Thursday, March 24, 2016

News Briefs from The Peril of Africa - #Uganda

For the life of me, I thought I would awaken from a nightmare.

1) Ofwono the underwear thief saying Dr. #Besigye will remain under house arrest until he denies his Defiance campaign. Says you and which army? Go eat a monkey bro. Mind you, Enanga had said even if the court orders the police to vacate the property of Besigye, they would not do it. Ahem. There goes our justice.

2) Muwemula is back in the media now saying he is going after Whatsapp. I am seriously now thinking that Lokodo should really have arrested Whatsapp. So many people abuse this thing.

3) Kenyan Energy officials were denied access to the port of Tanga in Tanzania while visiting it with Ugandan oil officials. Mbu their passports were even taken away. Wait, maybe I did not share this story. Let me go find it. SO MUCH FOR EAC INTEGRATION.

4) Then Rwanda and Burundi tell US - do not mess with us. We are sovereign and you cannot tell us what to do. Monique had a good one on this "watch them go back begging for money". This whole US thing in the Great Lakes can be solved by my adolescent. Cut off the funding.

5) Bundibugyo, more people got killed while we were sleeping last night. Oh the editorial team better send me an article on this one.

6) Apparently, in Uganda we pay highly for judges to rule on school kids getting school council positions but we are incapable of ruling on a house arrest for the president who has been under siege for over a month now. OMG, no wonder UPE and USE destroyed some people along the way. THEN when we are not done, we recall a case from the magistrate who is about to rule on Besigye's continued arrest and voila! I told you people the country has gone to the hyenas. Do not ever eat the liver of a hyena. It is poisonous.

7) Museveni in Kenya asks Uhuru to give him the mobile phone. Makes a phone call to Uganda (does not want to use his own because it is monitored) and tells them to dismiss the #Mbabazi petition with costs. Seriously, like Uhuru's phone is off the radar. Does anyone remember that Obama has lineage in Kenya?

8) Uganda High Court ceiling collapses. Then you all wonder why the bridges and markets cave in after billions of dollars. Mama mia caramba. Span said "let them go into those 10 storey buildings at their own risk".

9) The editor and I were talking. Can you believe it is Easter in March? Whatever happened to Easter in April. I am telling you, the clock has been moved and now a year has more days than in the past.

10) Happy Easter for all those who celebrate it and do not turn your nose up to the ones who do not. One man's poison might be another person's delicacy.

Now you are up to date.

Marthat Leah Nangalama
Bududa Hospital is still a death trap!

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