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[22/05, 11:47 a.m.] Unknown gunmen break into human rights office, kill guard, steal confidential documents.

Make a list of suspects
[22/05, 11:50 a.m.] A new movie on Uganda Martyrs absolves Kabaka Mwanga on murder of his subjects. So who actually killed the pages?

History can never be altered.

A taxi driver and his tout (conductor) allegedly use the 'door trick' on an unsuspecting passenger. They manage to replace his laptop with a stone behind his back as he 'offers help'. Then suddenly, they force him out and speed off with his laptop and wallet. But check where they end up . . .


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[22/05, 11:56 a.m.] PAM could fight opposition using brain power not physical battles. He was smart in parliament as LGBTI who conviced everybody to accept bad as good. His political tricks are only comparable to Prince Otto Von Bismark of Germany. Uganda and particularly NRM without JPAM's input is headed for more dark days. They will blunder alot, they will blunder forever.
[22/05, 12:06 p.m.]President Museveni in the 1st Jan night spent almost the whole night traversing Churches in Kampala previously reported as affiliated to the Illuminati world seeking for Political blessings.

Indeed when he allegedly won the elections, we saw the Pastors come out faster to jubilation.

Kadaga on the other hand first started by Blasting JPAM and Opposition for petitioning court against M7 clear win.

We saw and heard the President defend the giving of over 5M cash to NRM MPS for suits or so,without explanation of the source and budget of such funds.

This we termed as presidential official launching of State led Corruption and Bribery for 2016-20121 NRM Rule.

Not a few days had past after Kadaga and Oulanya had been elected as Speakers of the 1oth Parliament than we saw the previously respected Speaker and Leader of the State parliament , Hon. Kadaga Alitwala Rebecca, who swore in the name of the Almighy  God to serve the people of Ugand, while raising the Holy Bible,, RUSH to their Busoga  Shrines to thank the Busoga Based Evil, popularly known as '' BUSOGA ANCESTORS '' for helping her to Win the elections and the sit of Speaker to the 10th Parliament.

[22/05, 12:22 p.m.]  For now but God had rejected them and they are now fighting the true choice of God,iam not a prophet of doom any who has links with the dark world I would like to state that his time is up from now onwards you will start seeing God Almighty dealing those devourers  direct as you watch.
[22/05, 12:24 p.m.] If you are among them plan to run for your life before it is too late.
[22/05, 12:53 p.m.]
Rio Olympics smashes record in condoms supply

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Committee has announced that 450,000 condoms will be distributed to 10,500 athletes participating in the mega sport event, as of June 24 when the Olympic Village is officially open. #Rio2016 #RioTime

The number of condoms this year is three times bigger than that recorded at London 2012 Olympic Games, with every athlete receiving around 42 condoms. A quota of one third of these condoms has been reserved for sportswomen.

Athletes will have access to these contraceptives at any health care station and 41 automatic vending machines at the Olympic Village, all of which are offered free of charge. Moreover, around 175,000 satchels of lubricant are also available at the Village, according to the Folh de Sao Paulo Daily, a local newspaper.

Lucas Dantas, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, explained that Brazil plays an important role in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and the country encourages these athletes to set an example to nationals in safe sex.

According to UNAIDS, Brazil is one of the countries which harbored a higher prevalence rate of people living with HIV at all ages in 2014. It is estimated that around 9,900 to 23,000 people died of AIDS-related diseases in 2014 while the total number of people living with HIV ranged between 610,000 and 1 million in the same year.

Brazil, a country of 204 million people with the largest Catholic population around the world, is a major country heralding the fight against the HIV/AIDS. The country has offered free medical treatment to 730,000 people who are diagnosed as HIV-positive. Each year, during the carnival, the nation’s Ministry of Health also offers more than 6 million condoms to nationals.

Another imminent risk is that of the Zika virus. Brazil is one of the 58 countries and territories which still report continuing transmission of Zika virus by mosquitoes, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Many athletes and visitors have sought information on risks of Zika, a virus which could be transmitted sexually, ahead of the competitions in Rio according to WHO.

Seoul Olympics in 1988 was the first to offer free condoms but since the Barcelona games in 1992, there has been a skyrocketing increase in the free supply of condoms.

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