Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rwenzururu royal guard shot dead - #Uganda

[The image which comes with this article is very graphic so I have chosen to use a different one for Linkedin due to our wide global readers but Ugandans will see it on Google+ and Facebook.  The original is on the link of the article at the bottom.  This is what is being done by the goons of the brutal dictatorship daily to unarmed Ugandan civilians.  Oh may his soul not rest in peace until his death is avenged and the deaths of the millions who have perished since the bush "warriors" "liberated" Uganda.  For God and my country.  Kissajja gwe mazima wantama.]
A royal guard of Rwenzururu Kingdom has been shot and killed in Kasese town.
A graphic image shared by Uganda Radio Network shows the guard dressed in casual wear lying dead in the middle of the road.
He was gunned down near a Market.
Rwenzururu Kingdom spokesperson Joshua Baluku identified the dead royal guard as Isaac Bwambale Mugoye.
Mugoye becomes the fifth royal guard to be shot and killed in a space of weeks.
Mid-March this year, police shot and killed four royal guards in Kasenyi trading centre in Buhuhira Sub County.
IGP Kale Kayihura linked the kingdom to a militia that launched Kasese attacks leading to the death of six people.
Kayihura alleged in a statement that those killed were members of a militia group linked to Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu cultural institution, calling themselves “Kirumiramutima” (strong-hearted).
Baluku dismissed the claim saying the four royal guards were shot dead from their homes.
Rwenzururu Kingdom demanded that Kayihura retracts the statement.

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