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#Uganda shilling and global markets – May 23, 2013

The Uganda shilling closed at 3370 on the US dollar, 4881 on the British pound, 3780 on the Euro, 49.91 on the Rupee, 33.40 on the Kenyan shilling, 2564 on the Canadian dollar, 2435 on the Australian dollar and 1.54 on the Tanzanian shilling. We are not doing anything on the Yuan because it is a controlled currency.

Coffee Arabica closed at $3.18 a kilo.

Coffee Robusta closed at $1.86 a kilo.

Gold is trending at $1250 per ounce after losing only $2.57 per ounce.

Oil (Brent) closed at $48.36 per barrel after losing $0.42 per barrel. Profit taking. Do not go against oil now. It will climb higher because it is still closing way above its 50 day and 200 day moving average (MA).



Shanghai gained 18 points. The falling is over for now but it still has some resistance from the last 2 weeks so it could crash or go up. Stay on the sidelines if you cannot afford to lose your money.

Hong Kong lost 2 points. This one is not easy to read now because generally Shanghai influences it. It looks like it could go up.

Tokyo - The Nikkei lost 82 points but this is nothing for Tokyo. It is likely to go up but then again this one can fall even 1000 points in one day. The comfort level is not very high.


Frankfurt lost 74 points but touched its main resistance level now at the 50 day MA.

Paris lost 29 points and seems like it has finished falling for now on the daily chart.

London lost 20 points but formed a pattern similar to the above 2 European cousins so it looks like it will rise this week.

North America:

Toronto did not trade today. Public holiday in Canada. The $TSX has been shaking down weak hands and then continues to climb higher. Toronto is oil heavy.

Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 8 points but this is nothing at all. Please remember that today was a public holiday and many Canadian traders also trade on the NYSE and other USA markets.

Standard and Poor lost 4 points. This is a none issue.

NASDAQ lost 4 points. Again a none issue.

GLOBAL NEWS has been happening all day. More is yet to come and just please watch the space.


Brent Crude Oil is $Brent

Shanghai is $SSEC

Hong Kong is $HKDOW

Tokyo is $NIKK

Frankfurt is $DAX

Paris is $CAC

London is $FTSE

Toronto is $TSX

Dow Jones Industrial Average is $INDU

Standard and Poor is $SPX

Nasdaq is $COMPQ

Martha Leah Nangalama

The writer has an IT and business background.

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