Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The silent killer - cancer and it really kills in #Uganda

While Ugandan parliament and opposition apportion themselves big salaries and know that they can fly out of the country to abroad for medical treatment, the regular people are dying. 
I have written a lot about about my late father Dan Nangalama and how he died unnecessarily under this current Junta Military government by dictator #Museveni.
I have also written about Carol and her struggle with cancer and the lack of treatment in Uganda (which is to become a middle income country in 4yrs).
Just when I was getting over Mzee, another family member died this past Sunday night.
He had myeloma which is treatable if diagonsed early.  It has been treated in many countries with sucess. 
We are talking about Uganda where so few can afford diagnosis and treatment.
Not too many people in the country can fly their relatives abroad for treatment.
If you sleep with Jarukanga, you get everything.
This is a young man, a PhD and professor at some of their best hospitals and they just let him die, just like that.  Jusque comme une fume dans le poof!
We bury him this week.  We have another family member who has cancer and soon we will likely have another funeral.
It was nauseating to see their president give them a long speech that put his own cabinet to sleep saying he would use the next 5 yrs to improve health care (and then so many other things).  What happened in the last 30yrs of the junta regime ruling Uganda?
What happened to all the money you all stole from the donors for health care?
That is the second family member I lose under pathetic health care.
My voice shall become louder.  But to think that Mulago is the main country referall hospital, research hospital and teaching hospital and once you see this video, you will realise why Ugandans are in trouble and why many of us in the diaspora will not pack up and return to Uganda.

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