Friday, May 20, 2016


[Do not lose heart my fellow Ugandans.  We have global friends and they have heard our cries.]
I note with interest the article in the Monitor regarding the ICC by Mr Todwon, deputy secretary general NRM. 
I would not have expected a less one side recitation from a man so deeply embedded in the wholesale abuse of power and  position, by his dictator, his party, the police and the judiciary.
Instead of crying “oh poor Africans “perhaps he might look at the facts. He did not at any stage look at the case against Bashir. He trots out the same old tired anti American rhetoric.
Perhaps if the AU the collective Presidents of Africa stood for equality and justice there would be no requirement for the ICC to get involved in African Affairs. I note also he does not mention that Ongwen, who was dispatched almost immediately out of Uganda to The Hague.
This more suited the weak dictator, rather than ensure justice on his own ground. I expect if Kony was caught in the morning he would also face a similar fate.
The Ugandan dictator uses ICC to seem strong in the eyes of his own close knit group of crooks. Not one person outside Uganda is taken in by such silly acts of petulance.
It is seen for the self interested ramblings of an old man who is way past his sell by date. The reputation of Uganda is tarnished by the dictator and he seriously undermines the potential for inward investment and cooperation with your true international partners.
Look at Zimbabwe to see the effect of a stupid dictator who endlessly clings to power.
With little or no relationship with Western Europe, the US, Canada, and a host of natural allies, Zimbabwe deals with other more unsuitable countries and in the process sinks further and further into the mire.
Maybe Mr.Todwon is happy that he sits in the same space as a man to be indicted for mass murder and that his dictator friend actually extols the virtues of his friend and neighbour.
I am satisfied that those are not the values of the vast majority of the people of Uganda.
That just once again shows how out of touch this dictator is with the values and wishes of the people. Keep your new found friends and the mass murderers close to you and you will be infected by their misdeeds and lack of values.
Your true friends will try and stay close to your people and try as best they can to insulate them from this sorry path that you and your dictator lead them on. We will be there for the people when inevitably you fall.
Mr Todwon of course has his own self interest as his principle motive for writing such an article. It is good to stand side by side with the dictator.
He gets his ugs5m and he can head off for a party, while the healthcare and education in Uganda is in a seriously dilapidated state. There is wholesale unemployment in the country. I wonder will the MP’s pay tax on the Ugs 5m or will they find another sorry excuse to misappropriate money from the URA. 
Will they actually detail their assets and other income so that the Ugandan public can truly see what they own and how conflicted so many of them are in their dealings with the states assets and ongoing contract’s.
Mr Todwon is a sorry excuse of a man who will get justice in the course of time along with the dictator and the rest of the abusers currently holding power.
I would of course sign this note as is reasonable and which I would do if I were writing about any proper western country.
In Uganda today he would probably have me picked up at night and spirited away to be incarcerated without any judicial input. Such is the sorry state of Uganda and its police and judiciary.
I apologise to the vast majority of excellent people in the police and the judiciary. I know this is not of your doing or your wish. You are being scarred by the deeds of a few.
Uganda is a great country just full of wonderful honest and principled people. I look forward to the day that they run the country and not the current band of crooks.
Author's name withheld.
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Martha Leah Nangalama
Born in Bududa and incubated in Canada
Too bad Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap!

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