Monday, May 23, 2016

Oh! To live in a poor country - #Uganda

By a British friend to Ugandans.
Two items of note in the past week: #Museveni decides to give over $500,000 to the newly elected MP’s or at least some of them and the voter verification machines have been handed back at a cost of $19m.
I can assure every reader that in any fair democracy there would be mass demonstrations at such a waste of public money. It is inconceivable that there is not an independent examination of the decision and value for money of $19M spent on verification machines.
There are too many questions to ask in a short piece but certainly there needs to be a full independent report on this decision, especially as the public who paid for this nonsense are fully excluded from any independent oversight of the results.
M7 seems to decide on a daily basis to give out public money as a whim to any vanity project he sees.
He seems to insist that he and only he is the one to open any new door, cut any ribbon to launch any however small project in any part of the country and make a donation.
The weekly photos of him at a launch or an opening or celebration is nauseating. He has a job to do and that is not it.
You did notice as one of the first decisions after the election was a huge allocation of funding to the state house.
This is a complete waste of public with no public oversight.  I know of no other democracy in the world where a President goes about the country donating public money at will with no independent examination. It is corrupt.
Political decision making and management is so poor it is no wonder the World Bank has put on hold all projects in Uganda. Instead of rectifying this vital relationship he spends his time ensuring his survival and persecuting the opposition.
There is many a hospital health centre or school that could have used $19m or even $500, 000 better. It is shameful that such decisions go unchecked.
The electoral commission decried their lack of funding to ensure proper oversight of the recent election. Well given they spent $19 million on voter verification machines, they should all be locked up for treason. This is a crime against the Ugandan people.
I must also ask a question. M7 proclaimed over 3000 KM of roads since he took power. Now these are not four or six lane motorways. Most of these new roads as I understand are just two lane refurbishment of existing roads overlaid with asphalt.
Now I ask why give all of the professional expertise in Uganda and the fact that most of the road building materials are in Uganda does this government had contracts to Chinese companies. 3000 kms over 30 years is only 100kms per year.
Now I would not be overly proud of that achievement. If you put together say six teams of Ugandans with some international assistance you could do this work without sending money to china.
Now funding is an issue but I do not think most international funding requires to contract with an international contractor. It is a sinful waste of money. It actually demonstrates the poor management of the economy by the government and M7.
There is no proper oversight or management. Sitting on your gilded throne in the state house and running around like Santa Clause making decisions does not produce results.
Too old, too long and too insecure.

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