Thursday, March 31, 2016

Muwema is still my lawyer-#Mbabazi - #Uganda

[The next thing I will read from Uganda is that Christopher #Aine is still Mbabazi's manager of security.  Told you people we are shaping up for a circus.  And I am not done yet as I still have 12 more articles. Mama mia caramba!  But do not think I write them.  If they do not have my name, I did not write them.  We follow the sun.  While my editor sleeps, he has already sent me the stories for the next day to publish on the website.]
Former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has clarified that city lawyer Fred Muwema is still part of his legal team.
Last week, social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alleged that Muwema obtained a Shs900 million bribe to undermine the presidential election petition filed by Mbabazi before the Supreme Court.
While denying the claim, Muwema wrote to Facebook administrators requesting that TVO’s identity and address be disclosed for legal action.
Muwema further demanded that Facebook removes the allegedly infringing/ defamatory content and stop hosting TVO whom he claims is notorious for attacking and injuring the names of many personalities of different standing in Uganda.
Facebook management wrote back asking Muwema to provide sufficient information regarding two offending posts allegedly published by TVO to enable them provide the necessary assistance he requires.
Facebook management also asked Muwema to provide URLs for the posts by TVO or a description of the location of the content.
When asked about Muwema’s fracas by press on Thursday, Mbabazi said Muwema is his long time lawyer.
“He still has some of my cases he is handling,” Amama said.
He said the team had agreed that Muwema wouldn’t be in court, but continues to be his lawyer.
“He has been my lawyer,” Amama clarified noting that he was not well after return from London.
He said Muwema was his lawyer while government closed National Chamber of Commerce for fear it would finance his political ambitions.

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