint John is also a committed Christian.  But the doctor in Moncton works with other doctors.  My specialists in Moncton all know each other.  
Fast forward. In 2014, Rebecca in her last year of high school was very very sick.  It was a nightmare because she had to apply to universities.
Our Moncton doctor gets called by our family doctor and shows up promptly.
We had been put in isolation (Ebola and Africa).  The doctor tore off the warnings saying, "this kid has not been in Africa for a long time and all this is unnecessary".
He walks into our isolated room.  "Hey Rebecca, how is Natasha?".  Rebecca gets animated about her sister.  While he is talking to the kid and telling her missing school is nothing, he orders an MRI.
An hour later, he finds me in the computer room (I live and breathe computers).  "Martha, I wanna show you something".  He takes me to this machine then shows me the imaging from the MRI.  Points out that Rebecca's allergies had gotten bad and her sinuses were severely infected but "I am gonna send her home and she will see an ENT specialist asap".
When we went back to the room, he asked Rebecca if she remembered him. "You are the doctor who refused to send mom home and saved her life".  The doctor embraces us and sends us home.
Above is what the power of love does.  Also the Christ.  And doctors who care and pay attention.  Uganda is just joking with health care.  It is all free in Canada.  Happy Canada Day.  You will like this country.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada
Proud to be a Canadian Citizen and a Ugandan (if only they could give me back my citizenship).
Jesus is very mighty.  There is a reason why the world remembers.  Christ is the real thing.  The wonder of Jesus Christ is still amazing, 2000+ years later. 


Sent by a #Ugandan friend
It’s possible to run a very successful business short-term, even if you don’t know anything about marketing. You can sell, sell, and sell. But if you want to run a really profitable business, you must understand the importance of marketing, which involves many steps.

# Sales and marketing are not the same thing, but they go hand in hand.

# Advertising and marketing are not the same thing. Advertising is simply one of the tools we use in marketing.

# It's important to develop a brand.  In the end, the most valuable part of your business must be its brand. Branding is what I want to talk to you about today.

A brand is not just a cool logo. It’s a kind of promise, an identity, a vision, even a mission that goes beyond the product or service to be sold. Think of the message communicated by Nike’s “Just do it.” No mention of sports gear at all! What do you think they mean by “Just do it”?

The Nike “Swoosh” is one of the world’s most iconic logos. Designed in 1971, the creator was a young graphic design student in Oregon, in the USA.  An accounting teacher at her school had heard she needed some extra money for oil painting lessons, and asked her if she wanted to help design a logo “that showed movement and speed and would look good on a shoe.” He and another guy were planning to start a company. He told the her the design mustn't look too much like the main competitor’s logo, (Adidas’ stripes).

“What else you got?” was the response of Nike’s co-founder (the accounting teacher) when she presented him the Swoosh design. He was not very impressed.

So she designed a few more ideas, but he chose the initial design saying, “Well, I don't love it, but maybe it will grow on me.”  At the time, she was paid only a whopping $35 ($2/hour) for her work.
45 years later, the Swoosh is still around, nearly unchanged. The company is now worth billions, employing tens of thousands of people globally.

__But it’s not the “Swoosh” visual symbol alone that’s important! Or the Apple logo.  Branding goes beyond the graphic image.

Although admirable in simplicity, and amongst the most powerful brands on earth, if Nike or Apple made bad shoes or computers, it wouldn’t matter how memorable their logos. A brand has to do with perceived values, and building trust.

Now think about Walt Disney which for decades has produced family films. Walt Disney was a pioneer of innovation in entertainment. What Disney wanted to do was “create happiness through magical experiences.” Not “create films,” but create happiness!

Bringing a brand like Disney’s to life over the years is not easy. It means continually listening, to understand what your customers really care about.  It means consistent delivery of value and quality, true to the brand you’ve created.  It means keeping your promises as a person and a company.... Strive masiyiwa

I was adopted and damn proud of it - #Uganda

When I was very young growing up in Bududa (Bududa landslides, use Google), one mother had the habit of telling me that I fell out of the sky and was adopted.
I went through life looking for my own mother for I could not doubt father.
One time in Jinja, a relative showed up and was crying like you have no idea.  She kept saying "my child, my blood, my child".   Aha, finally my own mother had found me.
James hopped off his bicycle and found me crying.  I told him that my own mother had finally found me.  He laughed his head off.
The sister I was staying with in Jinja came from work and found me mopping like you have no idea.  Sat me down and asked me what all the tears were for.  I told her that my very true mother had found me.  Betty sat me down and asked me what the relative had said.  I told her.  She took me into her arms and told me that I was not adopted but killed a precious moment.  I had been found by my own mother. Turns out the relative meant that I was related to her.
Fast forward.  There is no way in hell I was born in Bududa or Uganda.  I disown both places.
Uganda is fronting a known thief to lead the African Union (AU).
Please sign my petition if you do not want to be adopted.  Because the moment the AU signs Dr. Kazibwe to lead Africa, I will shred all my documents from Uganda.  Every piece of anything which affiliates me to Africa or Uganda.
Surely all Africans cannot be stupid and if they do it, then I was adopted.

#Uganda fronts a thief to lead the AU (useless African Union)

#Uganda is fronting a thief to head the AU (that useless African Union). Here is something I picked up (I am affiliated with that news site). Apparently Kazibwe hails from my home. Cut out the jokes. Many hail from my home but if they steal from Uganda, they mean nothing to us.
Hard Talk: Uganda's former Vice President Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe gunning for the Chairperson of the African Union? Amazing - why do some people overrate themselves? This is a lady who oversaw the botched up project to construct "valley dams" to provide water for the people and livestock of arid Karamoja in northeastern Uganda. The project supplied air. When put to task to explain what happened, she retorted that seeing the "valley dams" needed technical eyes - since they were invisible to the naked eye. Why can't she use her medical experience to aid Uganda's ailing healthcare service instead aiming rather too high? Dr. Kazibwe cannot run the AU well - let's be David Rupiny
Please sign my petition. We need a strong person to speak for us.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and raised in Bududa

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The wonder of Jesus - #Uganda
Sometimes in my anguish to fight for the rights of Ugandans and to tell the world that Ugandans are suffering, I forget to tell the world that I am a deeply committed Christian.
I was Christened Anglican and raised Roman Catholic.
The girls were Christened Roman Catholic and I raised them Anglican.
God does not judge.  We make a very big mistake to think that He judges.
In fact for all I know, God could even be a woman (I am smiling).
For theology students, how can the all mighty send His son to die on the cross for regulars like you?
To this day, "What is so amazing about grace" rules.  Philip Yancey.  He also wrote Where is God When It Hurts. 
Then of course music.
This man can actually put you on the edge.  I have all his books.
Music saved a life, lives, saved me and respect music. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Proud to be a committed Christian.

Stop sending money to #Uganda until you can get accountability

My anger is always justified.
In 2010 when Bududa had landslides and many were buried alive, the Anglican Parish of Shediac (Canada) asked me to talk about Uganda and how the parish could help my people.
Our parish uses all the tithes to help in the community.
I stood up on the podium to talk about Bududa and of course I never have notes for any of my presentations. My Canadian friends know this.
Our parish was going to use all the collections to send to Uganda.
"As much as I love Uganda and cry for my people after this catastrophe, I beg you not to send any money to Uganda for the people will not see it. I ask you to give the money to Moncton Canada and I will work with the local charities to have it spent well with accountability".
The parish budget had been set and no one could change it.
I used to be on Vestry (Board of Directors) but used to skip out of meetings to put the girls to bed.
This wonderful gentleman from England approached the next Vestry meeting and asked all the committees to cut back on their budgets and allocate me $15,000 for the charity or charities I could pick from the Moncton area.
He got the money. Then the hunt was on. Uganda was not even on my mind.
My big sister who was working with the Parish at that time went everywhere I went. Kinda to save me because I was ruthless.
Show me your audited financial reports. If you do not have them, let us prepare them.
Sharon Connors lives just up the street and has actually saved me from committing murder.
Sharon used to work half day at the church then drive to Moncton to this place we both thought deserved help. I used to drive the kids to school, head over and do paper work. But paper work is not meant for everyone. I was only always looking for numbers. Sharon opened mail, read them all and wrote to everyone. I was usually heading to the hospital for plasma treatments.
So when some minister says he cannot account for money sent for landslides in Uganda, in Bududa (my home), does the Ugandan government even know how many people know that country?
I can go to church next week and ask for our Parish to send money to Uganda and they will. They are that good. Problem is you lack accountability. And you called us idiots. If you need help, provide your audited financials.

Videos: Col. Dan Opito dead. Wake up #Uganda

The name of the person who sent this news is with held for security reasons.
We have the videos and all the information documented and global. 
Killing Ugandans must stop.  In any case, the army and police officers being arrested and killed are not even the ones involved in a rebellion.  According to your cheap mouth pieces, there is nothing like a rebellion in Uganda. Even a P3 kid can read how much you are tripping.
Uganda Media is barred from talking about such things but hey, since you are putting Uganda Airlines in the air, you know where to find me.
Fellow Ugandans and members of the International Community:
This is to announce with great sorrow the murder of Colonel Dan Opito-Odwee, the Air force Garrison Commander who was arrested two weeks ago from his office in Entebbe by the Special Forces Command (SFC) under the order of Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Son of President Museveni.
According to reliable sources leaked from within the UPDF, Col Opito-Odwee died of severe tortures (including being tied Kadonya Style, exposure to deadly snakes, crocodile, eating food laced with ground glasses and poison imported from a foreign country), used to force tramped up charges and confession out of his mouth and from the mouths of other UPDF and Police Officers who died along with him.
The same sources reported that for several months a rift had developed between the Garrison Commander Col Opito and the then Brig Kainerugaba, Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), concerning the occupation of new houses built for UPDF officers including 8 Combat Pilots under Col Opito’s care and command at Entebbe Airforce Base.
The said 8 pilots have also gone missing from their houses and offices since the arrest of their boss Col Opito.  Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba instead wanted the houses given to members of the Special Forces Command (SFC), a project which he has now achieved shortly after the arrest and the death of Col Opito.  
Commander Col Dan Opito was a courageous officer and a respected Lawyer in Uniform:
Due to his open mindedness, courageous nature and being a Makerere University trained lawyer in uniform and a strong advocate for the well being of soldiers who spoke openly against corruption in the Army, Commander Col Opito was highly respected by many UPDF officers and soldiers across racial boundaries.
According to the same source, EU released a mission allowance of  $1,028 (about Shs3.7m) to Amisom to pay each soldier serving in Somalia. But Uganda government deducts $200 ( calling this “administration cost”). That means each soldier is supposed to take home a net of $828 (about Shs3m).
Since he trained these soldiers before they are taken to Somalia and was aware of the harsh conditions they were faced with in Somalia, Col Opito expected them to be paid their full allowance.  
Col Opito vehemently opposed the cutting of $200 from the soldiers.
According to the same source, even this $828 allowance was not paid to the soldiers for 9 months. Who was keeping this money?
However, Col Opito’s concern for the soldiers lack of payment did not auger well with his corrupt superiors and therefore plans have long been in progress to tramp up a treason case against him to “neutralize” him.
The then Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Son of President Museveni, saw this magnitude of respect as a threat to his advancement to the position of a presidency of Uganda.
Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba then started plotting for Col Opito’s downfall two years ago, often threatening him with arrest and talking of “neutralizing him” as soon as he became a Maj General and ultimately a successor of his father’s presidency. 
Maj Gen Kainerugaba, Commander of the SFC and  the Son of President Museveni is in total violation of the UN Convention, the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and Uganda Constitution:
In addition to Col Dan Opito-Odwee, The Rights of other UPDF and Police Officers arrested since almost a month ago, are being Violated in broad daylight by the Special Forces Commander Maj Gen Kainerugaba.
Below are key areas where the Gen is in violations with impunity:
1. Forty-Eight Hour Law for Charging Detainees
Under Article 23 of the Ugandan constitution, a suspect may be detained for only forty-eight hours without charges, that is, without presentation of the accused to a judicial authority with charges that he violated the law. Col Dan Opito-Odwee plus all other over 400 UPDF and police officers arrested have been in detention for over 14 days (that is over 336 hrs without trial). This is more that the 48 hours stipulated in the Ugandan constitution. 
2. Unacknowledged And Unauthorized Places Of Detention: Safe Houses
Col Opito's death according to the same source was a result of torture carried out by Lt. Drani of the Chieftaincy Millitary intelligence(CMI). Lt Drani and Lt.Mugisha head the torture unit located at the Safe House headquarters on Kitante Road in Kampala.
They use snakes, crocodiles, poison (which comes in two forms: short-term (2-5 days) poisoning is used for quick killings and long-term which lasts at least 6 months before it kills a person), Kadonya style of tying people, etc for extracting information or for forcing confession. The torture is ordered by Maj Gen Kainerugaba, Commander of the SFC, who is currently overseeing the interrogation of the arrested officers.
These officers and many other civilians are being detained in many Unacknowledged And Unauthorized Places Of Detention called “safe Houses” not visited by outsiders nor by government officials charged with inspecting conditions inside detention cells.
The 1995 Ugandan constitution explicitly outlaws the holding of detainees in unacknowledged or “ungazetted” places of detention, that is, those not published in the official gazette.
Police stations are gazetted facilities. However, UPDF barracks and the headquarters of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Kitante Road in Kampala, and a house on Clement Hill Road in Kampala, formerly used as the headquarters for Operation Wembley are not gazetted facilities and are illegal. 
The arrested officers according to another leak, few are from northern Uganda but Col Opito is the highest rank from the region, hence the spotlight. The rest from the west, supposedly allied to Gen. Sejusa, some to Besigye and Amama Babazi, the rest are mainly Baganda officers supposedly with links to the Kabaka (king of Buganda).
3. Freedom from torture and ill-treatment
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says: "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment". "Human beings are inviolable. Every human being, including Col Dan Opito-Odwee, other UPDF and Police Officers and civilians detained in “Safe Houses” and tortured by Lt Drani and Lt.Mugisha under the orders of Maj Gen Kainerugaba are entitled to respect for the integrity of their persons.
According to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and treatment are prohibited". Torture is illegal under Uganda's Constitution and the country is a party to the UN Convention against Torture.
4. Lack of Access to Medical Treatment
Col Dan Opito-Odwee, like all other dead officers would be alive today if they were allowed access to medical treatment by their captors and tormentors. The Uganda Constitution requires that a detainee shall be allowed reasonable access to his personal doctor and to medical treatment, including private medical treatment.
5. Right of Access to Family Members Denied
According to Article 47 (b), the Ugandan constitution provides the detainee the right to have his spouse, family members advised of the detention “as soon as practicable” and the spouse or family member has a right to “reasonable access” to the detainee. For two times Col. Dan Optio-Odwee’s wife, Kate Opito,  has been denied access to visit her husband.
The same rights have been violated by the Special Forces Commander Maj Gen Kainerugaba because of the strong hatred he has towards Col Dan Opito-Odwee and other members of the UPDF and Police Officers from Northern Uganda.
6. The shooting of Private Issac Obua in Makyinde barracks:
This incidence is directly linked to the Opito’s case, according to a source from internal secruity organization(ISO) mutundwe listening centers-that monitors and listen to mobile phones calls.  Private Obua had been a posted as a guard at the Makyinde cells and had been contacted by some persons regarding the arrested officers and their 
Obua had inferred that Col Opito was tortured and barely alive when he was brought in, and was transferred to an up country cell (supposedly Gulu).  Obua had taken photos with his phone and had a note from the detainees that he was to deliver to the media outlets the next day.
But ISO officers intercepted the information and in an attempt to apprehend or stop the sensitive information getting out, they surrounded PTE Obua's uniport and a shootout followed.
But to cover up, the UPDF issued a statement saying that Obua was suffering from POST TRUMATIC STRESS DISORDER!!!!
Dr. Mike Ogwal, USA
1. US Human Rights Network, Washington D.C., USA
2. African Rights Monitor, (Alexandria, VA), USA
3. United States Assistant Secretary for Africa, Lindah Thomas-Greenfield, USA
4. United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, USA
5. U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power, USA
6. U.S.  Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac, Kampala, Uganda
7. The United Kingdom High Commissioner to Uganda Alison Blackburne, Kampala,
Above shared by
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
You know all my information. 

Is the #Uganda government still torturing opposition to death?

Since no media house in #Uganda will talk about it, I do so.  Well, without the official world from the government of Uganda, I too face arrest and incarceration.
Wait.  I just looked at the IATA code for Uganda Airlines and there is none at all.  BURN!
The real story is one UPC high ranking officer by the names of Dan Opito was grabbed by armed people (sources say SFC but let us not accuse them yet) and he vanished.  First the police denied having Mr. Opito, then apparently he mysteriously showed up, then he vanished.
Dan Opito might be dead.  If he is still alive, let us do the easy thing.  Live press conference with him looking into the camera and talking.  He is actually a very loved man and we all just want to know that he is well and okay.  LIVE CAMERA.
Uganda must understand that the world is watching.  Everything I write is on Google in case.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
All my opinions are mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect any opinion of any company or organisation I am affiliated with or have been affiliated with in the past. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

#Uganda is full of geniuses. I am not kidding

I always thought the reason why I left Uganda was to get a better education in Canada and naturally I did not even take their UACE and did not attend their Ivory Tower Makerere which had never ever even been my  dream.
The thing with life is one has to give credit where credit is due.
In 2014 two Ugandans approached me.  One said that if I relied on Google then I was behind Uganda. Say what?  I told the genius that I rely on Google, facebook and can we skype?  Genius told me that I was a dinasour because Uganda does not use Google and skype is for old people and I should just use Whatsapp and Twitter.  Cool, the kid had 64 followers on Twitter and 264 on Facebook.  I do not remember how many I even had as followers.  But this young man was so right because the day after, Facebook bought Whatsapp.
Then the other genius told me that knowing technology does not mean that you can make money with it. He was on a short term assignment in California something like 3 months and felt it right to attack a Canadian who flies to California a lot.  Anyway, he also taught me something.  "Whatever you think you know and can build, Uganda knows more and can build better".
WTF!  The last time I looked at Uganda, the unemployment in Uganda among graduates is a cool 95%.
Grow brains people.  There is never any justification to attack people on Social Media and the Internet simply because their name sounds like a poor Ugandan.  Do you even have any idea how many Nangalama people are global?  Tumbafu!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
There is no way in hell I am Ugandan.  I must have been adopted. 

What is so amazing about grace? Philip Yancey

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I was trying to find a review of what I had written years ago about this book.  Imagine what I found. NANGI is my nick name from high school - my International friends. The great news is I have a copy of this book in Kampala. First, family, then friend, then other friend, then the rest of you.  When you read this book, you will see God as He was meant to be seen.  My library is Religion, Marketing and Computers.  How I wish I could ship my entire library to Uganda for the love of reading.

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The book which tags at your heart strings
By "nangi" on April 23 2005
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This book tagged at my soul, made my heart swell, brought tears to my eyes and made me think my chest was going to explode with a wonderful and powerful feeling. I was humbled and moved to the point where I let go of any hatred, resentment or anger I had against anyone. God is portrayed as non judgemental and unconditionally loving. What a love sick father! What a wonderful parent one can wish for! I have come to realise what a great friend I have in Jesus and what a wonderful father God is. I have no more fear in my heart and my life is so filled with happiness that I feel light like a feather. This book opened the door to more religions readings for me and appreciation of the Bible. I shake my head at the way Christians judge the people who most need our help and love. Yancey is onto something. Just to imagine that when you sin, you cut the cord which binds you to God who then makes a knot to re-attach Himself, consequently bringing you closer to Him than you ever were before the sin. Our preachers, pasters, reverends and priests should all read this book. Our churches and Christians would then become an instrument of God's love and kindness as opposed to judgement day and hell.
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 The book which tags at your heart strings April 23 2005
By "nangi" - Published on
This book tagged at my soul, made my heart swell, brought tears to my eyes and made me think my chest was going to explode with a wonderful and powerful feeling. I was humbled and moved to the point where I let go of any hatred, resentment or anger I had against anyone. God is portrayed as non judgemental and unconditionally loving. What a love sick father! What a wonderful parent one can wish for! I have come to realise what a great friend I have in Jesus and what a wonderful father God is. I have no more fear in my heart and my life is so filled with happiness that I feel light like a feather. This book opened the door to more religions readings for me and appreciation of the Bible. I shake my head at the way Christians judge the people who most need our help and love. Yancey is onto something. Just to imagine that when you sin, you cut the cord which binds you to God who then makes a knot to re-attach Himself, consequently bringing you closer to Him than you ever were before the sin. Our preachers, pasters, reverends and priests should all read this book. Our churches and Christians would then become an instrument of God's love and kindness as opposed to judgement day and hell.
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 Beautiful Book Jan. 28 2013
By Mary Margaret Brooks - Published on
Verified Purchase
I'm currently using this book in a book study group. We are reading the book, using the study guide and also the video that goes along with the study. The whole concept of extending grace to others because we've experienced God's grace is powerful and life changing.
 One of my absolute favorites June 6 2014
By A. Miller - Published on
Verified Purchase
I believe this book is one that everyone who is curious about or a serious student of grace would benefit by this fine read. When I first read it many years ago, I read it year for several years. Now I am enjoying it again immensely! When read with the Study Guide and the DVD it is a slam dunk. Our church is in love with "What's So Amazing About Grace".
 Forgive and Move On Oct. 4 2013
By MaLu - Published on
Verified Purchase
This is one powerful series. We are nearly finished with it in our Sunday School class, and the interest has been sky high. It is thought provoking, sometimes uncomfortable, but always Christ centered. The series is terrific, but I encourage everyone to read the book as well. The series is but a snapshot of the message that Philip Yancy develops in his book.
 Interesting Book March 14 2014
By James M. Bailey - Published on
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I found this DVD interesting and taught a class on it but I liked his book and DVD on Jesus better.