Tuesday, March 29, 2016


An unidentified rebel group attacked Bukwo police station in the Mt. Elgon region taking guns and munitions.  The police station was attacked by a group of heavily armed rebels as the police was caught by surprise who left the police station running for their dear life.
The rebel outfit that is yet to claim the attack, carried out its operation at 0230 and the police returned fire as they run away.  Two police men were killed while no rebels were killed or captured.  Uganda is under attack by rebels operating in Kasese and Bundibugyo.  The government was warned not to rig the elections but their warnings fell on deaf ears as dictator #Museveni rigged the elections and got declared the winner in the February 2016 sham elections in Uganda.  He then proceeded to carry out a military occupation of Uganda and this military occupation is still in place with many from the rebel outfit of M23 which was involved in atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Their commander is now the one in Kampala (Makenga).
Now it seems that the government of Uganda has acknowledged that the country is under attack by rebel groups.   Well that is exactly what Museveni did to take over Uganda by the gun.
Only the USF group has publicly come out to claim responsiblity for some of the fighting.
Recently #Kayihura accused the rebel group of attacking the country because of the supreme court's decision yet to be announced on March 31st, 2016.
The inspector general of police is trying to influence the judge's decision in the case.
It is said that many youth are willingly joining the rebels as they are promised jobs and a better life.
The government responded by heavily increasing army deployment in the area of Bundibugyo but the rebels seem not to be intimidated by the presence of the army, UPDF.  It is believed that local people know about the rebel presence in the area as they did not inform authorities of rebel activities.
Nathan Span

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