Friday, May 20, 2016


Some #Ugandans make a mistake to think that all of us who fight for a free Uganda are paid.
I do not fault them for thinking that we are paid.
Certainly some people are paid but not yours truly.
I will now address all the Ugandans who have asked me about my relationship with
The fact is no one in Uganda has ever paid me.
I do not work for Uganda for money.  That country costs me money and sleepless nights.
The high unemployed in Uganda forces many to think that everyone works for money.
The only money I ever get from Uganda is from my siblings when I am in need.
My relationship with The Insider is purely based on the fact that one of their editors had been following my work on the Internet.  He has been trying to make a journalist out of me (good luck to him).
I report news and it is always in Uganda media.
It is only this year that I now write articles and all my articles all have my name.
I am privileged to have an employer who believes in me.
Most of what I write is written in the hospital or doctor offices.
The editor is understanding when I cannot jump on a story immediately.
Then I look at desperate Ugandans attacking for their next meal.  Seriously, you have the gift of breathing. How many fight for a breathe!
So when people talk about money, I laugh.
If you woke up and you are breathing, you are very lucky.  Because so many times I did not know if I could wake up breathing.
If you like my real life stories, just Google search me.
God never makes a mistake. AND He will never make a mistake.  What He creates is perfection.  We are so imperfect but He sent His only son to cure us all.
Those who doubt God make a big mistake.  I am a living testimony of His Grace.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Bududa is home but incubated in Canada. Damn!  Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap.
I write about health care in Uganda for the fact that when I was 8-9yrs old, Bududa Hospital performed head surgery on me to take out a tumor.  Now we do not even treat malaria in Uganda.  Shaaa.

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