Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oulanyah is not a puppet, says #Museveni - #Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has dismissed claims by critics who continue to label deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah as his puppet.
In August 2015 while speaking to a congregation in Rugarama Kabale district, Oulanyah likened Museveni to the messiah-Jesus Christ.
Critics threw tantrums at him and labelled the politician a puppet who was working on the whims of the president.
However, addressing parliament on Thursday, Museveni congratulated Oulanyah and defended him for playing a big role in the development of the country.
“I have been hearing people say that Oulanyah is a puppet. He is not, has played a big role in leadership.”
Museveni said Uganda now has three generations; grandfathers, fathers and grandchildren.
He observed that Oulanyah will make a good bridge between the different generations of Parliament.
Museveni also took a swing at MP Muhammad Nsereko who refused to stand down for Oulanyah during NRM meetings at State House Entebbe.
“If a party makes lawful decision but a member goes against it, that's not good for democracy,” Museveni noted.
“I am the one who insisted on letting independents run in case someone is not satisfied.”
He said apart from the independents, all MPs out to serve the interests of their parties not individual interests.
He thanked NRM MPs for passing the test he had set for them.
“Not the test of supporting Jacob Oulanyah, but the test of upholding the constitution.” 
Museveni said even while Oulanyah was still a Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] member, he still played his role in national development.
“You know what he has been doing ever since he was elected deputy speaker. This is a younger person, the type of person who can be a bridge between we the grandfathers and you the grandchildren.”

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