Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oulanyah beats Nsereko, stays deputy speaker - #Uganda

[Now you can all start taking a chill pill and preparing for the lifting of Age Limits.  Money talks, bullshit walks.  A lousy sh. 5 million too.  So the Leopard again forces his dwarfs to choose a fellow dwarf.  But Nsereko did pretty good.  Likely to end up with a minister job or diplomatic assignment.  And Ugandans to end up with a complete moron to push through everything "Jesus" says!  Cry The Beloved Country!  YEAH, I said it.  Because I can. ]
Nsereko who is standing for deputy speaker for the first time managed to gather 115 votes in total.
Oulanyah was declared winner and new deputy speaker for the 10th parliament.
Incumbent deputy speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has defeated Kampala Central Member of Parliament in a Thursday poll to retain his position.
Oulanyah won the race after polling 300 votes in total.
Nsereko who is standing for deputy speaker for the first time managed to gather 115 votes in total.
Oulanyah was declared winner and new deputy speaker for the 10th parliament.

Earlier, Rebecca Kadaga was declared speaker of 10th parliament after sailing through unopposed.
Oulanyah at first wanted Kadaga’s job but the president intervened and asked him to stand down.
Nsereko, on the other hand, refused to stand down for Oulanyah culminating in today’s election.
In a session chaired by Kadaga who had just taken oath, MP Peter Mugema nominated MP Nsereko while MP Bright Rwamirama nominated Oulanyah.
Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze proposes UPDF political commissar, Col Felix Kulayigye but the soldier declined the nomination in favour of Oulanyah.
Rwamirama and MP Betty Amongi justified their nomination for Oulanyah concluding that maintaining the statuesque would keep the parliament united.
Mugema and MP Winnie Kizza on the other hand supported Nsereko for change and democracy in the parliament as well as the country.
About 413 members of the 427 MPs took part in the voting exercise which was by secret ballot.
MPs at one point turned rowdy over President Yoweri Museveni’s presence in the house.
The president excused himself and left the room as voting [by secret ballot] kicked off.
Who is Oulanyah?
Oulanyah, the winner of the poll is a politician, agricultural economist, and lawyer.
He has been the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda since 19 May 2011.
Oulanyah is also the Member of Parliament representing the Omoro County constituency, Gulu District, Acholi sub-region, in the Northern Region.
He was born in Gulu District on 23 March 1965.
He attended St. Joseph College Layibi, Dr. Obote College Boroboro, and Kololo Senior Secondary School for his O-Level and A-Level education.
In 1988, he joined Makerere University and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in agriculture economics.
That same year, he entered law school, also at Makerere University, graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor of Laws degree.
He has a postgraduate diploma in legal practice from the Law Development Centre (LDC), where he obtained a
In 2001, he entered politics by successfully contesting for the parliamentary seat of Omoro County in Gulu District on the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) ticket.
In 2005, he chaired the parliamentary legal committee that recommended the constitutional amendments lifting the presidential term limits.
He also participated in the peace talks between the government of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels.
In 2006, standing as a UPC candidate, he lost his re-election bid.
In July 2006, he quit the UPC and joined the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).
In 2008, he served as the chairman of the commission of inquiry into the controversial sub-lease of Kisekka Market, one of the municipal markets in the city of Kampala.
In March 2011, Oulanyah was elected to represent Omoro County, Gulu District, in the Ninth Parliament, this time on the NRM ticket.

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