Thursday, May 26, 2016

Video: The wonder of Barack Obama, president of USA

President Barack Hussein Obama has done a lot for USA and the world and we now write about some of his work.
He visited Africa in 2015 and left an impact that many of us still feel.  He talked about corruption, human rights, education and life presidency.
Born in 1961, Obama is the 44th president of the world super power, USA.
Born in Hawaii USA, Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. His mother was an American and his father was a Kenyan.
Fidel Castro once said that when the Roman Catholic church elects a Latin American to be pope and when the USA elects a black for president, then a USA president would visit Havana.
For decades, USA had embargos against Cuba.  Obama was the first USA president to visit Cuba this year 2016.
The embargo on Cuba was first set up in 1962 when president Kennedy feared the "Communist effect".
This month, on his trip to Asia, president Obama stopped in Vietnam and the picture of him eating in a local restaurant for a meal of $6 has done its rounds on social media.
It was not only the food in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon), but Vietnam blocked Social Media during Obama's visit.
President Obama told a gathering of young Vietnamese on Wednesday that the country need not worry about losing its most talented people, but then he proceeded to describe conditions for emigration that fit Vietnam perfectly.
“The places that lose talent, it’s where there’s a lot of corruption,” Mr. Obama said in Ho Chi Minh City at a town-hall style meeting of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, a United States-sponsored mentoring program.
Mr. Obama said that people despair of having to pay bribes to start businesses or do the things they want to do, so they leave.
Obama was not done with Vietnam yet.  He went ahead to went ahead to announce that sanctions on Vietnam were going to be lifted.  He announced this in Hanoi and said that it has nothing to do with countering the China factor but rather to get the world to cooperate.
If you think about how many people have left Vietnam to settle into Europe, USA or Canada, you can imagine that Obama might have been on the right track.  Surely history will judge him.
Obama is the first USA president to visit Hiroshima.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki faced nuclear bombs from USA and many millions were killed.  Many were left with side effects.
Tokyo and Kyoto did not suffer those consequences immediately but they suffered the aftermath.
Japan recovered from WWII and is now one of the biggest global economic players.
Obama's visit is crucial to repair the bilateral relations.  After all, who does not have a Japan made product in their household?

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