Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rwenzururu region under occupation - Pictures from Kasese #Uganda

The Effects of the clashes in Rwenzori and many surrounding regions repercussions will last a long time.
Many people in Rwenzori area are deprived of a daily normalcy to life and live with patrol military around them.  
The Rwenzori / Rwenzururi region has been a hot spot after the February 2016 elections where many in that region (Kasese included) voted for the opposition party FDC lead by Dr. Kizza #Besigye.
The Kingdom of Rwenzururu is basically under occupation now.  So much for cultural leaders.
One of our reporters took a week off and went into that region to be on the ground so that he could report back on what is going on.  Below is what he recounts.  All pictures in this piece were taken by him.  He is no longer in that region and is back in Kampala.  The over picture is from NTV and the video of that one is on Youtube and attached at the bottom of this article.
The people in Kasese lost their lives and property during the 2016 after election violence. The forces are still camping and usually make routine patrols.
According to the family of one of the deceased Mr. Mugoye Yofesi, the Royal guard of Rwenzururu Kingdom, " We have been voting for the government but the death of our family member has left us with no option but to oppose the government" the widow noted.
The government assumes that all loyalists to the kingdom are worth to be called opposition elements which has led to massive torture in the region.
The residents a few week back told the peace building groups that unless they settle the demands of the people, further disagreements might be seen in the near future.
The curfew laws are currently running across the district.
It is already seen that Ugandans are now slaves in their own land.
The people of Kasese have limited access to internet especially in the deeper areas of the remote areas.
Reporting for Uganda News briefing

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