Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NRM: Opposition figures fear Kyankwanzi - #Uganda

[Non non opposition, do not do it.  Do not fall for it.  They will turn you into yellow pigs, or thieves, or thugs, or murderers or all the above or give you maggots in your heads or even worse, we will not recognize you anymore.  We can train you for free online.  Non Kyankwanze NRM indoctrination.  Have you not seen what happens to those sleepers who go there?  It is a congress of monkeys there for crying out loud!]
NRM Taskforce spokesperson has urged opposition leaders to apply if they want to use National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi for training their members.
He says NALI is national and is available to anyone Uganda who is interested in the programmes.
“Even non-NRM members. Our opposition parties are lacking because there is less training. To use NALI, Kyankwanzi, they should apply.”
Sebalu while appearing on NBS TV on Monday said many opposition figures fear going to Kyankwanzi because they fear people thinking they have crossed.
“We need to get out of the cocoon and adopt the bigger picture. If FDC or UPC want to use Kyankwanzi, they should apply,” he said.
Sebalu observed that FDC is getting to a level of mobilisation where they dictate when people pray.
He described the act as “desperation”.
“Opposition parties in Uganda need to review their structures. What went wrong and what can we do? What are our strengths?”
He added: “I have no problem with FDC telling people to pray on Tuesday but asking them to stay home on a working day is very disturbing.”
He noted that people have rent to pay, have children to take care of…”and you [FDC] ask them to pray on Tuesday and stay home on Thursday?” ‪
He said in observing his right, Besigye should not interfere with other people’s rights.
“…there should be an arrangement to stop this from happening.”
Meanwhile, Sebalu denied the allegation that NRM MP-elects were given military training.
Instead, he insisted, military routine was used to impart certain ideas.
He said experts from all over including Ethiopia presented a number of topics.
The NRM MP-elects were prepared in terms of what is expected of them; representation, legislative oversight and appropriation.
On Amama Mbabazi’s petition, Sebalu said unlike Uganda, in Tanzania, one can’t petition court contesting the presidential results.
“Amama Mbabazi petition proves the fairness of our system which allows those contesting elections to go to court.”
He however noted that it was interesting that the one who got less votes than spoilt votes is the one who went to court.

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