Monday, May 23, 2016


A yet new rebel group to declare itself has attacked Uganda through the Democratic Republic of Congo leaving scores of Uganda security personnel dead. According to well informed sources, four policemen were ambushed and were killed instantly and many youth in the area were kidnapped and taken with the rebels.
The rebels also took arms and speeding marine boat from the security forces taking the dead policemen's bodies with them. The attack has been given little or no coverage by the Uganda medias.
Many groups are clandestinely underground to fight the Museveni's regime for rigging the just concluded elections.
The government of Museveni has tried to keep rebel news out of the public but it is concerned regarding the possibility of a full fledged war.
Many youth have been imprisoned on tramped up charges in order to deny the rebels recruitment. Museveni went to the bush in 1980 after claiming that Obote had rigged the elections and just as it was then, many Ugandans willingly joined NRA and other rebel outfits to remove the government of the Late president Milton Obote from power.
Today, more Ugandans are openly talking of joining any rebel groups especially on social medias, where the Museveni regime blocked the internet on two occasions, which brought international criticism on 30 year rule of Museveni.
Is it time to have meaningful changes of government the Museveni style? It remains to be seen if the new rebel group outfit will gain traction.
Nathan Span

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