Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Dictator Museveni wants Parliament to audit the votes that was cast for Hon. Muhammed Nsereko, but he will have none of that when KB asked for an independent audit of the Feb. 18th 2016 elections . "How did he get 115 votes? I want all the votes audited" said the angry dictator.  Museveni being a serial election winner, really believes that he is a God sent.
Museveni wants to know which NRM MP took his money and made a U-turn and voted for Nsereko instead of that smelly guy Owunya. Power has gotten to his bold head and he believes that everyone should vote for him. This is a man whose candidate got over 300 corrupted votes but he is more concerned about the guy who lost by a smaller margin. Something is clearly wrong here. Museveni has demonstrated publicly that he is a real son of a gun. This man has tortured a once upon time friends and he has eliminated his own former college roommate all in the name of gaining power. The way he has treated Dr. Besigye a once personal physician, even going to the extent of asking Ugandans not to vote for him because he had AIDS, and poisoning Dr. Besigye's young brother in prison later died two days after leaving prison. He left prison not because Museveni pardoned him for being a rebel made up by NRM ( PRA) but because the sick prisoner begged M7 to let him see his young son again be4 he passed on. What type of human being is Museveni?

Why is he torturing an innocent man? What type of treason has KB done that was unconstitutional?. How many times had Museveni threatened to go back to the bush? Is that not more of a treasonable offense than calling for defiance? Museveni's brutality has trickled down to his supporters as some of them mocked an innocent KB wearing a yellow criminal color. It is pathetic that Ugandans wake up every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to go and praise him the loudest while many are innocently rotting in jails.
Just think about it. Who was Museveni or what did Museveni do to his opponents while he was seeking power? Do you really wanna know? Force must be applied to remove this aged dictator.
Nathan Span

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