Saturday, May 28, 2016


BY SPAN. Love him or hate him but he has no sugar.

A new rebel group outfit calling itself Liberation Forces Against Dictatorship also known as LFAD has claimed responsibility for the attack on a UPDF army detachment in Opit trading center in Gulu.

Just like what Museveni did 35 years ago at Kabamba, the raid in Gulu was successful but left scores of UPDF soldiers dead. According to the rebel spokesman, Mr. Frank Ssebowa, the rebels were surprised that, they did not meet any resistance. The rebels took weapons and UPDF uniforms and called their raid a success.

Despite being an army detachment, the soldiers that were manning the facility took cover after hearing gunshots and others abandoned their weapons as they fled the scene. Mr. Ssebowa claims that all of the attackers retreated to safety.

According to the division spokesman Lt. Hassan Kato, the detachment was manned by LDU not UPDF. When Ssebowa was asked about LDU manning the facility, he replied that only in Uganda where an army detachment can be manned by LDU. Mr. Ssebowa said that LFAD's mission is to fight election rigging, dictatorship, corruption, nepotism, sectarianism and restore the rule of law that has been hijacked by dictator Museveni. Uganda has never seen a peaceful transfer of power since it got her independence on October 9th, 1962. Over 9 presidents have ruled Uganda and each one was removed by force. Museveni has ruled Uganda for over 30 years and made it clear that a simple paper can never remove him from power.

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