Sunday, March 27, 2016

Update from Radio Lead Africa Media for #Uganda

Tonight's broadcast for Uganda at 10pm to 1am did not happen.  There was a conflict as some of our team had to be on Radio Munansi during the same window but we did all talk.
What we have done right so far:
1) Managed to set up short wave radio that is accessible even in the deepest villages in Uganda. It took time to test it to ensure that it works and can never be blocked by UCC since our service provider is not in Uganda.
2) Assembled a team of Ugandans who speak to the issues which affect our country and our people.
Baker Mayambala is in Johannesburg South Africa
Henry Muhwezi is in Pretoria South Africa
Monique Wyatt is in London UK
Appuuli Jaasi is in Los Angels USA.
Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi is in Australia
Martha Leah Nangalama is in Moncton Canada3) We are documenting the issues which we have to discuss and present to Ugandans and the world.  It is crucial for people to understand that many Ugandans are not in a position to speak about these issues so the ones in the diaspora need to speak up and speak with a loud voice.
4) We are getting more Ugandans around the world who want to participate in these Short wave live discussions and broadcasts and we will get around to including as many people as possible.
5) Our broadcasts in each of our languages are being received well in Uganda and around the world.  There is a negative about this.  Read below.
Where we need improvement:
1) Broadcast in English and in each of our tribal languages.  We each have international followers and even in Uganda, not everyone understands each of our tribal languages.  This is going to happen.
2) Scheduling of the live broadcasts need some work.  We each live in different timezones so when we get more people to participate, it will be easy.  Monique broadcasts in the middle of the night and she has another job.  So do most of us.  I do not do night broadcasts because I have small kids who need to sleep and take the school bus in the morning.  I am 6hrs behind Uganda and the team understands this.
3) Recording our broadcasts on clips we can upload on Youtube.  This is crucial for the people who cannot tune in at 1am for example.  So we are going to start recording our broadcasts and making the clips available on Youtube.
4) Broadcasting in each of our languages seemed wonderful at the beginning and it still is.  However, given the diverse amount of languages spoken in Uganda, we will each do our broadcasts in English and our tribal languages.
5) Finances are an issue.  The short wave radio costs us $5000 besides the studio fees which we have managed to carry now with the help of some helpers but we cannot help Uganda on our own so we will be requesting all well wishing people to help to pay for these broadcasts.
6) We had a 2hr discussion of the issues we need to profile.  Each team member will write up their take on the issues or the issues they know most and then we will share as a team and proceed from that.
Thank you for supporting your country, our country #Uganda.  Thank you for tuning in.  All volunteers are welcome and will be appreciated. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Whatsapp +15068716371

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